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GMAT-700; Is it ok or should i give another shot ?

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Joined: 11 Sep 2017
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GMAT-700; Is it ok or should i give another shot ?  [#permalink]

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New post 08 Mar 2018, 06:07

Gave my GMAT today, and its 700(47,38) IR-5.

I took a decision to write gmat in November last year. Good or bad i always go with self-prep. I got soft copies of all OG's from 10th to 18th. started practicing.
I have to tell my accuracy in math was good, but my pace was terrible. Initially i use to do 20-25, i was able to drag it to 30.
Further, my verbal was not good either. Here my accuracy is also not good, but i was some how able to manage time. My weak link in verbal is CR.

I practiced OG's studiously. I did 10th, 11th and 18th. I am really thankful to GMATCLUB. It is the corner stone in my entire prep. I depended very heavily on gmatclub for SC. I use to check the explanations and gradually i was able to push my intuition in solving SC questions. I studiously followed Bunel for math doubts, gmatquantum website also helped, for AWA i just followed the chineseburned article. I did not practice IR at all.

I gave GMAT Prep's in 2nd week of Dec and scored around 650. I understood the importance of doing correctly first 10-15 questions. I was scoring 720, 740. I felt confident. I decided to give time to the first 15 questions in both quant and verbal and take a chance with last 7 in math, and last 5-6 in verbal.
Booked 27th Dec to give exam a week before, and went for the exam on 27th.

Shocked !!!
My passport expired a month ago, i did not check properly. They did not accept any other form of ID.

I lost time, money, and most valuable, my momentum.

Again, got busy with some office work, not able to give exam in Jan. In Feb i did not feel like studying. Some where at the end of Feb i slowly started again. Gave the free practice tests of veritas, manhattan. I always feel that doing more tests may demotivate me or i may loose momentum.
I didn't expect to score 750's and above, but i wanted somewhere between 700-750.
Gave the exam today. 700(47, 38) IR-5.

I felt quant literally spoiled my score. My pace was terrible, i guessed the last 6 questions.
In verbal i guessed 4 CR questions to the last, 2 RC questions, but answered all SC questions.

I have a feeling that, my score is not very bad, and the same time its not very good either. I am not sure about my prospects to universities. I am not sure whether i should give another shot.

I will briefly outline my profile, so that people can advice me on this.
Mine should be a typical Indian profile. pre-grad percentages of 80% , and BE electronics from a local college with 70%. Internship with DRDO.
Joined accenture after graduation, and currently project manager with another software company(a Medium level company). Overall 10.5 years of experience with the software industry, and close to 6 years in team lead and project management roles. I am certified PMP. Age 32.

I am not a technically oriented person. I am not naturally attracted to financial matters, so career in finance is not an option. I like to see the larger picture of how things run. These pushed me to become a project manager instead of a technical architect. I am thinking of studying strategy. Please suggest any other better options.
Political science is also something that interests me. I would be happy to consider a programee that offers political science elective.

Please advice me on the programmes suitable for me.
Please advice me whether i should give another shot at GMAT for a better score.

Warm Regards,
Senior PS Moderator
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GMAT-700; Is it ok or should i give another shot ?  [#permalink]

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New post 08 Mar 2018, 10:09
Hi rkishores051

The answer to your question depends on where you plan to do your MBA from?
If you plan to do your MBA from the top schools, I would recommend a re-take
to push your Quant score to Q49-50. With a slight push in Verbal, you could be
looking at a score of 740+ which will make your case stronger.

The reason I say this is you come from an over-represented demographic. I
think it is easy to push your Quant score and improve your overall score.

You could invest in the GMATClub Tests to improve your Quant. Alternatively,
you could also go through the following post ... 41670.html

Hope this helps you!
You've got what it takes, but it will take everything you've got
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Status: Professional GMAT Tutor
Affiliations: AB, cum laude, Harvard University (Class of '02)
Joined: 10 Jul 2015
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Location: United States (CA)
Age: 39
GMAT 1: 770 Q47 V48
GMAT 2: 730 Q44 V47
GMAT 3: 750 Q50 V42
GRE 1: Q168 V169
WE: Education (Education)
GMAT-700; Is it ok or should i give another shot ?  [#permalink]

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New post Updated on: 08 Mar 2018, 22:16
Top Contributor
Hi rkishores051 ,

Congrats on joining the 700 Club! Generally speaking, there is no harm to your admissions chances in giving the GMAT another shot, even with an excellent score of 700 (88%). Of course, there are time, money and effort considerations, but you sound somewhat disappointed in your score, so why not try again, even if you have minimal time to prep?

If you score lower on a second try, then you can always cancel the score, and unless your school asks for a copy of your personal student ("test taker") score report, the school will never be aware of the cancelled score. (School score reports do not indicate cancellations.)

With regard to your personal student ("test taker") score report: I have heard that many programs, instead of asking for the unique URL and DOB to download the score report directly from the Pearson Vue website, which is the only truly secure method of verifying scores other than the school score reports, are simply accepting direct PDF file uploads. However, this policy opens the door to digitally manipulated documents and begs the question of whether one might "self-censor" any cancelled scores by using digital editing software, and/or engage in outright score forgery. In fact, the latter has been an admitted problem for GMAC in recent years.

Of course, although many programs will initially accept PDF files directly from applicants, before making a final offer of admission, they still plan to verify the students' GMAT scores using the school score reports, which should effectively penalize any forgers. However, this would not penalize anyone who self-censored their cancelled scores, assuming the scores were concealed effectively, since school score reports do not include cancelled scores.

There is also the question of whether trying to hide cancellations from student score reports is worth all the effort and deception. Some schools have told applicants that they WANT them to take the GMAT more than once, which makes cancellations on applicants' student score reports an inevitable reality.

Now, do adcoms really have the right to ask for your PERSONAL test-taker score report, and to see all of your cancelled scores? In my opinion, no--they should simply settle for your word and the school score report for validation. However, that's not going to stop them from asking.

Good luck,
Harvard grad and 99% GMAT scorer, offering expert, private GMAT tutoring and coaching worldwide since 2002.

One of the only known humans to have taken the GMAT 5 times and scored in the 700s every time (700, 710, 730, 750, 770), including verified section scores of Q50 / V47, as well as personal bests of 8/8 IR (2 times), 6/6 AWA (4 times), 50/51Q and 48/51V (1 question wrong).

You can download my official test-taker score report (all scores within the last 5 years) directly from the Pearson Vue website: Date of Birth: 09 December 1979.

GMAT Action Plan and Free E-Book - McElroy Tutoring

Contact: (I do not respond to PMs on GMAT Club.)

...or find me on Reddit:

Originally posted by mcelroytutoring on 08 Mar 2018, 10:20.
Last edited by mcelroytutoring on 08 Mar 2018, 22:16, edited 3 times in total.
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Re: GMAT-700; Is it ok or should i give another shot ?  [#permalink]

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New post 08 Mar 2018, 21:44
rkishores051 - Aim for a higher score if you

1. Want to study at schools ranked 1-20th.
2. Want to receive partial of full scholarship/fellowship (really worth it, especially when you see that you are among the few folks who is graduating without any burden of student loans)

Here are a few example of people who improved their scores and received fellowships: ... 89267.html
kinjiGC - received a full fellowship from WP Carey and a partial scholarship from Tepper (I think) ... 59969.html
Nishant recently received a full fellowship from Fischer
Prawee (740) used all the books and local coaching classes but was unable to improve her GMAT score beyond a certain point. She finally scored 740 and got a $80,000 fellowship from one of the top business schools. She is currently planning to join Kellogg. There was a time when Kellogg was not even on her radar.

Hopefully this gives you enough insights on the impact that your GMAT score can have on

1) Admission
2) Scholarship and fellowship

BTW - if you sign up for GMAT Live Prep, we will guarantee a Q50, V41 otherwise you will receive a full refund. Attend our Number Properties Session this Sunday to see if we are a fit for you. ... tehomepage


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Re: GMAT-700; Is it ok or should i give another shot ?   [#permalink] 08 Mar 2018, 21:44
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GMAT-700; Is it ok or should i give another shot ?

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