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GMAT Official Guide 10th Directory

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Problem Solving

#IDDifficultyPrimary CategoryQuestion Text
1PSEasyWord Problems/Percent and Interest ProblemsAt a certain picnic each of the guests was served either a
2PSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsBy what percent was the price of a certain candy bar increased
3PSEasyGeometryA circular tub has a band painted around its circumference
4PSEasyInequalitiesIs it true that a b 1 2a 2b 2 a c
5PSEasyMixture ProblemsA thoroughly blended biscuit mix includes only flour and bak
6PSEasyWord ProblemsIf a real estate agent received a commission of 6 percent of the selli
7PSMediumAbsolute Values/ModulusWhat is the value of x
8PSEasyGeometryWhat is the value of z in the triangle above
9PSEasyArithmeticA certain bakery sells rye bread in 16 ounce loaves and
10PSEasyAlgebraIf x 1 2 y n what is the value of x
11PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf m and n are consecutive positive integers is m greater
12PSMediumWord ProblemsPaula and sandy were among those people who sold raffle
13PSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/Number PropertIs the integer n odd 1 n is divisible by 3 2 n is divisible by
14PSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf x and y each represent single digits in the decimal above
15PSEasyWord ProblemsA certain company currently has how many employees
16PSMediumInequalitiesIf x is equal to one of the numbers 1 4 3 8 or 2 5 what is the valu
17PSMediumInequalitiesIf a b and c are integers is a b c greater than a b
18PSEasyAlgebraIf x 2y 1 y x what is the value of x
19PSEasyNumber Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/FactIf n is an integer then n is divisible by how many positive
20PSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsHow many miles long is the route from houghton to callahan
21PSEasyAlgebraIf x and y are positive what is the value of x
22PSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsJohn and david each received a salary increase
23PSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsCarlotta can drive from her home to her office by one of two
24PSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsIf r and s are positive integers r is what percent of s
25PSEasyAlgebraA shirt and a pair of gloves cost a total of 41 70 how much does the
26PSEasyGeometryWhat is the number of 360 degree rotations that a bicycle wh
27PSEasyNumber PropertiesWhat is the value of the sum of a list of n odd integers 1 n
28PSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsIf a certain animated cartoon consists of a total of
29PSEasyWord ProblemsWhat was the average number of miles per gallon of gasoline for a car
30PSEasyInequalitiesIf x and yare positive is x y greater than
31PSEasyGeometryIn pqr if pq x qr x 2 and pr y which of the
32PSMediumNumber PropertiesIs the prime number p equal to
33PSEasyWord ProblemsThe only contents of a parcel are 25 photographs and 30 nega
34PSEasyGeometryIf l and w represent the length and width respectively of
35PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsWhat is the ratio of x to y 1 x is 4 more than twice y
36PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf x y and z are three integers are they consecutive integers
37PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of x 1 x y x y 2 x y
38PSMediumWord ProblemsA sum of 200 000 from a certain estate was devided among a
39PSMediumWord ProblemsIf the lincoln library s total expenditure for books periodicals and
40PSEasyFunctions and Custom CharactersThe symbol represents one of the following operations
41PSEasyWord ProblemsThe regular price for canned soup was reduced during a sale how much
42PSEasyWord ProblemsIf on a fishing trip jim and tom each caught some fish which one
43PSEasyAlgebraIf 5x 3y 17 what is the value of x 1 x is a positive integer
44PSMediumWord ProblemsYesterday nan parked her car at a certain parking gara
45PSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf r and s are integers is r s divisible by
46PSEasyGeometryWhat is the radius of the circle above with center o
47PSEasyMixture ProblemsA certain 4 liter solution of vinegar and water consists of x liters
48PSEasyInequalitiesIs x 0 1 2x 0 2 x
49PSMediumWord ProblemsOf the 230 single family homes built in city x last year
50PSEasyAlgebraDoes the product jkm
51PSEasyOverlapping SetsHow many of the boys in a group of 100 children have brown hair 1 o
52PSEasyGeometryIs the perimeter of square s greater than the perimeter of e
53PSEasyAlgebra/Number PropertiesIf p and q are positive integers and pq 24 what is the va
54PSEasyAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf x 0 what is the value of x p x q
55PSEasyWord ProblemsFrom may 1 1960 to may 1 1975 the closing price of
56PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf d is a positive integer is d 1 2 an integer
57PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf q is an integer between 10 and 100 what is the value of
58PSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf digit h is the hundredths digit in the decimal d 0 2h6
59PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of x 2 y
60PSEasyAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf x 0 what is the value of x p x q
61PSEasyWord ProblemsCommittee member w wants to schedule a one hour meeting on t
62PSMediumPercent and Interest Problems/Word ProblemsIf jack s and kate s annual salaried in 1985 were each 10 percent high
63PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of x 1 x 1 2 3x 2 1 2x
64PSEasyWord ProblemsHow many newspapers were sold at a certain newsstand today
65PSEasyWord ProblemsHow much did a certain telephone call cost 1 the call lasted 53 min
66PSEasyArithmetic/Coordinate GeometryA certain expressway has exits j k l and m in that order
67PSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsTwo car s and t each traveled a distance of 50 miles did car s use
68PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf n is a positive integer is n odd
69PSEasyAlgebraDoes 2m 3n 0 1 m 0 2 6m 9n
70PSEasyInequalitiesIf xy 3 is x
71PSEasyProbabilityEach of the eggs in a bowl is dyed red or green or blue if one egg
72PSEasyNumber PropertiesIs the average arithmetic mean of x and y greater than
73PSEasyWord ProblemsMarcia s bucket can hold a maximum of how many liters of wat
74PSEasyGeometryIn the triangle above does a 2 b 2 c
75PSEasyInequalitiesWhat is the value of the positive integer n
76PSEasyCoordinate GeometryIf ab 0 in what quadrant of the coordinate system below does point
77PSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsFrom 1984 to 1987 the value of foreign goods consumed annually in th
78PSEasyAlgebraIf x y and z are positive is x y z
79PSEasyAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf x and y are positive integers and x y x 2y 3 what is the
80PSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf k and n are integers is n divisible by
81PSMediumAbsolute Values/Modulus/InequalitiesIf x and y are integers and y x 3 4 x does y equals
82PSMediumInequalities/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf 1 d 2 is the tenths digit of the decimal
83PSVery HardNumber PropertiesThe participants in a race consisted of 3 teams with 3 runners on eac
84PSHardInequalitiesIf x y z 0 is z
85PSVery HardNumber PropertiesHow many integers n are there such that r n s
86PSEasyWord ProblemsA total of 9 women and 12 men reside in the 21 apartments that are in
87PSEasyInequalitiesIs x greater than 1 8 1 x 1 7 2 x
88PSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsHoses x and y simultaneously fill an empty swimming pool tha
89PSEasyGeometryIn the figure above if lines k and m are parallel what is the value
90PSEasyAlgebraIf x and y are integers what is the value of y
91PSEasyGeometryIn the figure above segments pr and qr are each parallel to one of
92PSMediumWord ProblemsIn a school election if each of the 900 voters voted for either edith
93PSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsDuring week w how much did it cost per mile for the gasoline used b
94PSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/Number PropertIf r and s are integers is r divisible by
95PSEasyAlgebraIf m n 5 3 what is the value of m n
96PSEasyGeometryIf p and q are circular regions what is the radius of the
97PSEasyInequalitiesIs z less than
98PSEasyWord ProblemsIf the total price of n equally priced shares of a certain stock was
99PSEasyAlgebra/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsWhat is the ratio of x y z 1 z 1 and xy 32 2 x y 2 and z y
100PSEasyWord ProblemsWhat is ricky s age now
101PSEasyAlgebra/InequalitiesIs xy > 5
102PSEasyArithmetic/Percent and Interest ProblemsIn year x 8 7 percent of the men in the labor force were un
103PSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf the average arithmetic mean of 4 numbers is 50 how man
104PSEasyWord ProblemsOn monday morning a certain machine ran continuously at a un
105PSEasyAlgebraIf n k m what is the value of k
106PSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsA town t has 20 000 residents 60 percent of whom are female what per
107PSMediumNumber PropertiesCan the positive integer n be written as the sum of two diff
108PSHardGeometryIn the figure above segments rs and tu represent two positions of the
109PSMediumAlgebraIf both x and y are nonzero numbers what is the value of y
110PSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf x 0 rstu where r s t and u each represent a nonzero
111PSEasyWord ProblemsWhat were the gross revenues from ticket sales for a certain
112PSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsWhat number is 15 percent of x 1 18 is 6 percent of x 2 2 3 of x
113PSEasyWord ProblemsHow many books does ricardo have 1 if ricardo had 15 fewer books
114PSEasyArithmetic/Percent and Interest ProblemsWhat was the amount of money donated to a certain charity
115PSEasyInequalitiesIs x a negative number
116PSEasyWord ProblemsJohn took a test that had 60 questions numbered from 1 to
117PSEasyGeometryThe perimeter of a rectangular garden is 360 feet what is the length
118PSEasyAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf 2 x 5 n t what is the value of t 1 x n 3 2 2 x
119PSEasyGeometryIn triangle xyz whatis the length of yz
120PSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf jill s average score for three games of bowling was 168 what was
121PSEasyGeometry/Work/Rate ProblemsAn empty rectangular swimming pool has uniform depth how long will it
122PSMediumOverlapping SetsIn jefferson school 300 students study french or spanish o
123PSMediumInequalitiesIs the value of n closer to 50 than t
124PSEasyAlgebraIn the equation x 2 bx 12 0 x is a variable and b is
125PSMediumWord ProblemsIf juan had a doctor s appointment on a certain day was the
126PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of b c
127PSMediumNumber PropertiesIf m is an integer is m odd
128PSEasyGeometryWhat is the circumference of the circle above with center o
129PSVery HardWord ProblemsAt the beginning of last month a stationery store had in stock 250 wr
130PSMediumNumber PropertiesIf y is an integer is y 3 divisible by
131PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsWhat was the ratio of the number of cars to the number of trucks produ
132PSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsHow long did it take betty to drive nonstop on a trip from h
133PSHardCoordinate Geometry/GeometryIn the rectangular coordinate system above if op pq is
134PSEasyAlgebraIn the expression above if xn 0 what is the value of s
135PSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/SequencesIf s is the infinite sequence s1 9 s2 99 s3 999 sk 10 k
136PSEasyGeometry/InequalitiesIn the figure above is cd bc
137PSEasyAlgebra/Word ProblemsHow many more men than women are in the room
138PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf n is an integer is 100 n n an integer
139PSEasyWord ProblemsLast friday a certain shop sold 3 4 of the sweaters in its
140PSEasyProbabilityA jar contains 30 marbles of which 20 are red and 10 are blue if
141PSEasyGeometryIs the triangle above equilateral
142PSEasyAlgebra/ArithmeticIf w z 28 what is the value of wz
143PSEasyWord ProblemsWill the first 10 volumes of a 20 volume encyclopedia fit
144PSEasyAlgebraIs ax 3 bx 1 x a b 3 2 a b 1 5 and x
145PSEasyNumber PropertiesWhat is the value of the integer x 1 x is a prime number 2 31 x
146PSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsWhile on a straight road car x and car y are traveling at
147PSMediumWord ProblemsIn what year was ellen born
148PSEasyInequalitiesIs 2 x greater than
149PSEasyWord ProblemsWhat is the number of female employees in company x
150PSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIs the integer x divisible by
151PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsWhat is the average arithmetic mean of j and k
152PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of a b 1 a b 4 2 a b
153PSMediumAlgebraIs rs
154PSMediumOverlapping SetsIn a certain office 50 percent of the employees are college
155PSMediumInequalitiesProblem is xy 6 1 x 3 and
156PSEasyWord ProblemsThe regular price per eight ounce can of brand x soup is 0 37 regard
157PSEasyGeometryIs the triangle above equilateral
158PSEasyNumber PropertiesIs p 2 an odd integer
159PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of xy
160PSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsElena receives a salary plus a commission that is equal to a fixed per
161PSEasyCoordinate GeometryPoint x y has in which quadrant of the rectangular coordinate syste
162PSEasyArithmeticWhat is the average mean of x y and z
163PSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsChan and mieko drove separate cars along the entire length of a certai
164PSEasyInequalitiesIf xy 0 is x y 0 1 x y 2 x y
165PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of the two digit integer x 1 the sum of the two
166PSMediumInequalitiesIs the number x between 0 2 and 0 7 1 560x 280 2 700x
167PSEasyNumber PropertiesIs x an integer
168PSMediumWord ProblemsA swim club that sold only individual and family memberships charged
169PSEasyInequalitiesIf x y and z are positive numbers is x y z
170PSMediumNumber PropertiesCan the positive integer p be expressed as the product o
171PSMediumWord ProblemsCurrently there are 50 picture books on each shelf in the children s
172PSEasyAlgebraIs y 6 1 y 2 36 2 y 2 7y
173PSHardWord ProblemsThe figure above represents the floor plan of an art gallery that has
174PSMediumGeometryQuadrilateral rstu shown above is a site plan for a parking lot in
175PSVery HardAlgebraIf xy 6 what is the value of xy x y
176PSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsIf the list price of a new car was 12 300 what was the cost of the
177PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf p q x y and z are different positive integers which
178PSEasyWord ProblemsA certain employee is paid 6 per hour for an 8 hour workday if the e
179PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf n is a member of the set 33 36 38 39 41 42 what is the va
180PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of x 1 2x 1 0 2 x 1 2 x
181PSEasyGeometryIn the figure above what is the length of ad
182PSEasyArithmetic/Percent and Interest ProblemsA retailer purchased a television set for x percent less tha
183PSEasyInequalitiesIs x 2 greater than x 1 x 2 is greater than 1 2 x is greater than
184PSEasyAlgebra/ArithmeticWhat is the value of r 2 s
185PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf x y and z are numbers is z
186PSEasyGeometryThe circular base of an above ground swimming pool lies in a
187PSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsIn 1979 mr jackson bought a total of n shares of stock x and mrs jac
188PSEasyWord ProblemsIf sara s age is exactly twice bill s age what is sara s ag
189PSMediumAlgebraWhat is the value of x yz
190PSMediumSequencesAn infinite sequence of positive integers is called an alp
191PSMediumAlgebraIf xy 0 does x 1 y
192PSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsAfter winning 50 percent of the first 20 games it played te
193PSMediumArithmeticIn the addition problem above each of the symbols and represe
194PSVery HardWord ProblemsThe table above shows the cancellation fee schedule that a
195PSHardExponents/Powers/InequalitiesIs 5 k less than
196PSEasyWord ProblemsIf hans purchased a pair of skis and a ski jacket what was the cost
197PSEasyInequalitiesIs x y 1 z y 2 z x
198PSEasyWord ProblemsIf a certain city is losing 12 percent of its daily water supply each
199PSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsMachine x runs at a constant rate and produces a lot consist
200PSEasyNumber Properties/Percent and Interest ProbleIf x and y are positive what is the value of x
201PSEasyGeometryIn the figure above what is the measure of angle abc
202PSEasyInequalitiesIf 10 k 10 is k
203PSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsThe table above shows the distance in kilometers by the
204PSEasyWord ProblemsBuckets x and y contained only water and bucket y was
205PSMediumNumber PropertiesIf n is an integer is n 2 a prime number 1 n is a prime number
206PSEasyInequalitiesIs x between 0 and 1 1 x 2 is less than x 2 x 3 is positive
207PSEasyWord ProblemsDid sally pay less than x dollars including sales tax for her bicycl
208PSEasyNumber PropertiesIs the positive square root of x an integer
209PSMediumCoordinate GeometryIf the successive tick marks shown on the number line above
210PSEasyWord ProblemsIn a senior citizens club are more than 1 4 of the members over
211PSMediumAlgebraIf t 0 is r greater than zero
212PSEasyWord ProblemsIn a senior citizens club are more than 1 4 of the members over
213PSEasyGeometryThe inside of a rectangular carton is 48 centimeters long 32 centimet
214PSEasyAlgebraIf r 8x 3y and y 0 what is the value of r 1 x 2 3 2 x
215PSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIs the positive integer n a multiple of
216PSEasyGeometryWhat is the area of the rectangular region above
217PSMediumWord ProblemsIf aaron lee and tony have a total of 36 how much money
218PSHardAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf n is a positive integer is the value of b a at least twice the
219PSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsThe price per share of stock x increased by 10 percent ove
220PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsAny decimal that has only a finite number of nonzero digits
221PSEasyAlgebra/Exponents/PowersWhat is the value of integer n
222PSEasyAlgebra/RootsIf x is a positive integer is x 1 2 an integer
223PSHardStatistics and Sets Problems/Word ProblemsAre at least 10 percent of the people in country x who are 65 years
224PSVery HardAlgebraIf x is a positive number less than 10 is z greater than the average
225PSMediumInequalities/Percent and Interest ProblemsIf y is greater than 110 percent of x is y greater than
226PSHardGeometryIn triangle abc above what is the length of side bc
227PSEasyWord ProblemsIf the two floors in a certain building are 9 feet apart
228PSMediumAlgebra/Word ProblemsA bookstore that sells used books sells each of its paperbac
229PSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf s is a set of four numbers w x y and z is the range o
230PSMediumProbabilityA box contains only red chips white chips and blue chips
231PSMediumOverlapping SetsOf the 4 800 voters who voted for or against resolution
232PSHardDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/Number PropertIf n is a positive integer is n 3 n divisible by
233PSVery HardInequalitiesIf x y is x y x y 1 1 x 0 2
234PSMediumExponents/PowersIf x is a positive integer and w is a negative integer what is the va
235PSEasyWord ProblemsA certain group of car dealerships agreed to donate x dollars to a red
236PSMediumAbsolute Values/Modulus/InequalitiesIs x y z 1 x y z 2
237PSMediumAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf x is an integer is 9 x 9 x b 1 3 x 3 x b
238PSHardGeometryIn the figure above what is the ratio kn m
239PSHardAlgebra/Number PropertiesIf n is an integer between 2 and 100 and if n is also the sq
240PSVery HardNumber Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/FactIf x and y are positive integers such that x 8y 12 what is the
241PSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf r and s are positive integers is r s an integer
242PSVery HardWord Problems/Statistics and Sets ProblemsOn jane s credit card account the average daily balance for 30 day
243PSHardNumber Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/FactIf the integer n is greater than 1 is n equal t
244PSMediumInequalitiesIs x y 1 x y 2 2 x 2 y
245PSVery HardAbsolute Values/Modulus/InequalitiesIs 1 a b b a 1 a b 2 1 a b
246PSEasyAlgebraIf rs 0 is 1 r 1 s
247PSEasyRootsIf m and n are positive integers is root n m an integer
248PSHardInequalitiesIs 1 p r r 2 2 1 p r 2
249PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of 5x 2 4x 1 1 x x 2 0 2 x
250PSHardAlgebraWhat is the value of a 4
251PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the average arithmetic mean of a b and c
252PSMediumInequalitiesAre positive integers p and q both greater than n
253PSHardCoordinate GeometryIn the rectangular coordinate system are the points r s and u
254PSMediumAlgebraIs x m m 2 n 2 k 2 xm yn z
255PSMediumStatistics and Sets Problems/ProbabilityIf x is to be selected at random from t what is the probab
256PSMediumInequalitiesIf m 0 and n 0 is m x n x m
257PSHardNumber Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/FactDoes the integer k have a factor p such that 1 p k
258PSMediumAlgebraWhat is the value of xy 1 y x 1 2 y x
259PSMediumAlgebraIf v and w are different integers does v 0 1 vw v
260PSHardInequalities/Absolute Values/ModulusIs root x 5 2 5
261PSEasyWord ProblemsWhat is the number of members of club x who are at leas
262PSHardExponents/PowersIf z n 1 what is the value of z
263PSMediumInequalitiesIs m n 1 m n 0 2 mn
264PSHardInequalities/AlgebraIs 2x 3y x 2 1 2x 3y 2 2 x 2 and y
265PSEasyInequalitiesIf x 2 3 y is x less than y 1 y 3 2 y
266PSMediumWord Problems/ArithmeticMartha bought several pencils if each pencil was either a
267PSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsFor a certain set of n numbers where n 1 is the average arithmeti
268PSHardWord Problems/Percent and Interest ProblemsHenry purchased 3 items during a sale he received a 20 percent discou
269PSHardPercent and Interest Problems/Word ProblemsWhenever martin has a restaurant bill with an amount between
270PSHardGeometryIf arc pqr above is a semicircle what is the length of diameter pr
271PSMediumAlgebra/Number PropertiesIf r and s are nonzero integers is r s an integer
272PSHardFunctions and Custom CharactersIn the fraction x y where x and y are positive integers what is the
273PSMediumAlgebra/Exponents/Powers/InequalitiesIf x and y are nonzero integers is x y y x
274PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf n is an integer is n 7 an integer 1 3n 7 is an integer 2 5n

Data Sufficiency

#IDDifficultyPrimary CategoryQuestion Text
1DSEasyArithmeticIf mario was 32 years old 8 years ago how old was he x year
2DSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsRunning at the same constant rate 6 identical machines can
3DSEasyFractions/Ratios/Decimals/Word ProbThree business partners q r and s agree to divide their
4DSEasyCoordinate Geometry/Absolute ValuesOf the five coordinates associated with points a b c d
5DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA restaurant meal cost 35 50 and there was no tax if the
6DSEasyGeometryHarriet wants to put up fencing around three sides of her
7DSEasyInequalities/Must or Could be TrueIf u t r q s t and t r which of the following
8DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIncreasing the original price of an article by 15 percent
9DSEasyArithmeticIf k is an integer and 0 0010101 10 k is greater than
10DSEasyAlgebraIf b 3 4 2 b 0 and b 3 then b
11DSEasyWord ProblemsIn a weight lifting competition the total weight of joe s t
12DSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsOne hour after yolanda started walking from x to y a dist
13DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe average arithmetic mean of 6 numbers is 8 5 when one
14DSEasyCoordinate GeometryIn the rectangular coordinate system above the area of tria
15DSMediumAlgebraWhich of the following equations has a root in common with x 2 6x
16DSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsOne inlet pipe fills an empty tank in 5 hours a second inle
17DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsDuring the first week of september a shoe retailer sold 10 pairs of a
18DSEasyAlgebraThe number 2 0 5 is how many times the number
19DSEasyAlgebra/ArithmeticIf x 1 then x 4 x 3 x 2 x
20DSEasyGeometry/Work/Rate ProblemsCoins are dropped into a toll box so that the box is being
21DSEasyArithmetic/Fractions/Ratios/Decimal(1/5)^2 1/5*1/4 
22DSEasyMin/Max ProblemsA club collected exactly 599 from its members if each
23DSEasyPercents and Interest Problems/WordA union contract specifies a 6 percent salary increase plus a 450 bon
24DSEasyAlgebraIf n is a positive integer and k 2 3 n which of the fol
25DSEasyWord ProblemsElena purchased brand x pens for 4 00 apiece and brand y
26DSEasyGeometryIf the length and width of a rectangular garden plot were ea
27DSMediumArithmeticThe population of a bacteria culture doubles every 2 minutes
28DSEasyRemaindersWhen 10 is divided by the positive integer n the remainder is
29DSEasyWord ProblemsFor a light that has an intensity of 60 candles at its sourc
30DSEasyNumber PropertiesIf x and y are prime numbers which of the following cannot
31DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsOf the 3 600 employees of company x 1 3 are clerical if the clerica
32DSEasyArithmeticIn which of the following pairs are the two numbers reciproc
33DSEasyPercents and Interest Problems/AritWhat is 45 percent of 7 12 of
34DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf x books cost 5 each and y books cost 8 each then the average
35DSEasyFractions/Ratios/Decimals/Word ProbIf 1 2 of the money in a certain trust fund was invested in stocks
36DSEasyWord ProblemsMarion rented a car for 18 00 plus 0 10 per mile driven craig rente
37DSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsMachine a produces bolts at a uniform rate of 120 every
39DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIn 1982 the approximate average cost of operating a subcompact car for
40DSVery HardStatistics and Sets Problems/FractiIn 1984 the average cost of operating a subcompact car was approximate
41DSVery HardStatistics and Sets ProblemsFor each of the years shown the average cost per mile of operating a
42DSEasyExponents/Powers/Arithmetic/FractioWhat is the decimal equivalent of
43DSEasyWord ProblemsTwo hundred gallons of fuel oil are purchased at 0 91 per gallon and
44DSEasyAlgebraIf 4 x 2 x x what is the value of x 2 3x
45DSMediumAlgebra/Must or Could be True QuestIf b 2 and 2x 3b 0 which of the following must be tru
46DSEasyGeometryThe trapezoid shown in the figure above represents a cross
47DSMediumArithmetic(( 1.5)(1.2) (4.5)(0.4))/30 
48DSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf n is a positive integer then n n 1 n 2 is
49DSEasyWord ProblemsIf jack had twice the amount of money that he has he would have exact
50DSEasyWord Problems3 second then at the same rate
51DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsThe price of a certain television set is discounted by 10 pe
52DSEasyArithmeticIf 2 1 2 y 1 then y
53DSEasyGeometry/Word ProblemsIf a rectangular photograph that is 10 inches wide by 15 inches long i
54DSEasyExponents/PowersIf m is an integer such that 2 2m 2 9 m then m
55DSEasyInequalitiesIf 0 x 4 and y 12 which of the following
56DSEasyGeometryIn the figure above v represents an observation point at on
57DSEasyPercents and Interest Problems/WordIf the total payroll expense of a certain business in year y was
58DSEasyMust or Could be True Questions/NumIf a b and c are consecutive positive integers and a b
59DSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsA straight pipe 1 yard in length was marked off in fourths
60DSEasyNumber PropertiesWhat is the least integer that is a sum of three different primes each
61DSMediumWord ProblemsA tourist purchased a total of 1 500 worth of traveler s
62DSEasyGeometryIf the circle above has center o and circumference 18 then the perim
63DSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf each of the following fractions were written as a repeat
64DSVery HardWord ProblemsToday rose is twice as old as sam and sam is 3 years younger
65DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe average arithmetic mean of 6 8 and 10 equals the average
66DSEasyCoordinate GeometryIn the figure above the coordinates of point v are
67DSEasyFractions/Ratios/Decimals/PercentsTickets for all but 100 seats in a 10 000 seat stadium were sold of t
68DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIn a mayoral election candidate x received 1 3 more votes t
69DSEasyWord ProblemsRene earns 8 50 per hour on days other than sundays and twi
70DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIn a shipment of 120 machine parts 5 percent were defective
71DSEasyArithmetic(2 3/5 1 2/3)/(2/3 3/5) 
72DSEasyArithmeticIf x 1 then x 4 x 3 x 2 x
73DSEasyAlgebraWhich of the following equation is not equivalent to 25x 2 y
74DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsA toy store regularly sells all stock at a discount of
75DSMediumArithmetic/Percents and Interest PrIf there are 664 579 prime numbers among the first 10 millio
76DSMediumAlgebraA bank customer borrowed 10 000 but received y dollars les
77DSHardWord ProblemsAn airline passenger is planning a trip that involves three
78DSEasyGeometryThe shaded portion of the rectangular lot shown above repres
79DSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsHow many multiples of 4 are there between 12 and 96 inclusive
80DSMediumWord ProblemsJack is now 14 years older than bill if in 10 years jack
81DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIn country x a returning tourist may import goods with a tot
82DSEasyArithmeticWhich of the following is greater than
83DSEasyArithmeticA rope 40 feet long is cut into two pieces if one piece is
84DSEasyArithmetic/GeometryIf 60 percent of a rectangular floor is covered by a rectang
85DSEasyArithmeticThe earth travels around the sun at a speed of approximately 18 5 mile
86DSEasyWord ProblemsA collection of books went on sale and 2 3 of them were
87DSEasyPercents and Interest Problems/WordIf basis points are defined so that 1 percent is equal to 100 basis
88DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsThe amounts of time that three secretaries worked on a
89DSEasyMust or Could be True Questions/NumIf the quotient a b positive which of the following must be
90DSEasyExponents/PowersIf 8 2x 3 2 3x 6 then x
91DSEasyArithmeticOf the following the closest approximation to
92DSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsWhich of the following cannot be the greatest common divisor of two
93DSMediumWork/Rate ProblemsAn empty pool being filled with water at a constant rate takes 8 hours
94DSEasyAlgebraA positive number x is multiplied by 2 and this product is
95DSMediumMixture ProblemsA tank contains 10 000 gallons of a solution that is
96DSEasyAlgebraA certain grocery purchased x pounds of produce for p dollar
97DSEasyAlgebraIf x 5y 16 and x 3y
98DSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsAn empty swimming pool with a capacity of 5 760 gallons is filled at t
99DSEasyGraphs and IllustrationsThe dots on the graph above indicate the weights and fuel
100DSEasyArithmetic(90 8(20:4))/(1/2)
101DSEasyArithmeticIf a b and c are nonzero numbers and a b c which of t
102DSEasyCoordinate Geometry/GeometryBills school is 10 miles from his home he travels 4 miles from schoo
103DSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsThree machines individually can do a certain job in
104DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIn 1985 45 percent of a document storage facility s
105DSEasyGeometryWhat is the perimeter of the figure above
106DSEasyProbabilityA committee is composed of w women and m men if 3 women and
107DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsLast year carlos saved 10 percent of his annual earnings th
108DSMediumWork/Rate ProblemsJan lives x floors above the ground floor of a highrise building it t
109DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsA corporation that had 115 19 billion in profits for the ye
110DSEasyNumber PropertiesFor any positive integer n n 1 the length of n is the number of po
111DSMediumNumber PropertiesFor any positive integer n n 1 the length of n is the
112DSMediumWord ProblemsA dealer originally bought 100 identical batteries at a tota
113DSMediumGeometryTwo oil cans x and y are right circular cylinders and the height a
114DSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf x y and z are positive integers such that x is a factor of y and
115DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf x y 8z then which of the following represents the ave
116DSEasyArithmeticIf the product of the integers w x y and z is 770 and if
117DSEasyWord ProblemsIf the population of a certain country increases at the rate
118DSEasyArithmeticThe value of 3 10 is how much greater than the value of
119DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsFor an agricultural experiment 300 seeds were planted in
120DSEasyAlgebra/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf a b 2 3 which of the following is not true
121DSEasyAlgebraOn the number line if r s if p is halfway between rand s
122DSMediumMin/Max ProblemsCoins are to be put into 7 pockets so that each pocket contains at lea
123DSEasyGeometryThe figure above shows a circular flower bed with its cente
124DSMediumWork/Rate ProblemsThe table above gives the gasoline costs and consumption rates for a c
125DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIf 1 were invested at 8 percent interest compounded annually the
126DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA furniture store sells only two models or desks model a and model b
127DSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsHow many minutes does it take john to type y words if he
128DSEasyWord ProblemsThe weights of four packages are 1 3 5 and 7 pounds respectively
129DSEasyRoots/ArithmeticRoot of (16*20+8*32)
130DSEasyMust or Could be True Questions/NumThe positive integer n is divisible by 25 if n 1 2 is
131DSMediumAlgebra/Must or Could be True QuestIf x and y are different integers and x 2 xy which of the
132DSMediumGeometryIn the figure above da db dc what is the value of x
133DSMediumOverlapping Sets/Functions and CustIf x and y are sets of integers x y denotes the set of inte
134DSMediumWord ProblemsDuring the four years that mrs lopez owned her car she fou
135DSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsA car travels from mayville to rome at an average speed o
136DSMediumAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf 0 0015 10 m 0 03 10 k 5 10 7 then m k
137DSEasyArithmeticIn the figure above the sum of the three numbers in the hor
138DSEasyWord ProblemsFor telephone calls between two particular cities a telephone company
139DSEasyGeometryIf o is the center of the circle above what fraction of the circular
140DSEasyPercents and Interest Problems/WordIf a compact disc that usually sells for 12 95 is on sale for
141DSEasyArithmetic1/(1 + 1/(2 + 1/3))
142DSEasyWord Problems/Fractions/Ratios/DeciA fruit salad mixture consists of apples peaches and grape
143DSEasyAlgebraIf 3 x 2 and y 4 3 then 3 y x
144DSEasyAlgebra/Arithmetic(1+5^1/2)(1 5^1/2)
145DSEasyGeometryStarting from point o on a flat school playground a child walks 10 y
146DSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsA certain car increased its avarage speed by 5 miles per
147DSEasyWord ProblemsLois has x dollars more than jim has and together they have
148DSEasyCoordinate GeometryIn the rectangular coordinate system above the shaded region is bound
149DSEasyAlgebraA certain population of bacteria doubles every 10 minutes
150DSEasyWord ProblemsDuring a certain season a team won 80 percent of its first
151DSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsIf juan takes 11 seconds to run y yards how many seconds
152DSHardFractions/Ratios/DecimalsWhich of the following fractions has the greatest value
153DSEasyOverlapping SetsOf 30 applicants for a job 14 had at least 4 years
154DSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsWhich of the following cannot yield an integer when divided by
155DSVery HardArithmetic/Word ProblemsA certain clock marks every hour by striking a number of times equal
156DSMediumAlgebraIf k 0 and k 3 2k 2 k x k then x
157DSEasyFractions/Ratios/Decimals/Arithmeti1/2 + 1/3 * 1/4
158DSEasyMin/Max ProblemsJohn has 10 pairs of matched socks if he loses 7 individual
159DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsLast year s receipts from the sale of candy on valentine s day totaled
160DSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsHow many minutes does it take to travel 120 miles at 400 mil
161DSEasyAlgebraIf 1 1 x 2 2 x then x
162DSEasyArithmeticLast year for every 100 million vehicles that traveled on a
163DSEasyGeometryIf the perimeter of a rectangular garden plot is 34 feet and
164DSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/NumbWhat is the lowest positive integer that is divisible by
165DSEasyPercents and Interest Problems/WordThirty percent of the members of a swim club have passed the
166DSEasyAlgebra/Functions and Custom CharacFor all numbers s and t the operation is defined by s t
167DSMediumArithmetic/SequencesIn an increasing sequence of 10 consecutive integers the
168DSMediumWord ProblemsA certain manufacturer produces items for which the producti
169DSHardCombinationsPermutation and combination queries
170DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIn a acertain company the ratio of the numer of manager to
171DSMediumAlgebra/Must or Could be True QuestIf x 1 2 400 which of the following could be the value
172DSMediumWord ProblemsSalesperson a s compensation for any week is 360 plus 6 per
173DSEasyGeometryIf a square region has area n what is the length of the dia
174DSHardFractions/Ratios/Decimals/Min/Max PIn a certain class consisting of 36 students some boys and
175DSMediumWord ProblemsThe sum of the ages of doris and fred is y years if doris
176DSMediumArithmetic/CombinationsThe addition problem above shows four of the 24 different in
177DSEasyAlgebraIf x 2 5 then x
178DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsWhat percent of 30 is 12 ?
179DSEasyWord ProblemsOn a 3 day fishing trip 4 adults consumed food costing 60 for the s
180DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIn a poll of 66 000 physicians only 20 percent responded
181DSEasyAlgebraIf 1 5 0 2 x 5 then x
182DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf a basketball team scores an average arithmetic mean of x points
183DSMediumCoordinate GeometryIn the figure above the point on segment pq that is twice as far from
184DSEasyArithmetic3/100 + 5/1,000 + 7/100,000
185DSMediumAlgebraIf the number n of calculators sold per week varies with the
186DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe 65 cars on car lot 45 have air conditioning 30 have power window
187DSEasyAlgebraOf the following which one is third greatest
188DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsDuring the second quarter of 1984 a total of 2 976 000 domestic cars
189DSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf a positive integer n is divisible by both 5 and 7 the n must also
190DSMediumArithmeticAn author received 0 80 in royalties for each of the first 100 000 co
191DSEasyGeometryStarting from town s fred rode his bicycle 8 miles due east 3 miles due south
192DSMediumInequalitiesWhich of the following describes all values of x for whic
193DSHardExponents/Powers/Word ProblemsFour hours from now the population of a colony of bacteria will reach
194DSMediumWord ProblemsAt a certain pizzeria 1 8 of the pizzas sold in one week we
195DSMediumAlgebraIf 4 is one solution of the equation x2 3x k 10 where
196DSEasyProbabilityThe probability is 1 2 that a certain coin will turn up head
197DSEasyWord ProblemsA caterer ordered 125 ice cream bars and 125 sundaes if the total
198DSMediumWord Problems/Work/Rate ProblemsLloyd normally works 7 5 hours per day and earns 4 50 per hour
199DSEasyAlgebra/ArithmeticIf x 3 what is the value of 3x
200DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsOf the final grades received by the students in a certain
201DSEasyFractions/Ratios/Decimals29^2 + 29/29
202DSMediumWord ProblemsMr hernandez who was a resident of state x for only
203DSEasyAlgebraIf x 1 3t and y 2t 1 then for what value of t does x
204DSEasyArithmetic/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalWhich of the following fractions is equal to the decimal
205DSEasyGeometryIn the figure above if x x y 3 8 then x
206DSMediumPercents and Interest Problems/WordThe number of coronary bypass operations performed in the united state
207DSEasyNumber Properties/Must or Could beIf positive integers x and y are not both odd which of the
208DSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsTwo trains x and y started simultaneously from opposite ends of a
209DSMediumAlgebra/Must or Could be True QuestAs x increases from 165 to 166 which of the following must
210DSMediumInequalities/Must or Could be TrueIf it is true that x 2 and x 7 which of the following must be true
211DSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsA club sold an average arithmetic mean of 92 raffle tickets per memb
212DSEasyWord ProblemsHow many bits of computer memory will be required to store the integer
213DSMediumWord Problems/Min/Max Problems/RemaOne week a certain truck rental lot had a total o
214DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsMs adams sold two properties x and y for 30 000 each she sold pro
215DSEasyGeometryA rectangular box is 10 inches wide 10 inches long and
216DSHardDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsHow many positive integers less than 20 are either a multip
217DSEasyWord ProblemsOn 3 sales john has received commissions of 240 80 and 110 and
218DSEasyRoots463 1 2 is between
219DSEasyGeometryThe annual budget of a certain college is to be shown on a circle grap
220DSEasyPercents and Interest Problems/WordA company accountant estimates that airfares next year for business
221DSEasyAlgebra/ArithmeticWhat is the value of 2x 2 2 4x 1 7 for x
222DSEasyNumber Properties/Functions and CusIf x y xy 2 x y for all integers x and y then
223DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsDuring a two week period the price of an ounce of silver increased by
224DSMediumGeometryIf a cube has a volume of 64 what is its total surface area
225DSEasyWord ProblemsThe table above shows the number of students in three clubs at mcaulif
226DSEasyAlgebra/Must or Could be True QuestIf s u and v are positive integers and 2s 2u 2v which of the fo
227DSMediumFractions/Ratios/Decimals/OverlappiIn a nationwide poll n people were interviewed if 1 4
228DSMediumWord ProblemsIn a certain pond 50 fish were caught tagged and returned to the po
229DSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsThe ratio of two quantities is 3 to 4 if each of the
230DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsIn 1986 the book value of a certain car was 2 3 original
231DSHardCoordinate GeometryIn the rectangular coordinate system shown above which quadrant if
232DSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsA hiker walked for two days on the second day the hiker wal
233DSEasyWord ProblemsIf a printer can print 2 pages of text per second then at this rate
234DSEasyGeometryIn the circular region with center 0 shown above the two unshaded se
235DSEasyWord Problems/Min/Max ProblemsEnvelopes can be purchased for 1 50 per pack of 100 1 00 per pack
236DSEasyAlgebra/RootsSQRT (16 + 16)^1/2 
237DSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsAn automobile s gasoline mileage varies depending on the sp
239DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIn a horticultural experiment 200 seeds were planted in plo
240DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsThe organizers of a fair projected a 25 percent increase in
241DSEasyWord ProblemsAn optometrist charges 150 per pair for soft contact lenses and
242DSEasyArithmetic/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalWhat is the ratio of 3 4 to the product
243DSEasyWord ProblemsThe cost to rent a small bus for a trip is x dollars which is to be
244DSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf x is an integer and y 3x 2 which of the following cannot be a
245DSMediumGeometryThe size of a television screen is given as the length of the screen s
246DSEasyStatisticsIf the average arithmetic mean of x and y is 60 and the average ar
247DSEasyGeometryIf 3 and 8 are the lengths of two sides of a triangula
248DSVery HardWord Problems/Percents and InterestOne night a certain hotel rented 3 4 of its rooms including
249DSEasyAlgebraIf 3 x 2x 3 then 4x
250DSMediumWord ProblemsA certain electronic component is sold in boxes of 54 for
251DSEasyWord ProblemsOn a certain street there is an odd number of houses in a row the ho
252DSVery HardArithmeticThe product of the two digit numbers above is the three digi
253DSEasyWord ProblemsAs a salesperson phyllis can choose one of two methods of a
254DSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsA restaurant buys fruit in cans containing 3 1 2 cups of fruit each
255DSEasyAlgebraIf x 3 000 then the value of x 2x 1 is closest to
256DSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsMachine a produces 100 parts twice as fast as machine b does
257DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIf 18 is 15 percent of 30 percent of a certain number what
258DSEasyRemaindersA necklace is made by stringing n individual beads togethe
259DSEasyAlgebraIf x 0 08 2 y 1 0 08 2 and z 1 0 08 2 1 which of the
260DSEasyGeometryIn triangle abc above what is x in terms of z
261DSEasyWord ProblemsIn 1990 a total of x earthquakes occurred worldwide some but not all
262DSEasyAlgebraIf x y xy 1 then y
263DSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf 1 2 of the air in a tank is removed with each stroke of
264DSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsLast year department store x had a sales total for december
265DSMediumAlgebra/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsHow many integers n are there such that 1 5n
266DSMediumArithmeticIf the two digit integers m and n are positive and have the same digi
267DSHardWork/Rate Problems/Absolute Values/Working alone printers x y and z can do a certain printing job con
268DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsIn 1985 a company sold a brand of shoes to retailers for a fixed price
270DSEasyWord ProblemsA car dealer sold x used cars and y new cars during may if the number
271DSEasyArithmeticWhat is the maximum number of 1 1 foot pieces of wire that
272DSEasyCoordinate Geometry/Geometry/Must oIf each of the two lines l1 and l2 is parallel to line l3 which of th
273DSEasyArithmeticThe expression above is approximately equal to
274DSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsCar x and car y traveled the same 80 mile route if car x to
275DSMediumArithmeticIf the numbers 17 24 1 2 3 8 3 4 and 9 16 were ordered
276DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIf a 10 percent deposit that has been paid toward the purch
277DSMediumNumber PropertiesKim purchased n items from a catalog for 8 each
278DSEasyAlgebra/ArithmeticSqrt 7 sqrt
279DSEasyArithmeticIf the average arithmetic mean of the four numbers k
280DSMediumWord Problems/Mixture ProblemsA rabbit on a controlled diet is fed daily 300 grams of
281DSMediumCombinationsA company that ships boxes to a total of 12 distribution centers uses
282DSEasyAlgebraIf x y a and x y b then 2xy
283DSMediumGeometryA rectangular circuit board is designed to have width w inches perim
284DSHardPercents and Interest Problems/OverOn a certain road 10 of the motorists exceed the posted speed limi
285DSEasyMust or Could be True Questions/NumIf p is an even integer and q is an odd integer which of the followin
286DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsA certain college has a student to teacher ratio of 11 t
287DSEasyArithmeticLast year if 97 percent of the revenues of a company came fr
288DSMediumWord Problems/Fractions/Ratios/DeciDrum x is 1 2 full of oil and drum y which has twice the capacity of
289DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIn a certain population there are 3 times as many people a
291DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA certain telescope increases the visual range at a particular locatio
292DSEasyGeometryIn the figure above the value of y is
293DSEasyWord Problems/Percents and InterestA part time employee whose hourly wage was increased b
294DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIf x 0 x 50 x 25 is what percent of
295DSEasyFunctions and Custom Characters/AlgIf the operation is defined for all a and b by the equat
296DSVery HardWord ProblemsA factory that employs 1 000 assembly line workers pays each of these
297DSEasyAlgebraIf x 2 then 3x 2 x 2 x 2 x
298DSEasyFractions/Ratios/Decimals/Poor QualIn a certain school 40 more than 1 3 of all the student
299DSVery HardInequalities/Must or Could be TrueIf d 0 and 0 1 c d 1 which of the following must be
300DSHardGeometryThe inside dimensions of a rectangular wooden box are
301DSEasyArithmetic1/2/(1/4 + 1/6) 
302DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsKelly and chris packed several boxes with books if chris packed 60 pe
303DSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsA train travels from new york to chicago a distance of approximately
304DSEasyArithmeticOf the following which is the closest approximation of
305DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsLast year manfred received 26 paychecks each of his first
306DSEasyAlgebra/ArithmeticA certain pair of used shoes can be repaired for 12 50 and will last
307DSEasyWord ProblemsIn a certain brick wall each row of bricks above the bottom row
308DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIf 25 percent of p is equal to 10 percent of q and pq 0 th
309DSEasyGeometryIf the length of an edge of cube x is twice the length of an
310DSEasyAlgebra(2^(1/2) + 1)(2^(1/2) 1)(3^(1/2) + 1)(3^(1/2) 1)
311DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIn a certain calculus class the ratio of the number of math majors
312DSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsMachines a and b always operate independently and at their r
313DSMediumCoordinate GeometryIn the xy coordinate system if a b and a 3 b k are two
314DSEasyNumber PropertiesWhat is the units digit of
315DSEasyGeometryThe shaded portion of the rectangular lot shown above repres
316DSHardCombinationsPat will walk from intersection x to intersection y along a
317DSEasyWord ProblemsA certain fishing boat is chartered by 6 people who are to c
318DSEasyGeometryIn square abcd above if de eb and df fc then the area of the sha
319DSEasyPercents and Interest Problems/WordCraig sells major appliances for each appliance he sells c
320DSEasyArithmetic/Statistics and Sets ProbThe average arithmetic mean of 10 30 and 50 is 5 more
321DSEasyArithmeticWhat number when multiplied by 4 7 yields 6 7 as the result
322DSMediumAlgebra/Min/Max ProblemsIf y x 5 2 x 1 2 6 then y is least when x
323DSEasyMixture ProblemsIf 3 pounds of dried apricots that cost x dollars per pound are mixed
324DSEasyWord ProblemsA cashier mentally reversed the digits of one customer s correct amoun
325DSEasyNumber PropertiesWhich of the following is not equal to the square of an integer
326DSEasyGeometryAn artist wishes to paint a circular region on a square post
327DSEasyMust or Could be True Questions/NumWhich of the following must be equal to zero for all real nu
328DSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsAt the rate of m meters per s seconds how many meters does a cyclist
329DSMediumCombinationsIn the table above what is the least number of table entries
330DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA certain tax rate is 82 per 100 00 what is the rate expressed as
331DSEasyNumber PropertiesFermat primes are prime numbers that can be written in the form 2 k
332DSMediumWord Problems/Percents and InterestA shipment of 1500 heads of cabbage each of which was approximately
333DSMediumAlgebraIf t 8 is a factor of t 2 kt 48 then k
334DSEasyNumber Properties/Work/Rate ProblemIf a is a positive integer and if the units digit of a 2 is
335DSVery HardMixture ProblemsThe ratio by volume of soap to alcohol to water in
336DSEasyOverlapping SetsIf 75 percent of a class answered the first question on a ce
338DSEasyFractions/Ratios/Decimals/Word ProbMembers of a social club met to address 280 newsletters if
339DSEasyAlgebraIf x 2 2y 3 and 2y 4 what is the value of x 2 y
340DSEasyWord ProblemsIf the cost of 12 eggs varies between 0 90 and 1 20 and the cost of
341DSEasyAlgebra/Arithmetic(3^(1/2) + 2)(3^(1/2) 2)
342DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA glucose solution contains 15 grams of glucose per 100 cubic centimet
343DSEasyWord ProblemsIf sam were twice as old as he is he would be 40 years older than jim
344DSEasyAlgebra/Must or Could be True QuestIf 1 2 1 3 1 4 13 x which of the following must be an integer
345DSEasyGeometryIn the figure above if pqrs is a parallelogram then y x
346DSEasyArithmeticTemperatures in degrees celsius c can be converted to temp
347DSMediumCoordinate GeometryIn the rectangular coordinate system above the line y x
348DSEasyArithmeticIf 1 kilometer is approximately 0 6 mile which of the
349DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA 500 investment and a 1 500 investment have a combined ye
350DSMediumWord ProblemsA store currently charges the same price for each towel that
351DSMediumMust or Could be True Questions/NumIf the sum of n consecutive integers is 0 which of the following must
352DSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIn the formula v 1 2r 3 if r is halved then v is mult
353DSMediumFunctions and Custom Characters/NumFor any integer n greater than 1 n denotes the product of
354DSEasyCombinationsIn how many arrangements can a teacher seat 3 girls and 3 boys in a
355DSVery HardDistance/Rate Problems/GeometryA circular rim 28 inches in diameter rotates the same numbe
356DSHardPercents and Interest ProblemsThe cost c of manufacturing a product can be estimated by the formula
357DSEasyWord ProblemsReggie purchased a car costing 8 700 as a down payment he used a
358DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsAccording to the table above the number of fellows was approximately
359DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe arithmetic mean and standard deviation of a certain
360DSMediumWord ProblemsMark bought a set of 6 flower pots of different sizes at
361DSEasyRemaindersWhen n is divided by t the quotient is s and reminder is v which of
362DSMediumArithmeticWhich of the following numbers is greater than three fourths of the n
363DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsLucy invested 10 000 in a new mutual fund account exactly
364DSEasyArithmetic/Statistics and Sets ProbA certain bakery has 6 employees it pays annual salaries of
365DSMediumNumber Properties/Statistics and SeIf x is equal to the sum of the even integers from 40 t
366DSEasyAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf 7 3 4 n 7 what is the value of n
367DSEasyAlgebra/Statistics and Sets ProblemWhich of the following is equal to the average arithmetic
368DSMediumAlgebra/Min/Max ProblemsIf x 4 y 4 100 then the greatest possible value of x is betwee
369DSMediumWord ProblemsDuring a car trip maria stopped to rest after she traveled 1 2 of th
370DSEasyAlgebraIn the table above what is the number of green marbles in j
371DSEasyWord ProblemsThe cost of picture frame m is 10 00 less than 3 times the cost of pi
372DSMediumProbabilityIf x is to be chosen at random from the set 1 2 3 4 an
373DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf s 0 4 5 2 11 8 how much greater than the median
374DSMediumRootsThe value of 89 1 3 is
375DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsA computer chip manufacturer expects the ratio of the number
376DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf the variables x y and z take on only the values
377DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsIn a certain furniture store each week nancy earns a salary of 240 p
378DSEasyProbabilityTwo integers will be randomly selected from the sets above one intege
379DSMediumSequencesAn arithmetic sequence is a sequence in which each ter
380DSVery HardGeometryIn the circle above pq is parallel to diameter or and or has lengt
381DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsDick and jane each saved 3 000 in 1989 in 1990 dick saved
382DSMediumArithmeticOf the following which is least
383DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsS represents the sum of the weights of n fish in pounds which of th
384DSMediumWord ProblemsThe table below represents the combined net income of all united state
385DSMediumNumber Properties/Exponents/PowersFor how many integers n is 2 n n
386DSEasyWord Problems/Statistics and Sets PThe manager of a theater noted that for every 10 admissions
387DSHardNumber PropertiesIf n 4p where p is a prime number greater than 2 how many differen
388DSHardStatistics and Sets ProblemsS is a set containing 9 different numbers t is a set contai
389DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsIn a recent election james received 0 5 percent of the 2 000 votes
390DSEasyWord ProblemsThe regular price per can of a certain brand of soda is
391DSMediumNumber PropertiesIf r and s are integers and rs r is odd which of the following mus
392DSEasyStatistics and Sets Problems/Must oIf the median of the numbers in list i above is equal to the
393DSEasyArithmetic/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalIf d 2 0453 and d is the decimal obtained by rounding d
394DSVery HardCoordinate Geometry/CombinationsRight triangle pqr is to be constructed in the xy plane s
395DSHardProbabilityA box contains 100 balls numbered from 1 to 100 if three b
396DSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsHow many different positive integers are factor of
397DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsCompany k s earnings were 12 million last year if this yea
398DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIn the list above if n is an integer between 1 and 10 inclusive the
399DSMediumInequalitiesIf 0 x 1 which of the following inequalities must b
400DSEasyExponents/PowersIf 2 x 2 y 8 and 9 x 3 y 81 then x y equals
401DSEasyArithmetic/Number PropertiesIf a 1 and a b c 1 which of the following is not a possible v
402DSEasyExponents/PowersWhich of the following is equal to x 18 for all positive values of x
403DSEasyArithmetic/Word ProblemsA television manufacturer produces 600 units of a certain model each m
404DSHardGeometryA square countertop has a square tile inlay in the center leaving an
405DSEasyArithmeticIf and represent single digits in the correctly worked computation
406DSHardMust or Could be True Questions/StaWhich of the following can be inferred from the data above
407DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsAnne bought a computer for 2 000 and then paid a
408DSEasyAlgebraIf x y 2 3 then x y
409DSEasyAlgebraIf 4x 3y 2 and 3x 6 0 what is the value of y
410DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe data sets i ii and iii above are ordered from greatest standard
411DSMediumWord ProblemsThe contents of a certain box consist of 14 apples and 23 or
412DSHardNumber Properties/Divisibility/MultIf n is a positive integer and n 2 is divisible by 72 then
413DSEasyAlgebraIf 3 is 6 more than x what is the value of x
414DSEasyArithmetic/Functions and Custom ChaIf stock is sold three months after it is purchased the formula above
415DSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsAn athlete runs r miles in h hours then rides a bike q miles in th
416DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf a certain sample of data has a mean of 20 0 and a
417DSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsWhich of the following is the lowest positive integer that is
418DSEasyMin/Max Problems/Overlapping Sets/AOf the 50 researchers in a workgroup 40 percent will be
419DSMediumWord ProblemsLast year a certain public transportation system sold an averag
420DSHardFractions/Ratios/DecimalsThe table above shows the amount of waste material in ton
421DSMediumProbabilityIf a number between 0 and 1 2 is selected at random whic
422DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsThe table above shows the results of a recent school board
423DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf m is the average arithmetic mean of the first
424DSEasyNumber Properties/Divisibility/MultIf n is a positive integer less than 200 and 14n 60 is an
425DSEasyArithmetic/Graphs and IllustrationsThe table above show the daily change in the price of a certain stock
426DSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA group of store managers must assemble 280 displays for an
427DSEasyStatistics and Sets Problems/ArithmThe temperatures in degrees celsius recorded at 6 in the morning in
428DSEasyGeometryIn the figure above what is the value of
429DSMediumArithmetic/Graphs and IllustrationsWhat is the sum of the integers in the table above
430DSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsIf m 0 and x is m percent of y then in terms of m y is
431DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe arithmetic mean of the list of numbers above is 4 if k
432DSHardProbabilityA certain junior class has 1 000 students and a certai
433DSMediumFractions/Ratios/Decimals/Min/Max POn the number line above the segment from 0 to 1 has been
434DSVery HardSequencesA certain musical scale has has 13 notes each having a different fr
435DSEasyAlgebraIf a 7 and b 7 what is the value of 2a 2b b
436DSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsEqual amount of water were poured into two empty jars o
437DSEasyPercents and Interest Problems/WordIf mel saved more than 10 by purchasing a sweater at a 15 p
438DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsWhich of the following cannot be the median of t
440DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsWhat is the 25th digit to the right of the decimal point in
441DSMediumGeometryWhich of the following lists the number of points at which

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Reading Comprehension

#IDDifficultyPrimary CategoryQuestion Text
1RCMediumLong Passage/ScienceCaffeine the stimulant in coffee has been called the most widely
2RCEasySocial Science/Long PassageArchaeology as a profession faces two major problems first it is th
3RCMediumSocial Science/Long PassageFederal efforts to aid minority businesses began in the 1960 s when
4RCEasyBusiness/Long PassageThe majority of successful senior managers do not closely
5RCMediumScience/Long PassageNearly a century ago biologists found that if they separated an inve
6RCEasyLong Passage/Social ScienceIn the two decades between 1910 and 1930 over ten percent to the bla
7RCMediumSocial Science/Long PassageIn 1896 a georgia couple suing for damages in the accidental death of
8RCMediumSocial Science/Long PassagePrior to 1975 union efforts to organize public sector
9RCEasyLong Passage/ScienceMilankovitch proposed in the early twentieth century that the ice ages
10RCEasyBusiness/Long PassageMany united states companies have unfortunately made the search fo
11RCEasyHumanities/Long PassageAt the end of the nineteenth century a rising interest in native amer
12RCEasyLong Passage/ScienceUnlike the oligosaccharins the ve well known plant hormones a
13RCEasyHumanities/Long PassageTwo recent publications offer different assessments of the career of t
14RCMediumScience/Long PassageA meteor stream is composed of dust particles that have been ejected
15RCEasyBusiness/Long PassageMost large corporations in the united states were once run by individ
16RCEasyBusiness/Short PassageTraditionally the first firm to commercialize a new technology has
17RCEasyScience/Short PassageAustralian researchers have discovered electroreceptors sensory organ
18RCEasyLong Passage/Social ScienceWhen a philip randolph assumed the leadership of the brotherhood of
19RCEasyBusiness/Short PassageSeeking a competitive advantage some professional service f
20RCHardShort Passage/ScienceAlthough genetic mutations in bacteria and viruses can lead to epidem
21RCEasySocial Science/Long PassageTwo modes of argumentation have been used on behalf of women s emanci
22RCMediumShort Passage/Social ScienceThe new school of political history that emerged in the 1960 s an
23RCEasyScience/Long PassageNew observations about the age of some globular clusters in
24RCEasySocial Science/Short PassageDuring the 1960 s and 1970 s the primary economic
25RCEasyBusiness/Short PassageIn an attempt to improve the overall performance of clerical worker
26RCEasyShort PassageSchools expect textbooks to be a valuable source of information for st
27RCMediumScience/Long PassageUntil recently scientists did not know of a close vertebrate analogue
28RCMediumSocial Science/Long PassageJoseph glatthaar s forged in battle is not the first excellent study
29RCMediumScience/Long PassageIt was once assumed that all living things could be divided into two
30RCEasyBusiness/Long PassageExcess inventory a massive problem for many businesses has several
31RCHardSocial ScienceHistorians of women s labor in the united states at first largely disr
32RCEasyScience/Long PassageAccording to a recent theory archean age gold quartz vein
33RCEasyLong Passage/BusinessWhile there is no blueprint for transforming a largely government con
34RCEasyScience/Short PassageCoral reefs are one of the most fragile biologically complex and
35RCMediumSocial ScienceTwo divergent definitions have dominated sociologists discussions of
36RCMediumShort Passage/BusinessThe fact that superior service can generate a competitive advantage f
37RCMediumScience/Short PassageGmatprep challengeq a recent study has provided clues to predator pre
38RCEasySocial Science/Short PassageDuring the nineteenth century occupational information about women th
39RCMediumLong Passage/BusinessThe modern multinational corporation is described as having
40RCMediumSocial Science/Long PassageIn an unfinished but highly suggestive series of essays the late sara
41RCEasyScience/Long PassageNeotropical coastal mangrove forests are usually zonal with certain
42RCHardBusiness/Long PassageModern manufacturers who need reliable sources of materials and
43RCEasyLong Passage/ScienceHomeostasis an animal s maintenance of certain interna
44RCMediumBusiness/Short PassageIn the seventeenth century florentine textile industry women were emp
45RCMediumReading Comprehension ResourcesMaps made by non native americans to depict native american land tenur
46RCMediumShort Passage/Social ScienceIt is now possible to hear a recording of caruso s singing that is far
47RCEasyBusiness/Long PassageThe function of capital markets is to facilitate an exchange of funds
48RCEasyScience/Short PassageThe montreal protocol on substances that deplete the ozone

Critical Reasoning

#IDDifficultyPrimary CategoryQuestion Text
1CREasyComplete the PassageIn a survey of job applicants two fifths admitted to being at least
2CREasyWeakenThe average life expectancy for the united states population as a whol
3CREasyStrengthenThe average life expectancy for the united states population as a whol
4CRMediumConclusionInsurance company x is considering issuing a new policy to cover servi
5CREasyWeakenA program instituted in a particular state allows parents to prepay
6CREasyEvaluate ArgumentCompany alpha buys free travel coupons from people who are a
7CREasyCause and Effect/WeakenThe ice on the front windshield of the car had formed when moisture
8CREasyAssumptionTo prevent some conflicts of interest congress could prohibit high l
9CREasyWeakenA conservation group in the united states is trying to change the lon
10CRMediumConclusion/Must be TrueMeteorite explosions in the earths atmosphere as large as the one tha
11CRHardInference/Must be TrueThe fewer restrictions there are on the advertising of legal services
12CRMediumWeakenThe fewer restrictions there are on the advertising of legal service
13CRMediumStrengthenDefense department analysts worry that the ability of the united stat
14CRHardWeakenOpponents of laws that require automobile drivers and passengers to w
15CREasyInferenceThe cost of producing radios in country q is 10 percent less than th
16CRHardResolve Paradox/Logical FlawDuring the second world war about 375 000 civilians died in the unite
17CREasyStrengthenToughened hiring standards have not been the primary cause of the pres
18CREasyWeakenA proposed ordinance requires the installation in new homes of sprinkl
19CREasyStrengthenEven though most universities retain the royalties from faculty membe
20CREasyInferenceIncreases in the level of high density lipoprotein hdl in the human
21CREasyAssumptionWhen limitations were in effect on nuclear arms testing people tended
22CREasyComplete the PassagePeople buy prestige when they buy a premium product they want to be
23CREasyStrengthenA cost effective solution to the problem of airport congestion is to
24CRMediumEvaluate ArgumentIf the statement in the passage concerning oil supply disruptions i
25CREasyConclusionIf there is an oil supply disruption resulting in higher international
26CREasyAdditional Evidence/Logical FlawThe average normal infant born in the united states weighs between tw
27CREasyWeakenRed blood cells in which the malarial fever parasite resides are elim
28CRMediumInferenceFact 1 television advertising is becoming less effective the propor
29CRMediumWeakenThe number of people diagnosed as having a certain intestinal disease
30CRVery HardWeakenThe price the government pays for standard weapons purchased from mil
31CRMediumWeaken/Logical Flaw/Additional EvidSome who favor putting governmental enterprises into private hands su
32CRMediumStrengthen/Additional EvidenceA recent spate of launching and operating mishaps with television sat
33CREasyInferenceRural households have more purchasing power than do urban or suburban
34CREasyInference/Must be TrueIn 1985 state border colleges in texas lost the enrollment of mor
35CREasyInference/StrengthenAffirmative action is good business so asserted the national associa
36CREasyAssumptionIf the airspace around centrally located airports were restricted to
37CREasyStrengthenIf the airspace around centrally located airports were restricted to
38CRHardComplete the PassageEstablished companies concentrate on defending what they already have
39CRMediumWeakenMost archaeologists have held that people first reached the america
40CREasyResolve ParadoxIn asia where palm trees are non native the trees flowers have tra
41CREasyWeakenSince the mayor s publicity campaign for greenville s bus service bega
42CREasyEvaluate ArgumentIn the aftermath of a worldwide stock market crash country t claim
43CRMediumWeakenWith emergence of biotechnology companies it was feared that they
44CRMediumLogical FlawSome people have questioned the judge s objectivity in cases of sex
45CRMediumResolve Paradox/ExceptThe tobacco industry is still profitable and projections are that i
46CREasyAdditional EvidenceKale has more nutritional value than spinach but since collard greens
47CREasyLogical FlawOn the basis of a decrease in the college age populatio
48CRMediumAssumptionA researcher discovered that people who have low levels
49CREasyResolve ParadoxA milepost on the towpath read 21 on the side facing the hiker a
50CREasyStrengthenAirline newly developed collision avoidance systems although not fu
51CREasyEvaluate ArgumentGuitar strings often go dead become less responsive and bright in
52CREasyWeakenMost consumers do not get much use out of the sports equipment they
53CREasyStrengthenTwo decades after the emerald river dam was built none of the eigh
54CREasySimilar ReasoningIt is true that it is against international law to sell plutonium t
55CREasyAssumptionIn recent years many cabinetmakers have been winning acclaim as artis
56CREasyEvaluate ArgumentAlthough custom prosthetic bone replacements produced through a new c
57CREasyResolve ParadoxExtinction is a process that can depend on a variety of ecologica
58CRMediumConclusionNeither a rising standard of living nor balanced trade by itself es
59CREasyLogical FlawCertain messenger molecules fight damage to the lungs from noxious air
60CRMediumStrengthenSince the routine use of antibiotics can give rise to resistant bacte
61CRHardWeakenThe recent decline in the value of the dollar was triggered by a pred
62CRHardComplete the PassageAt a recent conference on environmental threats to the north sea mos
63CRMediumAssumptionTraditionally decision making by managers that is reasoned step by s
64CRMediumWeakenThe imposition of quotas limiting imported steel will not help the bi
65CRHardMethod of ReasoningCorrectly measuring the productivity of service workers is complex co
66CREasyStrengthenMale bowerbirds construct elaborately decorated nests or bowers basi
67CRHardWeaken/ExceptA greater number of newspapers are sold in town s than in town t the
68CREasyWeakenA drug that is highly effective in treating many types of infection c
69CREasyInferenceHigh levels of fertilizer and pesticides needed when farmers try t
70CREasyWeakenShelby industries manufactures and sells the same gauges as jones indu
71CREasyResolve ParadoxSome communities in florida are populated almost exclusively by retire
72CREasyInferenceLarge national budget deficits do not cause large trade deficits i
73CREasyAssumptionFast cycle time is a strategy of designing a manufacturing organizat
74CREasyStrengthenMany breakfast cereals are fortified with vitamin supplements some of
75CREasyComplete the PassageThe more worried investors are about losing their money the more the
76CRMediumAssumptionA famous singer recently won a lawsuit against an advertising firm fo
77CRHardLogical Flaw/WeakenA certain mayor has proposed a fee of five dollars per day on privat
78CRHardWeakenA group of children of various ages was read stories in which peopl
79CRHardEvaluate ArgumentWhen hypnotized subjects are told that they are deaf
80CRMediumAssumptionThe program to control the entry of illegal drugs into the country wa
81CREasyWeakenThe program to control the entry of illegal drugs into the weaken
82CRMediumStrengthenExcavation of the ancient city of kourion on the island of cyprus rev
83CRVery HardWeakenSales of telephones have increased dramatically over the last year in
84CREasyCause and EffectMany institutions of higher education suffer declining enrollments dur
85CREasyEvaluate ArgumentHardin argued that grazing land held in common that is open to any
86CRVery HardResolve ParadoxHardin argued that grazing land held in common that is open to any
87CRHardStrengthenIn tests for pironoma a serious disease a false positive result indi
88CREasyComplete the PassageIn many corporations employees are being replaced by automated
89CREasyStrengthenIn many corporations employees are being replaced by automated equipm
90CREasyInferenceThe sustained massive use of pesticides in farming has two effects tha
91CREasyConclusionWhen a polygraph test is judged inconclusive there is no reflection o
92CREasyAssumptionAccording to the new office smoking regulations only employees who
93CREasyWeakenDental researchers recently discovered that tooth brushes can becom
94CREasyInferenceTo protect certain fledgling industries the government of country z
95CRMediumConclusionTo protect certain fledgling industries the government of country z
96CREasyWeakenThe difficulty with the proposed high speed train line is that a used
97CREasyEvaluate ArgumentLeaders of a miners union on strike against coalco are contemplatin
98CRMediumConclusionTransnational cooperation among corporations is experiencing a model
99CRHardInferenceTransnational cooperation among corporations is experiencing a modes
100CREasyMethod of ReasoningA compelling optical illusion called the illusion of velocity and siz
101CRHardCause and EffectBiological functions of many plants and animals vary in cycles that
102CRMediumWeakenAlthough migraine headaches are believed to be caused by food allergie
103CREasyAssumptionThe technological conservatism of bicycle manufacturers is a reflectio
104CRHardAssumptionSpending on research and development by united states businesses fo
105CRMediumWeakenTreatment for hypertension forestalls certain medical expenses by pre
106CRVery HardConclusionProperty taxes are typically set at a flat rate per 1 000 of official
107CRHardConclusionThe number of patents granted to inventors by the united states patent
108CREasyStrengthenWhen three everett owned lightning built airplanes crashes in the same
109CRMediumWeakenRecently a court ruled that current law allows companies to reject
110CREasyWeakenRobot satellites relay important communications and identify weathe
111CRMediumWeaken/ExceptAdvocates of a large scale space defense research project conclude th
112CREasyWeakenIn an attempt to promote the widespread use of paper rather than plast
113CRMediumWeakenSince the deregulation of airlines delays at the nation s increasing
114CREasyWeakenThe more frequently employees take time to exercise during w
115CRMediumConclusionMany people argue that tobacco advertising plays a crucial role in ca
116CRMediumConclusion/Must be TrueLaws requiring the use of headlights during daylight hours can preven
117CREasyInferenceA company s two division performed with remarkable consistency over t
118CRMediumResolve ParadoxAccording to a review of 61 studies of patients suffering from severe
119CRMediumWeakenAccording to the tristate transportation authority making certain imp
120CRMediumWeakenAccording to the tristate transportation authority making certain imp
121CRMediumStrengthenManufacturers sometimes discount the price of a product to retailer
122CRVery HardAssumption/StrengthenWhen people evade income taxes by not declaring taxable income a vic
123CRMediumMust be True/ConclusionAdvertisement today s customers expect high quality every advance i
124CREasyStrengthenThe local board of education found that because the current physics
125CREasyWeakenUnlike the wholesale price of raw wool the wholesale pric
126CREasyStrengthenMany companies now have employee assistance programs that
127CREasyResolve ParadoxSmall business groups are lobbying to defeat proposed federal legisla
128CREasyLogical FlawReviewer the book art s decline argues that european
129CRMediumThe pharmaceutical industry argues that because new drugs will not b
130CRMediumAssumptionBank depositors in the united states are all financiall
131CRMediumWeakenBank depositors in the united states are all financially protected
132CREasyStrengthenPassengers must exit airplanes swiftly after accidents since gases r
133CRMediumResolve ParadoxIn 1960 10 percent of every dollar paid in automobil
134CRMediumStrengthenCaterpillars of all species produce an identical hormone called juve
135CRMediumConclusionAlthough aspirin has been proven to eliminate moderate feve
136CRHardWeakenBecause postage rates are rising home decorator magazine plans to ma
137CRMediumWeakenA study of marital relationships in which one partner s sleeping and
138CRVery HardAssumption/Numbers & PercentRoland the alarming fact is that 90 percent of the people in this c
139CREasyConclusionRoland the alarming fact is that 90 percent of the people in this c
140CREasyStrengthenA report on acid rain concluded most forests in canada are not bein
141CREasyWeakenIn the past most airline companies minimized aircraft weigh
142CREasyConclusionA computer equipped with signature recognition software which restri
143CREasyWeakenDivision manager i want to replace the microton computers
144CREasyWeakenAn airplane engine manufacturer developed a new engine model with safe
145CRMediumConclusionBetween 1975 and 1985 nursing home occupancy rates averaged 87 perce
146CRMediumWeakenFirms adopting profit related pay prp contracts pay wages
147CREasyWeakenCrops can be traded on the futures market before they ar
148CREasyResolve ParadoxA discount retailer of basic household necessities employs thousand
149CRHardResolve ParadoxThe cotton farms of country q became so productive that the market co
150CRMediumInferenceUnited states hospitals have traditionally relied primarily on revenue
151CRMediumAssumptionGenerally scientists enter their field with the goal of doing importa
152CREasyWeakenMouth cancer is a danger for people who rarely brush their teeth i
153CRVery HardResolve ParadoxTechnological improvements and reduced equipment costs have made conv
154CREasyWeakenStart up companies financed by venture capitalist have a much lowe
155CRMediumAdditional EvidenceThe proportion of women among students enrolled in higher education pr
156CREasyStrengthenCompanies o and p each have the same number of employees who
157CREasyWeakenCompanies o and p each have the same number of employees who work th
158CREasyWeakenIn comparison to the standard typewriter keyboard the efco
159CREasyStrengthenHalf of the subjects in an experiment the experimental group consumed
160CREasyResolve ParadoxHalf of the subjects in an experiment the experimental group consumed
161CREasyResolve ParadoxAdult female rats who have never before encountered rat pup
162CREasyAssumptionThe interview is an essential part of a successful hiring program beca
163CREasyWeaken/Logical FlawAn overly centralized economy not the changes in the climate is res
164CREasyInferenceUseful protein drugs such as insulin must still be administered b
165CREasyStrengthenCountry y uses its scarce foreign exchange reserves to buy scrap iro
166CRMediumWeakenLast year the rate of in ation was 1 2 percent but for the current
167CREasyAssumptionBecause no employee wants to be associated with bad news in the eyes
168CRHardAssumption/WeakenIn the united states in 1986 the average rate of violent
169CRMediumMust be True/InferenceCorporate officers and directors commonly buy and sell for their own
170CRHardWeakenThe proposal to hire ten new police officers in middletow
171CRVery HardAssumptionA recent report determined that although only 3 percent of drivers on
172CRVery HardAdditional Evidence/Evaluate ArgumeThere is a great deal of geographical variation in the frequency of
173CRVery HardAssumption/Must be True/Numbers &amResearchers have found that when very overweight people who tend to
174CRMediumConclusionIn 1987 sinusitis was the most common chronic medical condition in th
175CRVery HardConclusion/Must be TrueParasitic wasps lay their eggs directly into the eggs of various host
176CREasyWeakenNorthern air has dozens of flights daily into and out of bellevill
177CRHardResolve ParadoxProducts sold under a brand name used to command premiu
178CREasyWeakenIn countries in which new life sustaining drugs cannot be patented s
179CREasyWeakenA museum has been offered an undocumented statue supposedl
180CREasyWeakenIn the arid land along the colorado river use of the river s water i
181CREasyLogical FlawConsumer health advocate your candy company adds caffeine
182CRMediumWeakenThe earliest mayan pottery found at colha in belize is abou
183CREasyWeakenEditorial regulations recently imposed by the government of risemia
184CRMediumStrengthenCodex berinensis a florentine copy of an ancient roman medical treat
185CRMediumStrengthenNear chicago a newly built hydroponic spinach factory
186CRMediumWeakenOffshore oil drilling operations entail an unavoidable ris
187CRMediumWeakenAutomobile dealers advertisement the highway traffic safety institu
188CREasyWeakenWhen demand for a factory s products is high more money is spent at
189CRHardStrengthenStudies have shown that elderly people who practice a religion are mu
190CREasyStrengthenManufacturers of mechanical pencils make most of the profi
191CREasyAdditional EvidenceTo evaluate a plan to save money on office spac
192CREasyWeakenMourdet winery danville winery s new wine was introduced t
193CREasyWeakenThe mayor plans to deactivate the city s fire alarm box
194CRMediumWeakenA major impediment to wide acceptance of electric vehicles even on the
195CRVery HardAssumptionA proposed change to federal income tax laws would eliminate deductio
196CRMediumWeakenAn unusually severe winter occurred in europe after the continent wa
197CRHardStrengthenTo persuade consumers to buy its personal computers for home use
198CRHardWeakenA factory was trying out a new process for producing one of its
199CREasyStrengthenVitacorp a manufacturer wishes to make its information booth at an
200CRHardMust be True/StrengthenOutsourcing is the practice of obtaining from an independent supplie
201CREasyWeakenState spokesperson many businesspeople who have not been to
202CRMediumAssumptionGortland has long been narrowly self sufficient in both grain and mea
203CREasyWeakenJournalist in physics journals the number of articles reporting the
204CREasyWeakenAn eyeglass manufacturer tried to boost sales for the summe
205CRVery HardBold Face CRConsumer advocate it is generally true at least in this state that

Sentence Correction

#IDDifficultyPrimary CategoryQuestion Text
1SCEasySubject Verb Agreement/GrammaticalThe wallerstein study indicates that even after a decade young men an
2SCEasyComparisons/IdiomsSince 1981 when the farm depression began the number of acres overs
3SCEasyParticiple Parallelism/InfinitiveSome bat caves like honeybee hives have residents that take on diff
4SCMediumPronouns/Parallel Structure/SubjectThe only way for growers to salvage frozen citrus is to process them
5SCMediumAdjectives and Adverbs/MeaningCarbon 14 dating reveals that the megalithic monuments in brittany are
6SCEasyGerund/Pronouns/DictionIn virtually all types of tissue in every animal species dioxin induce
7SCEasyIdiomsDr hakuta s research among hispanic children in the united states in
8SCHardSuch as/LikeLacking information about energy use people tend to overestimate the
9SCHardPronouns/Parallel StructureAstronomers at the palomar observatory have discovered a distant super
10SCMediumModifiers/Meaning/Parallel StructurHowever much united states voters may agree that there is waste in
11SCMediumModifiers/PronounsBased on accounts of various ancient writers scholars have painted a
12SCHardComparisons/Parallel StructureFormulas for cash flow and the ratio of debt to equity do not apply t
13SCMediumIdioms/Infinitive/Verb Tense/Form/RState officials report that soaring rates of liability insurance hav
14SCEasyIdioms/Subject Verb AgreementPaleontologists believe that fragments of a primate jawbone unearthe
15SCMediumIdiomsIn his research paper dr frosh medical director of the payne whitn
16SCEasyComparisons/Parallel StructureUnlike a typical automobile loan which requires a fifteen to twent
17SCEasyVerb Tense/FormNative american burial sites dating back 5 000 years indicate that th
18SCMediumSubject Verb AgreementEach of hemingway s wives hadley richardson pauline pfeiffer martha
19SCMediumComparisonsIn addition to having more protein than wheat does the protein in ric
20SCHardGrammatical Construction/IdiomsAn array of tax incentives has led to a boom in the construction of n
21SCVery HardStyle and Usage/Adjectives and AdveDefense attorneys have occasionally argued that their clients miscon
22SCMediumParallel StructureThe voluminous personal papers of thomas alva edison reveal that hi
23SCEasyIdioms/Verb Tense/FormA labor department study states that the numbers of women employed ou
24SCEasyUse of BeingThe first decision for most tenants living in a building undergoi
25SCEasyParallel StructureThe end of the eighteenth century saw the emergence of prize stoc
26SCEasyIdiomsOf all the possible disasters that threaten american agriculture the
27SCEasyModifiers/Subject Verb AgreementPublished in harlem the owner and editor of the messenger were tw
28SCEasySubject Verb Agreement/Parallel StrThe rise in the commerce department s index of leading economi
29SCMediumMeaning/ModifiersIn three centuries from 1050 to 1350 several million tons of stone wer
30SCHardDiction/IdiomsWhat was as remarkable as the development of the compact disc has bee
31SCMediumComparisons/DictionUnlike computer skills or other technical skills there is a disincli
32SCEasyMeaning/ModifiersSome buildings that were destroyed and heavily damaged in the earthqu
33SCEasyParallel StructureFrom the earliest days of the tribe kinship determined the way in wh
34SCHardSubject Verb Agreement/DictionA report by the american academy for the advancement of science has c
35SCMediumAbsolute Phrase/Use of BeingIn june of 1987 the bridge of trinquetaille vincent van gogh s vie
36SCEasyIdiomsBufo marinus toads fierce predators that will eat frogs lizards an
37SCEasyIf-Then/Adjectives and AdverbsWhile some academicians believe that business ethics should b
38SCHardMeaning/ModifiersScientists have observed large concentrations of heavy metal deposits
39SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionFor members of the seventeenth century ashanti nation in africa anim
40SCMediumIdioms/Use of BeingIn metalwork one advantage of adhesive bonding over spot welding is
41SCEasyGrammatical Construction/Meaning/PrUnder a provision of the constitution that was never applied congress
42SCEasyUse of Being/Parallel StructureThe current administration being worried over some foreign trad
43SCHardPronounsIn the minds of many people living in england before australia was au
44SCEasyComparisonsUsing a doppler ultrasound device fetal heartbeats can be detected b
45SCEasyModifiersDelighted by the reported earnings for the first quarter of the fisca
46SCEasyComparisonsA study commissioned by the department of agriculture showed that i
47SCEasyPunctuation/Grammatical ConstructioDisplays of the aurora borealis or northern lights can heat the at
48SCEasyIdiomsThe golden crab of the gulf of mexico has not been fished commerciall
49SCEasyModifiers/IdiomsThe cameras of the voyager ii spacecraft detected six small previousl
50SCMediumPunctuation/Meaning/Modifiers/PronoAs a baby emerges from the darkness of the womb with a rudimentary sen
51SCMediumComparisons/PronounsWhile jackie robinson was a brooklyn dodger his courage in the fac
52SCEasyIdioms/Grammatical Construction/SubThe rising of costs of data processing operations at many financial i
53SCMediumParallel Structure/Meaning/IdiomsThere is no consensus on what role if any is played by acid rain in
54SCMediumIdioms/Meaning/PronounsGalileo was convinced that natural phenomena as manifestations of th
55SCMediumParallel Structure/Infinitive/VerbA recent study has found that within the past few years many doctor
56SCMediumComparisonsArchitects and stonemasons huge palace and temple clusters were built
57SCVery HardVerb Tense/FormIn astronomy the term red shift denotes the extent to which ligh
58SCEasyIdiomsWilliam h johnson s artistic debt to scandinavia is evident in paint
59SCEasySubject Verb Agreement/Verb Tense/FIn 1978 only half the women granted child support by a court receive
60SCMediumComparisonsAccording to a recent poll owning and living in a freestanding house
61SCMediumSubject Verb AgreementThe gorton dodd bill requires that a bank disclose to their customer
62SCMediumMeaning/Parallel StructureGeologists believe that the warning signs for a major earthquake may
63SCEasyIdiomsHealth officials estimate that 35 million africans are in danger o
64SCMediumComparisonsUnlike a funded pension system in which contributions are invested t
65SCEasyIdioms/MeaningCritics of the trend toward privately operated prisons consider corre
66SCEasySubject Verb AgreementThe federal reserve board s reduction of interest rates on loans t
67SCMediumIdiomsCongress is debating a bill requiring certain employers provide worke
68SCEasyIdioms/ModifiersOften visible as smog ozone is formed in the atmosphere from hydrocar
69SCEasyStyle and Usage/Use of BeingAlthough she had signed a pledge of abstinence while being a
70SCEasyStyle and UsageA president entering the final two years of a second term is likely to
71SCEasyModifiersThe original building and loan associations were organized as limited
72SCMediumComparisonsThe number of undergraduate degrees in engineering awarded by college
73SCMediumParticiple Parallelism/PronounsThe british admiralty and the war office met in march 1892 to consider
74SCEasySuch as/LikeGrowing competitive pressures may be encouraging auditors to bend th
75SCEasyIf the proposed expenditures for gathering information abroad are red
76SCEasyIdioms/Use of BeingGall s hypothesis of there being different mental functions localized
77SCEasyVerb Tense/FormThough the term graphic design may suggest laying out corporat
78SCEasyGrammatical Construction/Parallel SThe root systems of most flowering perennials either become too crowd
79SCEasyParallel StructureGeorge sand aurore lucile dupin was one of the first
80SCMediumComparisons/Grammatical ConstructioSalt deposits and moisture threaten to destroy the mohenjo daro exca
81SCMediumClausesIn 1973 mortgage payments represented twenty one percent of an average
82SCEasyComparisons/Verb Tense/Form/ModifieIn contrast to large steel plants that take iron ore throug
83SCHardPronouns/Parallel StructureAny medical test will sometimes fail to detect a condition when it i
84SCMediumSubject Verb Agreement/Parallel StrOne legacy of madison avenue s recent campaign to appeal to people fi
85SCHardGrammatical Construction/Use of BeiOut of america s fascination with all things antique have grown
86SCVery HardStyle and UsageHaving the right hand and arm being crippled by a sniper s bullet dur
87SCEasyVerb Tense/Form/IdiomsBeyond the immediate cash flow crisis that the museum faces it
88SCMediumGrammatical Construction/Verb TenseThe emperor augustus it appears commissioned an idealized sculptur
89SCEasyIdioms/ComparisonsA recent national study of the public schools shows that there are n
90SCHardVerb Tense/Form/Pronouns/DictionSince 1986 when the department of labor began to allow investment offi
91SCEasyComparisonsLike many self taught artists perle hessing did not begin to pain
92SCMediumIdioms/Verb Tense/Form/ComparisonsNever before had taxpayers confronted so many changes at once as they
93SCMediumParallel Structure/Conjunctions/SubIt is well known in the supermarket industry that how items are place
94SCEasyIdioms/Participle ParallelismThe psychologist william james believed that facial expressions no
95SCEasyGrammatical Construction/Subject VeAlong with the drop in producer prices announced yesterday the stron
96SCEasyParallel Structure/InfinitiveThe national transportation safety board has recommended the use o
97SCEasyPronouns/Use of BeingIguanas have been an important food source in latin america sinc
98SCEasyAdjectives and Adverbs/Meaning/IdioThe financial crash of october 1987 demonstrated that the world
99SCEasyParallel StructureNew theories propose that catastrophic impacts of asteroids and comets
100SCMediumVerb Tense/FormWisconsin illinois florida and minnesota have begun to enforce
101SCMediumVerb Tense/FormEven though the direct costs of malpractice disputes amounts to a su
102SCEasyVerb Tense/Form/MeaningExcept for a concert performance that the composer himself staged i
103SCVery HardVerb Tense/FormStudents in the metropolitan school district lack math skills to suc
104SCMediumGrammatical Construction/Diction/CoThe diet of the ordinary greek in classical times was largely vegetar
105SCMediumIdiomsAn inventory equal to 90 days sales is as much as even the
106SCMediumParallel StructureThe decision by one of the nation s largest banks to admit to 3 bill
107SCHardMeaning/Modifiers/DictionDownzoning zoning that typically results in the reduction of housing
108SCHardVerb Tense/Form/Adjectives and AdveReporting that one of its many problems had been the recent extended
109SCVery HardSubjunctive/Which/ThatLegislation in the canadian province of ontario requires of both publ
110SCMediumConstruction/Diction/Idioms/Style aIt has been estimated that the annual cost to the united states o
111SCMediumIdiomsEgyptians are credited as having pioneered embalming methods as lon
112SCEasyParallel Structure/Grammatical ConsDomestic automobile manufacturers have invested millions of dollars i
113SCEasyVerb Tense/FormVisitors to the park have often looked up into the leaf
114SCVery HardGrammatical Construction/Verb TenseFrom the bark of the paper birch tree the menomini crafted a canoe abo
115SCEasyGrammatical Construction/IdiomsFrom the time of its defeat by the germans in 1940 until it
116SCMediumGrammatical Construction/IdiomsThose who come to church with a predisposition to religious belie
117SCMediumModifiersA firm that specializes in the analysis of handwriting claims from a
118SCEasyIdiomsThe question of whether to divest themselves of stock in companie
119SCMediumSubject Verb AgreementExecutives and federal officials say that the use of crack and cocain
120SCEasyComparisonsThe parthenon was a church from 1204 until 1456 when athen
121SCEasyGrammatical Construction/Verb TenseThe concept of the grand jury dates from the twelfth century when hen
122SCEasySubject Verb AgreementChinese the most ancient of living writing systems consists of ten
123SCEasyModifiersIn developing new facilities for the incineration of solid wastes w
124SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionDuring roosevelt s years in office black americans began voting for de
125SCEasyParallel StructureThe winds that howl across the great plains not only blow
126SCMediumDiction/Such as/LikeMore than 30 years ago dr barbara mcclintock the nobel prize winne
127SCEasyPronouns/meaningIn theory international civil servants at the unite
128SCVery HardSubject Verb Agreement/MeaningNew hardy varieties of rice show promise of producing high yields wit
129SCMediumModifiers/Verb Tense/FormIn an effort to reduce their inventories italian vintners have cu
130SCEasyIdiomsIn a 5 to 4 decision the supreme court ruled that two upstate new yo
131SCEasyIdiomsThe commerce department announced that the economy grew during th
132SCHardComparisons/Diction/MeaningAccording to a study by the carnegie foundation for the advancement of
133SCEasyParticiple Parallelism/ComparisonsIn holland a larger percentage of the gross national product is spen
134SCHardVerb Tense/FormCanadian scientists have calculated that one human being should be
135SCEasyParallel StructureIntar the oldest hispanic theater company in new york has moved awa
136SCEasyIdioms/Parallel StructureAlthough schistosomiasis is not often fatal it is so debilitating tha
137SCEasyComparisons/Parallel StructureIn 1982 the median income for married couple families with a wage ear
138SCEasyIdiomsSenator lasker has proposed legislation requiring that employer
139SCMediumConstructionThe extraordinary diary of william lyon mackenzie king prime minister
140SCHardModifiers/Pronouns/Subject Verb AgrDeclining values for farm equipment and land the collateral against
141SCMediumMeaning/ModifiersUnlike transplants between identical twins whose genetic endowment i
142SCMediumConstruction/SubjunctiveIn one of the most stunning reversals in the history of marketing the
143SCEasyIdioms/Parallel StructureRecently discovered fossil remains strongly suggest that the australi
144SCEasyModifiersEfforts to equalize the funds available to school districts a majo
145SCEasyIdioms/SubjunctiveMost state constitutions now mandate that the state budget be balanced
146SCMediumConstructionA patient accusing a doctor of malpractice will find it difficult t
147SCEasySuch as/LikeSamuel sewall viewed marriage as other seventeenth centur
148SCEasyIdioms/Parallel StructureUnder the safe drinking water act the environmental protection agenc
149SCMediumIdioms/Parallel Structure/ComparisoLast year land values in most parts of the pinelands rose almost s
150SCMediumIdiomsIn the mid 1960 s a newly installed radar warning system mistook th
151SCEasyIdiomsIf dr wade was right any apparent connection of the eating of highl
152SCEasyIdioms/Grammatical ConstructionWhen the technique known as gene splicing was invented i
153SCEasyClausesA recording system was so secretly installed and operated in the kenn
154SCMediumModifiers/Absolute PhraseIn 1791 robert carter iii one of the wealthiest plantation owners i
155SCMediumDictionFederal authorities involved in the investigation have found the loca
156SCVery HardParallel Structure/Meaning/ComparisDirt roads may evoke the bucolic simplicity of another century but fi
157SCEasyClausesA number of linguists contend that all of the thousands of language
158SCMediumModifiers/Grammatical ConstructionWith only 5 percent of the world s population united states citizen
159SCHardGrammatical Construction/Modifiers/While depressed property values can hurt some large investors the
160SCVery HardParallel StructureWhile some propose to combat widespread illegal copying of computer
161SCEasyIf-Then/SubjunctiveA wildlife expert predicts that the reintroduction of the caribou into
162SCEasyWhich/ThatConcerned at the increase in accident fatalities tennessee adopted
163SCVery HardModifiers/Parallel Structure/IdiomsFound throughout central and south america sloths hang from trees b
164SCEasyVerb Tense/Form/SubjunctiveThe commission proposed that funding for the park s development which
165SCHardModifiersAt shiprock new mexico a perennially powerful girls high school ba
166SCHardParallel Structure/IdiomsThe prime lending rate is a key rate in the economy not only are th
167SCVery HardComparisons/Parallel Structure/ModiNeanderthals had a vocal tract that resembled those of the apes and s
168SCEasyVerb Tense/Form/ComparisonsToday because of improvements in agricultural technology the sam
169SCEasyParallel StructureSeismologists studying the earthquake that struck northern californi
170SCEasyIf-ThenAlthough early soap operas were first aired on evening radio in th
171SCEasyIdiomsIn 1527 king henry viii sought to have his marriage to quee
172SCEasyPronouns/PunctuationThe energy source on voyager 2 is not a nuclear reactor in which atom
173SCMediumParallel StructureJoan of arc a young frenchwoman who claimed to be divinely inspired
174SCMediumGrammatical Construction/Modifiers/A letter by mark twain written in the same year as the adventures o
175SCMediumIdioms/Parallel StructureTwo new studies indicate that many people become obese more due to th
176SCHardSubject Verb Agreement/Adjectives aAs a result of the ground breaking work of barbara mcclintock man
177SCMediumIdioms/DictionSo poorly educated and trained are many young recruits to the unite
178SCMediumSubject Verb AgreementIn the last few years the number of convicted criminals give
179SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionDuring the early years of european settlement on a continent that wa
180SCMediumPronounsQuasars are so distant that their light has taken billions of years t
181SCHardIdioms/Diction/PronounsBecause of the enormous research and development expenditures require
182SCMediumIdioms/Comparisons/Pronouns/Use ofConsumers may not think of household cleaning products to be hazardou
183SCMediumPronounsArchaeologists in ireland believe that a recently discovered chalic
184SCEasySubject Verb Agreement/Verb Tense/FAs measured by the commerce department corporate profits peaked in t
185SCEasyParallel StructureThe recent surge in the number of airplane flights has clogged the na
186SCHardParallel StructureJudge bonham denied a motion to allow members of the jury to go home
187SCEasyIdiomsIn one of the bloodiest battles of the civil war fought at sharpsbur
188SCMediumModifiers/MeaningAs a result of medical advances many people that might at one time
189SCMediumGrammatical Construction/Parallel SProponents of artificial intelligence say they will be able to make c
190SCHardNounsManifestations of islamic political militancy in the first period o
191SCEasyParallel StructureLawmakers are examining measures that would require banks t
192SCEasySubject Verb AgreementCajuns speak a dialect brought to southern louisiana by th
193SCEasyStyle and Usage/Comparisons/MeaningUnlike the united states where farmers can usually depend on rain o
194SCEasyPronounsPresenters at the seminar one who is blind wil
195SCEasyIdiomsDr tonegawa won the nobel prize for discovering how the body ca
196SCEasyGrammatical Construction/Verb TenseIt is possible that native americans originally have migrated to th
197SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionIn the fall of 1985 only 10 percent of the women enterin
198SCHardVerb Tense/Form/Comparisons/PronounAlthough napoleon s army entered russia with far more supplies than
199SCVery HardParallel Structure/Comparisons/VerbBecause the earth s crust is more solid there and thus better able to
200SCMediumModifiers/Meaning/Construction/CompCertain pesticides can become ineffective if used repeatedly in the sa
201SCMediumAbsolute Phrase/Parallel StructureOne view of the economy contends that a large drop in oil prices shou
202SCEasyVerb Tense/FormAfter the civil war contemporaries of harriet tubmans maintained tha
203SCEasyIdiomsFrom 1982 to 1987 sales of new small boats increased between five and
204SCHardParallel Structure/Diction/Meaning/In recent years cattle breeders have increasingly used crossbreeding
205SCMediumModifiers/Parallel Structure/SubjecThe peaks of a mountain range acting like rocks in a streambed produ
206SCEasyComparisonsLike auden the language of james merrill is chatty arch
207SCEasyParallel StructureIn the textbook publishing business the second quarter is historicall
208SCVery HardModifiers/Absolute PhraseTeratomas are unusual forms of cancer because they are composed of ti
209SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionThe senate approved immigration legislation that would grant permanen
210SCHardParallel Structure/Verb Tense/FormScientists have recently discovered what could be the largest and ol
211SCEasyIf-ThenThe period when the great painted caves at lascaux and altamira wer
212SCEasyConjunctionsThe baldrick manufacturing company has for several years followed a
213SCEasySubject Verb Agreement/Parallel StrThe federalist papers a strong defense of the united states constitu
214SCEasyPronounsAlthough the term psychopath is popularly applied to an especially
215SCEasyVerb Tense/FormParliament did not accord full refugee benefits to twelve of the rece
216SCEasyParallel StructureMany policy experts say that shifting a portion of health benefit cos
217SCEasyIdiomsThe plot of the bostonians centers on the rivalry between olive chance
218SCEasyParallel Structure/SubjunctiveDespite protests from some waste disposal companies state healt
219SCEasyParallel StructureWhile larger banks can afford to maintain their own data processing op
220SCEasyPronounsFor almost a hundred years after having its beginning in 1788 englan
221SCEasyParallel StructureEating saltwater fish may significantly reduce the risk of heart atta
222SCMediumPronounsBy a vote of 9 to 0 the supreme court awarded the central intelligenc
223SCMediumSubject Verb Agreement/Such as/LikeAs business grows more complex students majoring in specialized area
224SCMediumComparisons/Grammatical ConstructioInuits of the bering sea were in isolation from contact with europeans
225SCVery HardGrammatical Construction/Style andMinnesota is the only one of the contiguous forty eight states that s
226SCHardIdiomsPablo picasso the late spanish painter credited african art wit
227SCEasyConstructionJudicial rules in many states require that the identities of all prose
228SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionQuasars at billions of light years from earth the most distant obser
229SCMediumModifiersThe colorization of black and white films by computers i
230SCMediumVerb Tense/Form/Style and Usage/UseIn reference to the current hostility toward smoking smokers frequen
231SCEasyPronounsMs chambers is among the forecasters who predict that th
232SCEasyParallel StructureUnlike auto insurance the frequency of claims
233SCHardParallel StructureRecently implemented shift work equations based on studies of the h
234SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionThe physical structure of the human eye enables it to sense light o
235SCMediumComparisons/Diction/Verb Tense/FormSpanning more than fifty years friedrich muller began his
236SCEasyDiction/Grammatical ConstructionThe coast guard is conducting tests to see whether pigeons can b
237SCEasyStyle and Usage/Verb Tense/Form/VerIt seems likely that a number of astronomical phenomena such as the
238SCEasySubject Verb AgreementAccording to a recent study by rutgers university the number of wome
239SCEasyIdioms/ComparisonsOrganized in 1966 by the fish and wildlife service the breeding bir
240SCEasyThat/WhichWhat brought the automobile company back from the verge o
241SCEasyIdiomsAs well as heat and light the sun is the source of a continuous stre
242SCMediumThat/WhichEven their most ardent champions concede that no less than a technica
243SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionSome scientists have been critical of the laboratory tests conducted
244SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionLike their male counterparts women scientists are above average i
245SCEasyPronouns/Grammatical Construction/CUnlike schoenberg s 12 tone system that dominated the music
246SCMediumVerb Tense/Form/Parallel Structure/Joachim raff and giacomo meyerbeer are examples of the kind of compos
247SCMediumThat/WhichEven their most ardent champions concede that no less than a technica
248SCEasyIdiomsBy offering lower prices and a menu of personal
249SCHardModifiers/Diction/Subject Verb AgreBluegrass musician bill monroe whose repertory views on musical col
250SCEasyPronouns/Meaning/Verb Tense/FormThe company announced that its profits declined much less in the seco
251SCVery HardComparisons/Diction/Subject Verb AgThe gyrfalcon an arctic bird of prey has survived a close brush with
252SCEasySubject Verba Agreement/Style and UThree out of every four automobile owners in the united states also o
253SCEasyModifiersAnalysts blamed may s sluggish retail sales on unexciting merchandis
254SCEasyParallel StructureBalding is much more common among white male
255SCMediumModifiers/PronounsThe bank holds 3 billion in loans that are seriously delinquent or i
256SCMediumMeaning/ModifiersThe nephew of pliny the elder wrote the only eyewitness account of th
257SCEasyStyle and UsageThe direction in which the earth and the other solid planets mercur
258SCMediumStyle and Usage/Verb Tense/FormThe british sociologist and activist barbara wootton once noted as a h
259SCEasyGerundFive fledgling sea eagles left their nests in western scotland this su
260SCEasyPronounsAccording to some economists the july decrease in unemployment so
261SCEasyModifiers/Punctuation/Use of BeingBeing a united states citizen since 1988 and born in calcutta in
262SCEasyModifiers/Style and UsageInitiated five centuries after europeans arrived in the new world o
263SCMediumGrammatical Construction/IdiomsIn a d 391 resulting from the destruction of the largest library of
264SCEasyParallel StructureScientists believe that unlike the males of most species of moth the
265SCEasyVerb Tense/Form/Subject Verb AgreemThomas eakins powerful style and his choices of subject the advance
266SCEasyComparisons/IdiomsIn a recent poll 86 percent of the public favored a clean air act a
267SCEasyComparisonsLike rousseau tolstoi rebelled against the unnatural complexity of
268SCEasyComparisonsRanked as one of the most important of europe s young playwright
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New post 29 Oct 2018, 21:15
Ohbebby wrote:
Thank you! Do you think such old questions would be still relevant?

There are very few of these in the OG2019 but about 100 of these have made it into the OG Verbal/Quant 2019.
Keep in mind that a meaningful number of OG 10 questions are in the GMAT prep, so you have a chance to ruin your score by working with these.

I would take Official questions based on the most recent to the oldest list. So start with OG2019 and go down to OG2016. It is very safe - you won't run into any GMAT Prep overlap. Once you step into the OG2015, you are starting to overlap.

These OG10 questions are much better than anything unofficial but you need to be careful when it comes to GMAT Prep overlap. Taking into consideration that many of them have been phased out from the OG2019, tells me that GMAC felt it needed to phase them out. As to why, I am still working on that part since I don't see anything wrong per se.
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GMAT Official Guide 10th Directory

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