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Help evaluate my profile for MSF program much appreciated!

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Joined: 10 Apr 2013
Posts: 18
Concentration: Accounting, Finance
GMAT 1: 770 Q49 V46
GPA: 3.51
Help evaluate my profile for MSF program much appreciated!  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Sep 2013, 14:21
Hi I've decided to attend a top MSF program next year in order to break into finance coming from non-target business school and accounting undergraduate degree. I made a list of program I'm considering at the moment. Any help would be appreciated!
1. Princeton MSF
3. LSE
4. Vanderbilt MSF
6. Claremont Mckenna
7. U of Rochester
8. Villanova

My profile:
GPA : 3.41 Philosophy minor GPA 4.0
GMAT : 770 49 quant 46 verbal 8 IR 5.5 AWA (Non-native speaker, but been in the U.S. for over 10 years)
WE: 1 year as a credit analyst and some internships at F500 insurance company during undergraduate
EC: Bunch of community services and memberships such as american cancer society, red cross, mensa, ASPCA, also about to pass CFA exam soon.

Would like any advice on which program I would be competitive for and if I want to work in the Northeastern region, pref NYC since I've been there forever.

Thanks ahead and sorry for bad grammar I'm on my phone :(.
Joined: 08 May 2017
Posts: 6
Re: Help evaluate my profile for MSF program much appreciated!  [#permalink]

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New post 24 Feb 2018, 04:05
Hi yall,

I have been admitted to Villanova MSF and Maryland Smith MSF, and would like to know what you guys feel is best. I am still waiting for UT Austin (did the interview) and USC.

Let me tell you a bit about me. I am a Spaniard who holds a Masters in Civil Engineering from a school in Madrid (Spain´s capital). Just to clarify, the fact that I hold a Masters is because in Spain either you hold a masters or you are nobody. It does not mean that I went to graduate school with the american perspective. I got to study abroad for one year in a top engineering school in the US. Then I worked for three years in Madrid at a consulting firm advising banks and headgefunds on financing infrastructure. I recently switched to a small headgefund that invest in energy/infra companies. I am half business developer half invesment analyst. My dream jobs would be to work at a top infrastructure headgefund (KKR, GIP, etc.) as investment analyst, M&A advisory related to energy & infra, structured debt or project finance department at IB (non bulge bracket). I believe an MSF will allow me reach those positions.

Now pros and cons:

1) Villanova:
- Pros:
* High reputation of the MSF program (east cost - NY and Philly-). It is one of the oldest MSF programs in the US, the program definetely has enough tradition and track record. Alumni are apparently really helpful with job search.
* It has different details that make the MSF at Villanova a top notch program. Finance Lab, real MUSD 1 fund for asset management classes, small cohort (30 students), high profile professors, strong campus recruiting, etc.
* Tuition is kUSD 42. With scholarships it would go below kUSD 40. Tuition is definetely in the low end of the range for MSF tutitions (Maryland is kUSD 65). This matters. However, the USD - EUR exchange rate now is weak, so so far I am going to study an MSF for a lower amount than I though at first.
* Placements in the east cost are solid. I found some controversy on the WSO forum about Villanova´s placements, but I believe that overall they are reasonably good (unless you pursue to work at bulge bracket IB)
* Internationals are only about 20-30% students. MSF programs are tipically full of asian students. This said, I am heading to the US to study an MSF with americans and some other internationals. If I wanted to study with a huge crowd of asians, I would go study an MSF somewhere in Asia.
* Philly seems to be a nice city to live in and also close to top finance cities (NY remarkably and DC, Philly itself). I currently live with my girlfriend (she is from the US) and we both (she is moving with me to the US) wanted a program located in the east cost, so Philly works out.

- Cons:
* Low reputation of Villanova BSchool. The MSF program is well-known in the US (east cost for sure) but Villanova BS has low reputation. I feel this is quite important if I do not find a job in the US and have to go back to Spain.
* The curriculum is fixed. It includes all main topics of finance but does not allow you to specialize (I would like to specialize in corporate finance).
* It starts in June. I switched jobs in January, so moving in late May is a pain in the ass for the company that hired me. Also some trouble for my mental stability. I prepared applications GMAT included in less than 3 months, switched jobs, now I am preparing CFA and I will be moving to the US; all in less than 8 months. Anyway, I do not see this as a huge con.

2) Maryland:

- Pros:
* High reputation of the Smith business school. Ok, it is not Harvard but Smith is a good business school.
* The curriculum allows yo to specialize in different areas (asset management, corporate finance, etc.)
* DC is cool city. Not too sure about how strong the city is in terms of financial firms. Need to do some research on this.
* Classes start in fall. This allow me to take some time to breath. As I said, I have been struggling with all things I dealt/am dealing with right now.

- Cons:
* Low reputation of the MSF program. Financial Times placed Maryland MSF #4 MSF program in the US. FT, this must be a joke.
* The program lacks those details that make it a top notch program.
* Tuition is quite high kUSD 65 compare to Nova.
* Do not know very much about placements. The program lacks a good placement report. This is extremely important.
* Internationals are about 70-80% students. Huge crowd of asian students.

So while writing this I noticed my preference for Villanova. Anyway, please share any advice, insight or thoughts about these programs. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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Re: Help evaluate my profile for MSF program much appreciated!   [#permalink] 24 Feb 2018, 04:05
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Help evaluate my profile for MSF program much appreciated!

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