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Is x < y ?

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Is x < y ?  [#permalink]

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New post Updated on: 31 Dec 2015, 05:21


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Is x < y ?

(1) a < x < b
(2) a < b<y

Originally posted by riteshpatnaik on 30 Dec 2015, 22:02.
Last edited by Bunuel on 31 Dec 2015, 05:21, edited 1 time in total.
Renamed the topic and edited the question.
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Re: Is x < y ?  [#permalink]

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New post 30 Dec 2015, 23:09
riteshpatnaik wrote:
Hi I just started out for GMAT. I need help. This will be a very basic question for all here I guess.
Please help with explanation.

Is x < y ?
(1) a < x < b
(2) a < b<y

Required: Is x < y ?
We need to find the relation between x and y

Statement 1: a < x < b
This tells us nothing about the relation between x and y

Statement 2: a < b < y
This again tells us nothing about the relation between x an y

Statement 1 and Statement 2 Combined:
a < x < b and a < b < y
On combining, we can write:
a < x < b< y
Hence we can say that x < y

Option C
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Re: Is x < y ?  [#permalink]

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New post 31 Dec 2015, 20:15
Forget conventional ways of solving math questions. In DS, Variable approach is the easiest and quickest way to find the answer without actually solving the problem. Remember equal number of variables and independent equations ensures a solution.

Is x < y ?

(1) a < x < b
(2) a < b<y
There are 2 variables (x and y) in the original condition. However, if we consider the condition 1) and the condition 2), there are 4 variables (x, y, a, and b). In order to match the number of variables and the number of equations, we need 4 equations. The condition 1) and 2) each has 1 equation, so there is high chance E is the answer.
Using both the condition 1) and 2), we get a<x<b<y. The answer is ‘yes’ and the correct answer is C.

For cases where we need 3 more equations, such as original conditions with “3 variables”, or “4 variables and 1 equation”, or “5 variables and 2 equations”, we have 1 equation each in both 1) and 2). Therefore, there is 80% chance that E is the answer (especially about 90% of 2 by 2 questions where there are more than 3 variables), while C has 15% chance. These two are the majority. In case of common mistake type 3,4, the answer may be from A, B or D but there is only 5% chance. Since E is most likely to be the answer using 1) and 2) separately according to DS definition (It saves us time). Obviously there may be cases where the answer is A, B, C or D.

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Re: Is x < y ?  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Jan 2016, 16:44
riteshpatnaik wrote:
Is x < y ?

(1) a < x < b
(2) a < b<y

see its very basic

we need to see if x<y

first statement specifies that x< b i.e. x has to be less than b
but since we don't know what y is => this statement is not sufficient.

second statement specifies that y>b i.e. y will always be greater than b.
but since there is no mention of x => this too is insufficient.

now looking at the combination of statement we can say that x<b and y>b
hence y>x
so the combination is sufficient.

=> Option C is correct
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Re: Is x < y ? &nbs [#permalink] 22 Jan 2016, 16:44
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Is x < y ?

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