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Jump from 540 to 600+ in less than five weeks - Legit Plan?

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Joined: 18 Oct 2018
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Jump from 540 to 600+ in less than five weeks - Legit Plan?  [#permalink]

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New post 31 Jan 2019, 18:08

My test takes place on March 05th. I study for 3 months now but question the effiency of my studies.

My study materials include most Manhattan Books, OG 2018 + Verbal/Quant and a Magoosh premium subscription.

However, I mostly had studied with Magoosh content and from January on also with more OG Material. At first, I had tried to stick to the 3-month plan by Magoosh but noticed that I had a hard time keeping up with doing 32 questions each day and carefully correct them. I became demotivated and sloppy in carefully reviewing each error I made, but kept doing questions and learning lessons almost every day.

My previous CAT's were quite disappointing but last week I did a CAT that gave me hope for 600+:

540 (Q36 V29, Manhattan Prep #2, Jan 24 2018)
490 (Q35 V23, GMAT Prep #1, Dec 22 2018)
460 (Q31 V24, Manhattan Prep #1, Dec 02 2018)
440 (Q24 V26, GMAT Prep #1, Nov 01 2018) No Prep

My last CAT was also the first CAT in which I truly identified some of my strengths, weaknesses and gaps in knowledge. Before, it was like there are no strengths to be found.

I feel confident doing algebra but I have some issues with artihmetic. In arithmetic, I am okay with most operations and concepts but I struggle with integer properties/divisibility. In geometry, I am okay with triangles, circles and coordinates but definitely need to solve more problems to become comfortable with them.
Recently, I've just started to fully grasp all word problem concepts. Before, I relied on logic, quant improvements and related video explantions. For the next weeks, I expect some improvements in that area.

In verbal I had not much practice before. For CR and RC, I relied on my daily readings of journal articles and I applied CR principles to my everyday life.
This month, I just started to study SC principles but already see some improvements.
With regard to my timing, I am okay finishing quant sections in a proper time but when it comes to verbal, I definitely have timing issues. In my practice exams I always needed to rush through the last 5-10 questions. I guess by practicing SC I can save some time. RC Questions are often correct, regardless of the dificulty but I am slow reading the according passages and I doubt that I will be much faster in the next weeks. It takes me 7-8 minutes to do three RC Questions. CR is mostly a matter of my Critical Reasoning I guess (?)

In the next weeks, I proceed as follows:

Every morning starts with reading two journal articles.
Every week's first day, I start with Magoosh Material, watching lessons I lack basics, doing 20 Quant there (PS+DS), reviewing them, and logging errors.
Any day after, I'll start the session by studying one Manhattan chapter I lack concepts (e.g. Number Properties), and afterwards only practicing with OG Material (e.g. 20 Quant or 20 SC+CR), reviewing them, and logging errors. Every second day, I'll study verbal material, especially SC.
Next Thursday, I summarize my learnings, take all questions I struggled with again, and analyze my performance.
On February 9th I will take another Manhattan CAT and refine my study focus.
On February 23th I will take my second GMAT Prep. If I don't break the 600 I will reschedule.

My goal is to study at the RSM this September. The application deadline is on May 15th but because of rollling admissions the application window can close earlier. I will also need to spend time for the TOEFL afterwards and I will do an internship on april.

I am deeply grateful for any help and advice to make the next weeks as efficient as possible. I am flexible and have no obligations on february.

Thank you!
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Re: Jump from 540 to 600+ in less than five weeks - Legit Plan?  [#permalink]

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New post 31 Jan 2019, 18:26
Hello yungdemon ..... welcome to the community.

My 2 cents :

Next 2 weeks concentrate on the official Qs for verbal..... Go through the explanations at the GMAT club forum..... basically have clear understanding about why 4 wrong choices are wrong and the right one is right. In my opinion..... even if a problem takes 30 mins ... its ok... than to solve 15 Qs in 30 mins with out understanding.

Now for Q...... please donot get me wrong... but the scores show concept gap.
I would definitely go through again ... GMAT Club math book.
And then practice at the links below :
DS: ... 28728.html
PS: ... 27957.html
(And only move to next level when achieving >80% accuracy in the lower level. i.e., 500 lvl(>80% accuracy )... then move to 600 level.... AND 600 lvl(>80% accuracy )... then move to 700 ... and finally try to reach at least 40-60% accuracy at 700 lvl.

Hope this helps!!

Please let me know if I am going in wrong direction.
Thanks in appreciation.

Joined: 18 Oct 2018
Posts: 2
Re: Jump from 540 to 600+ in less than five weeks - Legit Plan?  [#permalink]

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New post 01 Feb 2019, 01:43
Thank you for your advice!

You are right, I got some concept gaps and I guess I was overwhelmed by all the material and anxiety from the CATs and from not making quick improvements.

Perhaps I should have ensured first that all my basics are there or at least be more reflective about my errors...

However, I believe I can make it to Q40+ in 4 weeks.
In Verbal, I guess, lies my true strength but I lacked some good practice. My weak spots are more about concentration, vocabulary (Non-native), some grammar and methodical practice. If I can raise my verbal by a few points, I should be able to break 600.

Do you have an advice how to prioritze areas I should adress first?
I am a relatively slow learner (or maybe inefficient) and want to make sure that areas (including timing, initial stress etc.) that contribute to my overall score get higher weight during the next weeks.

Merci and all the best!

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Re: Jump from 540 to 600+ in less than five weeks - Legit Plan?  [#permalink]

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New post 03 Feb 2019, 09:30
Hi yungdemon,

I’m glad you reached out, and I’m happy to help. Honestly, it’s difficult to say whether your current prep materials/study plan will be enough for you to hit your 600+ score goal (especially in only 1 month). Thus, the best thing you can do is objectively evaluate your progress so that, in the event that you don’t seem to be making the improvements you need, you can adjust your study plan.

That being said, try not to fall into the trap of strengthening a set of skills that may be too narrow to get you to your score goal. Yes, I realize that you may have issues with properties of numbers and arithmetic, for example; however, given that you scored a Q36, it’s clear that still have numerous quant weaknesses, some of which are likely unknown. Yes, individually attacking quant and verbal topics can be an effective way to increase one's expected GMAT score. At the same time, be sure to cast a fairly wide verbal and quant net so that you develop sufficient skills in a sufficient number of areas to hit your score goal. In other words, ensure that you are following a structured study plan that allows you to individually attack each quant and verbal topic. By following such an approach, you can methodically improve your quant and verbal skills and thus improve your GMAT score.

Feel free to keep me updated and reach out with any further questions.

Good luck!

Scott Woodbury-Stewart
Founder and CEO

GMAT Quant Self-Study Course
500+ lessons 3000+ practice problems 800+ HD solutions

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Re: Jump from 540 to 600+ in less than five weeks - Legit Plan?   [#permalink] 03 Feb 2019, 09:30
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Jump from 540 to 600+ in less than five weeks - Legit Plan?

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