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Looking for feedback - Help appreciated

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Joined: 04 Sep 2018
Posts: 2
Location: Venezuela
GPA: 3.86
Looking for feedback - Help appreciated  [#permalink]

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New post 26 Mar 2019, 18:48
Hello all,

I would highly appreciate to get some advice on my MBA profile/application. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my post and help me.

My profile:

Venezuelan/Italian Male, 26 years old.


BSc, Mechanical Engineering (2011-2017)
---- Six years seem like a lot, so here is some background: I started my undergraduate degree in Venezuela but I had to flee the country after 2.5 years in college due to the still-ongoing unstable situation. I transferred and got my degree from a Big 10 School in the US.
----GPA 3.86/4.00, Magna Cum Laude. Top 8%.
--- I was a Teaching Assistant for an introductory engineering course for over a year.
--- of the Undergraduate Consulting Club, where I completed 3 pro-bono consulting projects (4 months each) for small to medium size-companies.
---Delegate in the Model UN Club, where I participated in national and international competitions, winning the 'Best Award' in a Harvard-sponsor Model in Belgium.

Work Experience:

I will have around 3 years of full-time experience by matriculation. I am aware this is in the lower end for top BS, so I wonder if the admissions committee would take previous internships and/or volunteering experiences into their consideration.

Technology Consultant (2017-Present) 
---- Primarily working as a Project Manager for multiple global IT projects such as cloud migrations and strategic procurement projects.
--- Promoted from Associate Consultant to Consultant after 18 months.
---Scrum Master and Green Belt certified. Looking to get my PMP certification before application deadline.

Startup Co-founder (10 months 2017-2018)
---Co-founded a startup. Formulated a business plan and led the strategic direction of the company. Assembled our website development team and provided ongoing managerial support while leading business development and sales.

Internship - Marketing and Communications in Transportation Industry (3 months 2016)
----Planned logistics and marketed a 2-day press event for the worldwide release of the new company’s core product, which has become its best-selling product in NA.
Internship - Product Management in Transportation Industry (3 months 2015)
----Prepared a worldwide market analysis and a competitors' analysis for a new possible product and assisted on the creation of the a global business plan to get into this market.
---Increased efficiency in processes like quoting new products and reporting financial information by 30%.
Internship - Project Coordinator in Construction Industry (6 months 2013)
---Worked in family business, where I managed budget, timelines and customer relations for small projects.

Volunteering Experience:

Board Member of a non-profit organization (Nov 2018 - Present) that focuses on Latino professionals and their professional development
Coordinator for a non-profit organization (July 2018 - Present) that mentors small businesses/startups to grow, with the goal of positively impacting local economy.
Soccer Coach (4 months 2017) for 8-9 year-old kids
Project Lead in a non-profit organization (6 months 2014) that helps underprivileged communities around the world to overcome infrastructure problems. My team and I planned the project in the US and implemented it in the Dominican Republic.
Math Professor (1 year 2012) for 7th graders in Caracas

Hobbies: Played soccer at a semi-professional level (Venezuelan under-20 regional tournament). Currently a CrossFit enthusiast.
Languages: English, Spanish and Italian.

My story with the GMAT has been challenging and somehow disappointing

1st attempt: 640 (Q45 V32 IR6) on Feb 4th, 2019 - Cancelled. 
2nd attempt: 640 (Q45 V32 IR6 - exact same result) on March 23rd, 2019 - Cancelled.

I felt frustrated that I did not improve. Those 5 weeks between my 1st and 2nd try, I focused on reviewing my notes and doing multiple practice problems.

I am planning to try a third attempt by early June, keeping my target of 700. This time I am giving myself more time, and I am planning to get into an online Verbal course while completing as many gmatclub quant tests as possible.

Aspirations and goals:

----My short-term goal is to work in a management consulting job. I feel very passionate about solving all types of problems. With an MBA, I could expand my managerial knowledge and focus on the business strategy and operational sides. This short-term goal will be accompanied by smaller goals such as making a positive impact and create meaningful relationships with the people around me (both professionally and personally) and create strategic partnerships with them. These are stepping blocks to achieve my long-term goal.

----My long-term goal is to create a subsidized mentorship program for underprivileged young adults in Venezuela, which I believe I could put my 2 cents and help it get back on track. With the experiences I get from a top BS, where I can get the best education, and the key partnerships I create during and after my MBA, I believe I will have the necessary tools to create a top-notch mentoring program for young adults that will focus on providing business acumen and etiquette, discussing life goals and lessons learn, and creating a growth and pay-it-forward mentality.

Target BS:
I would like to move to Europe to get more international and diverse experience, and focus on getting experiences in management consulting.

• Oxford


I am planning to apply in September (R1 - 2020 intake), so my question is: Are my target BS realistic to get an interview from with an overview of my profile above? My concerns are my GMAT score and short WE

Again, thank you for taking the time to read my post! Any advice that you could provide will definitely help me prepare my application.

mbaMission Admissions Consultant
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Joined: 19 Apr 2018
Posts: 93
Re: Looking for feedback - Help appreciated  [#permalink]

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New post 27 Mar 2019, 20:53
Hello and thanks for your post.
I enjoyed reading about your interesting background; thank you for the detail. It seems like you understand that the application process is truly holistic, and committees will look at your stats (GPA and GMAT), work experience, and extracurriculars.

Your GPA is strong, so that is a good start. And definitely don’t worry about the extra time it took to graduate, based on your situation. As for your GMAT, I suggest taking it up to 3-4 times, so you still have some chances left, and of course nothing to lose since schools will only look at your highest score. Hopefully you hit that 700 but if not, there are still ways to illustrate to the schools that you have the academic ability to succeed in the classroom – and your GPA is one of them. You could also showcase your quant ability in your resume, your recommenders could do the same in their recommendations, or you could even take a supplemental course such as stats or calculus.

It is hard to gauge your work experience without knowing more about your accomplishments and impact you have made there. It is nice to see you have already been promoted, and I think your startup experience is compelling. As you know, the average years of work experience is closer to 5, so if you choose to apply with fewer years, make sure you demonstrate why now is the time. And because of your lighter experience, it’s even more important to show you have made an impact and demonstrated leadership there. Ideally this will be supported by a strong recommendation letters as well. It will also be important to explain why you want your MBA, and to also illustrate the skills you already have which are transferable. Be sure your story makes sense, and is realistic and specific. For example, you need to be more specific than “a management consulting job”, though I’m guessing you have already thought about this more in depth.

Regarding extracurriculars, make sure to really emphasize your leadership roles you have taken on. It sounds like you have been a part of some impactful activities.

If you continue to strengthen your profile, you do have a chance at some of these schools, but they are extremely competitive, especially the UK ones, and each school simply does not have the room to admit all the world's qualified applicants. For that reason, I suggest apply to several schools, including reach, target and safety. Hopefully they will see that you have a compelling story and are someone who will add value to the classroom and community.

If you would like to discuss your story or anything else in greater detail, please sign up for a free consultation. It is never too early to get started.
Good luck!
Michael Guttman
Senior Consultant, mbaMission

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Looking for feedback - Help appreciated

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