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New and Excited!! Need major help..

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Joined: 01 Aug 2009
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Location: United States
New and Excited!! Need major help.. [#permalink]

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New post 02 Aug 2009, 16:30
So I discovered this forum a couple weeks ago and decided to join after reading everyone's inspiring stories and seeing all the help everyone has offered.
I took a GMAT prep class in March through PR and was planning on taking the test in June but then finals, projects, graduation was right around the corner... so till now I still haven't taken it, which I kind of regretted for a while but now I don't because if I had taken it then, I would have gotten a score I would be really disappointed with. Throughout the 2 month class I only had time to take 2 of the PR tests (it was the last quarter of my senior yr of college!!) and scored 560 the first time and then 3 weeks into the class took another one and got 580 :(. I started working about 2 weeks after graduation so I didn't really get a break after that and was not prepared enough take a test.

I was really inspired by some of the stories on here about over 100 points jump, which is what I am hoping to achieve. But I know that barely ever happens so I am really just trying to see everyone's opinion on how realistic it is for me to get a 680+.. 700 on the real GMAT. I am targetting early December to take the test so that gives me about 4 months. I am currently working at a bank around Silicon Valley (San Jose area) 40 hours a week and I may or may not continue that after September while I study.. thoughts? I really do want to take it in December because I am hoping to take the LSAT in June of next year so I want to start studying in January (because I know nothing about it as of now...) after the new year.

I am really interested in doing a JD/MBA program in the next couple of years (maybe start fall 2011) so I want to get the studying and testing done in case I have to retake the tests (hopefully not, fingers crossed!!)

I have read a lot of the study plans on here... and the most important thing I took from it was practice, practice, practice... from the OG where there are real GMAT questions. I will probably go through the PR manual I got from class, do OG practice problems and then take GMATprep and MGMAT tests to gauge where my weaknesses are and really target those areas. Iis this enough What else should I be doing?

So basically I jsut wanted to see if anyone had any advice, study plans or opinion to offer me and if my plans are realistic.

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Re: New and Excited!! Need major help.. [#permalink]

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New post 02 Aug 2009, 18:55
Hello and welcome, I've been here browsing through this forum for quite a while as well and have just started contributing in giving my thoughts. First off, I'd like to think that most ppl here are very honest and straight-forward, as they should be because it's only the best for the listener. From what you wrote, you've only graduated from college very very recently and I'm sure you've been on various MBA sites to see class profiles and etc. What I would recommend you to do right now is to find a professional full-time job and get some work experience. Seeing what score you want and seeing where you'd want to go (especially with JD/MBA), you're going to have a competitive score (needless to say, 650+) and at least 3+ years of full-time work experience. Rarely any school will accept a fresh out of college graduate unless he/she has some stellar record, GPA, or publishes. If you were to apply right now, you will know that you will be competing for that very one spot out of 400+ applicants who have less than 3 years work of experience. Basically, what I'm trying to explain is that you really shouldn't rush to take your GMAT anytime soon. You're going to need several years of work experience anyways. Make it worthwhile and study hard while you work. It's great that you're working at a bank and getting that experience, but business school really likes to see promotion in your ranks. If you're thinking about quitting your job for the purpose of studying, I wouldn't recommend it. Anyway, if you're aiming for 2011 matriculation, you should be considering how you can make an impact in your work place as that will only put you at a 2-year work experience mark.

In terms of studying for the GMAT, I recommend you download the free GMATPrep from to see where you're score is at. It's a good indicator of your score, though it does not show you the breakdown of your weak and strong points. Nonetheless, it's a good place to start. OG is a good, but I think most people would agree that just OG alone will not get your to 700+. You need to find out what your score is and focus on the weak points (for example, if SC is a weak point for you, consider getting MGMAT SC 4th ed, along with OG12, or MGMAT 3rd ed, along with OG11).

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Re: New and Excited!! Need major help.. [#permalink]

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New post 04 Aug 2009, 08:27
Welcome to GMAT Club sheLLove8.

Take a look at this post on how to start your study plan: gmat-study-plan-for-gmat-novices-start-your-gmat-journey-80727.html
If you are pursuing a JD/MBA my guess is that your verbal will be very good (due to LSAT's much harder logic and reading questions though it depends on your LSAT performance) and I would focus on the Math portion. Take a look at the Math GMAT Books.

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Re: New and Excited!! Need major help..   [#permalink] 04 Aug 2009, 08:27
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New and Excited!! Need major help..

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