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Oxford MFE Interview Process

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Joined: 02 Sep 2019
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Location: Canada
GRE 1: Q169 V160
GPA: 3.6
Oxford MFE Interview Process  [#permalink]

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New post 17 Dec 2019, 10:05
I just got accepted to the MFE Program at Oxford. I wanted to share my experience so that it may help others. I was in your shoes applying to the MFE program with very little information, so I hope this post helps you if you are applying.

As you may know, there are two rounds of shortlisting for the MFE Program - one based on a profile screen (call for interview); then a final decision (post interviews)... some individuals get in without interviews.

The stage to get to the interview is fairly straight forward (meet the minimum 3.5 cGPA cut-off - not sure if that a non-negotiable - sometimes the schools will make exceptions for otherwise excellent candidates - not sure if that is the case at Oxford). Also the website states meet an 85th percentile for Quant and 80th percentile Verbal and AWA of at least 5 - these are standard requirements - do not mess around get the check in the box and move on. The second thing they look at is work experience. This program is early career - so it does not require tons of internship exp. max a few months to a year at a notable institution. Ideally, you already have something lined up - does not need to be the most prestigious place but something respectable - think Big 4.

Once you have this and a strong GPA (say 3.5+) with some quant courses (think stats, economics (taught through calculus), and basic uni level business calc) - you should be set to apply. Meeting the above should give you a pretty good shot at an interview.

Once you are at an interview - your interview may be technical (very likely it will be technical) - this is a hard thing to advise on because I struggled to learn everything before the interview (I knew the content but it was not fresh in my head - think intermediate Micro, Marco, stats, prob, etc.). Your interview will likely depend on a mixture of two things - your academic background and your interviewer's background. Once you receive confirmation of your interview, start prepping by reviewing all of your undergrad econ - REMEMBER THIS IS AN ECONOMICS MASTERS more than FINANCE. KNOW YOUR ECONOMICS!!!! Then, once you know your interviewer start reviewing concepts relevant to their field as that is likely what you will be asked. You may get lucky an not get any technicals - but that is usually if you already have a math background or strong quant score, or some mix. I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU TO SCHEDULE AN IN PERSON INTERVIEW. It is a good way to visit the school and truly see if Oxford is the right place for you to study. Take a tour of the campus - live and breath the life of an Oxford student - even if you live far away take the time to visit. It will show you are serious about the program... and in-person interviews are usually better than skype.

During your interview - maintain your composure. Know exactly what you want to do - do not be wishy washy - show that you are clear in your goals - and understand precisely how Oxford can help you get there. In addition to which, please PREPARE GOOD QUESTIONS for the interviewer. I know it will be hard especially after a technical interview - but be a human and ask good questions to build a connection with your interviewer... and also to show you are thinking very deeply about your future at Oxford.

The last thing I wanted to cover was the kinds of questions I was asked and the resources I recommend to prep:
1) Case Study about Insurance in the Health Care Market - Game Theory oriented - testing Adverse Selection - the Market for Lemons (Car) and how that could lead to a market collapse
2) Resources I recommend to study from: i) Yale Online Course on Game Theory taught by Ben Polak; ii) Jacob Clifford Econ Videos (YouTube); iii) Andrei Galanchuk (all micro videos, statistics videos, applied mirco videos); iv) game theory logic riddles (see mscl. on You Tube - try the Ted-Ed Riddles).

The day before your interview take it easy.

Hope this helps!

Good luck.
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Oxford MFE Interview Process   [#permalink] 17 Dec 2019, 10:05

Oxford MFE Interview Process

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