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Profile Eval Request for candidate w some good, bad and ugly

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Joined: 13 Dec 2012
Posts: 11

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GMAT 1: 710 Q42 V44
GPA: 3.4
WE: Investment Banking (Investment Banking)
Profile Eval Request for candidate w some good, bad and ugly [#permalink]

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New post 26 Jul 2013, 07:40

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate my profile. Here are my details:

American, white male / 28 years old (just turned)

-Work experience:
2 years investment banking experience (1 year in Canada)
4 years equity research in industrials
All at a very large, leading bulge bracket banks (worked at two different banks)

I have also started/worked with three small businesses, two during a time in 2010 when I quit work to help w a family illness and one I started more recently:

in 2010
-Helped my family run, and then subsequently sell our business (running a medium sized manufactured home neighborhood)
-A brokerage business for classic cars (still running and growing, but have passed on business to family member)

-I have also recently started a very small spice import company

GMAT Total 710 - 92%
Q 44 - 63%
V 44 - 96%

I have taken 5 times and can't seem to get quant higher (I struggle w timing)

-Undergrad experience and other:
2 years at leading military academy (3.5 GPA - Ranked in top 15% of class)
Lots of technical/engineering coursework (Calc I/II, Physics I/II, mech. engineering, etc etc) all with solid A's

Transferred out to civilian college due to medical disqualification

2 years at large public university (3.2 GPA) major in finance (similar major GPA)

did not do as well here, tough adjustment / lack of direction after becoming medically disqualified and had to work A TON to support myself

CFA III candidate

I have very strong recs with current employer and current clients

-Essays, Leadership and Intangibles:
With the leadership experiences at my military school, starting two companies, working in investment banking at well regarded banks, and strong writing skills, I feel I can create very strong, well thought out and targeted essays (with a little help of course!).

-MBA goal:
I want to transition from my current advisory role (investment banking/research), to an operational and entrepreneurial based role, preferably in transportation/logistics. I want to do something that I feel matters, while still leveraging my prior experience such as emerging markets logistics / infrastructure venture capital. I want a blend of economic oppty / a job that will benefit society

-Targeted Schools:

U.S. – all of these schools have solid logistics programs (except UCLA, which I like more bc of its international reach)

IE – I have been accepted to this school already (rolling admissions, thought I would just get the app done and test the waters)

I feel a bit vindicated after gaining acceptance into IE (and am definitely considering attending), but I am wondering how I stack up to the other schools? Particularly MIT, which is my #1 school?

I believe I match well with MIT (technical school, solid logistics reputation), they seem like the best place to transition my career, however, I am fearful that my stats (710 GMAT, particularly my weak Quant score at 63%) may prevent me from consideration?

Will my good grades in engineering/math undergrad coursework and quantitative job offset a weaker GMAT quant score or is applying here a waste of time?

Am I targeting schools of the right caliber? Should I aim lower / higher?

I look forward to beginning a discussion with one of your reps and potentially working with you in the future


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mbaMission Admissions Consultant
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Joined: 25 Apr 2013
Posts: 2617

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Re: Profile Eval Request for candidate w some good, bad and ugly [#permalink]

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New post 31 Jul 2013, 08:42

Thanks for posting such a thorough analysis of your profile, background, and strengths and weaknesses... it is helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of what you'd be presenting in an application, and it also has demonstrated that you seem to have a good feel already for what the pros and cons of your profile are (which shows self-awareness and analysis, both important).

I agree with your assessment for the most part. For example, the strengths of your application are:

-solid quantity/quality of work experience with leading banks/institutions; also expected that you have a certain level of quantitative and analytical ability based on those experiences (note: yes can help with that lower quant percentile, to a certain degree, especially if school really likes the rest of your application)
-entrepreneurial experiences, demonstrating innovation and determination, plus great learning experiences to bring to a b-school classroom discussion
-some international experience
-solid overall GMAT
-strong potential recs, and as you describe, potentially strong essays (which is crucial because the essays are where you have that chance to 'tell your story' so to speak prior to an interview)
-the military schooling could be a small point of interest/differentiation, even if you had to transfer out
-you seem to have a good starting point for describing your post-MBA goals; just be sure to support your choices with clear rationales of your thought processes/interests etc

Potential weaknesses:
-the lower GPA and lower GMAT quant, but I do feel that many of your other experiences and skills and application factors will help to offset these

I do believe your school list is appropriate, and congrats on getting into IE by the way, excellent program with a growing global reputation! I do believe that you would have a shot at the schools on your list including MIT, with the right set of essays and convincing reasons for WHY MIT or xyz school (which you have an initial feel for already). You have probably seen this, but here are some top-ranked logistics b-schools as per US News: http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandr ... s-rankings.

Sounds like you'll want to continue to do some in-depth research about exactly what YOU want out of a school as well (considering geographic region, alumni networks, class size and profile, diversity, curriculum, hiring profiles, etc). And the 'where' you want to work is a big factor in the US vs international decision too (i.e. if you are interested in working in Spain or Europe, it would certainly be easier to job-hunt over there while studying there. But not required, if MIT is your top pick for sure). Here's a link to our free e-book on choosing schools: ... ram-E-Book.

Please let us know how we can be of further assistance in terms of next steps. If you are interested in working with an admissions consultant, it is definitely a good time to sign up and get started, to work towards those early deadlines. A consultant can help you throughout the process, including for example brainstorming about all of your past experiences to determine which to showcase in the application; decide what key traits/experiences you want to be 'known for' in the application (similar to your key marketing messages for yourself); provide feedback for each essay revision you do (including not just feedback on details and writing but on the big picture of what you are communicating about yourself in each essay and in the set of essays as a whole); f
eedback on your resume; interview prep, etc. If you are interested in starting the conversation with a free 30-minute consult, you can sign up for that at:

Let me know what other q's I can help with, and wishing you good luck on the process!

Jen Kedrowski

mbaMission Insiders Guides:
Free Consultation:


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Profile Eval Request for candidate w some good, bad and ugly

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