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Profile Evaluation - Guidance for International Applicant

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Joined: 16 Mar 2019
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Profile Evaluation - Guidance for International Applicant  [#permalink]

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New post 21 Mar 2019, 14:15
Hi there,

I would like to request please a profile evaluation. It would be very helpful if you can provide some guidance on chances and suggested universities within the top 10 US ranked group.

Program: MBA(FT) - Top 10 US business schools (for admission in 2020 R1/R2)
Area of interest in MBA: Management, Consulting, Marketing
GMAT: Due to take it very soon but for the moment assume range 710/730
GPA: 3.7 GPA at University College London (Law degree -top 5 Russell Group law school), 3.8 GPA at a professional university in London which provides a masters you need to complete to become a lawyer combined with an MSc in Law, Business and Management
Work experience(WE): 4 years in the legal industry in a top 50 London law firm and a top 5 firm, qualified corporate and commercial lawyer with experience in 4 other areas of law. Further shorter work experience with EY and other internships.
Nationality: Eastern European
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Extra-curricular/community: (1) Published author of an international book, (2) author of legal and commercial articles in legal journals, (3) 3 year volunteering experience with schools in underprivileged areas (one to one mentoring and running entire classes) and volunteering at a hospital, (4) leadership award from university, (5) knowledge of 6 languages.

Thank you in advance for your help.
mbaMission Admissions Consultant
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Re: Profile Evaluation - Guidance for International Applicant  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Mar 2019, 13:02
Hi RedB19!

Business schools look at candidates on a "holistic" basis, meaning that they are taking into consideration much more than grades and scores. That said, getting a real GMAT score is important for helping to hone your school list - a strong one won't get you in, but a low one can keep you out. Many of the Top 10 have very high GMATs - 730+. You'll want to look at schools' student profiles, and see where your score compares. Ideally, you'll be at or above their profile average score. Since you're coming from law, they'll wonder about your quant skills so they'll be paying close attention to the quant part of your score in addition to the overall number.

Professional experience is a big component of admissions - both what you've done and where you're going. From your post, it's hard to say what you'll be bringing to the table for management, consulting or marketing paths - and those are all pretty different. It's not impossible to switch to business from law, but you'll want to help them get comfortable with your chances for success in their programs. Since your fellow applicants will have around 5 years of work experience in business or more, you'll need to show how your experiences and skills will translate well to the post-MBA roles you are targeting. Perhaps you worked closely with a particular industry and can show expertise in that area? I strongly recommend you do some further digging into possible career paths and develop answers for why those make sense for you. Previous coursework, internships, volunteer work and extracurriculars can all be very helpful for building your case. Also, you might also get a leg up by taking some quantitative and business-related coursework *now* if you don't have it in the past- either online or in an extension program of a university near you. You'll want something graded, so you can demonstrate your success.

After getting a GMAT score and more clarity on your goals and how your skills map over, then you can begin to build a list of programs that make sense. The schools in the "top 10" are all very different, and a fit for one person might not be a fit for someone else. Because you're switching careers, you may decide you want a program with lots of flexibility to load up on electives your first year. Some schools, however, have a fixed core curriculum your first year with very little opportunity to build up early expertise in a subject area. If you are trying to switch to say, marketing, it could thus be hard for you to show your passion for it before summer internship recruiting since you might only have had a single marketing course when recruiting happens. On the other hand, if you want management consulting, a core curriculum survey-style program would be fine and maybe even desirable. It's really too hard to say just yet which programs might be best without knowing more about your plans.

I recommend that, as a starting point, you check out our website at and look at "Resources." We have career guides on many industries and insider's guides on many top US and European business schools. Once you have more clarity on your path and goals, feel free to call one of us for a consultation to dig into more specifics of your background. Best of luck!

Julie-Anne Heafey
Senior Consultant
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Profile Evaluation - Guidance for International Applicant

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