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Profile evaluation request

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Joined: 05 Feb 2013
Posts: 13
Profile evaluation request  [#permalink]

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New post 25 Apr 2015, 06:16
Hello Kathryn,

Please evaluate my profile


Dual citizenship - Israel/U.S

Gmat - 700 (46Q\40V)

Bachelor's in Accounting and Journalism from Hebrew University
GPA 3.48
made deans list for the year of 2011
Won a national Social Entrepreneurship competition and founded a non profit (sustainability) while in school
Passed all 5 CPA exams on first trial (some of the exams had lower than 20% success rate for first timers)

Work experience:

Served for 3 years in the army as a combat medic, was awarded an excellence award during that time.

Worked 2 years as a strategic consultant in a local but selective firm that specializes in public administration

currently working full time at Ernst and Young as a CPA
Part time business dev and marketing at family business (art)

extra curricular:
Volunteers at the local chapter of an international non profit as a Digital consultant,
Mentors a startup in a local accelerator
Runs Marathons

Haas, MIT Sloan, Yale SOM, Johnson

Reach-Stanford GSB

Thank you for your help!
Admission Consultant
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Joined: 05 Mar 2015
Posts: 353
Re: Profile evaluation request  [#permalink]

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New post 26 Apr 2015, 14:24
Hi, Thanks for asking for an assessment! Ok, let's just dive right in. Let's talk about your black and white metrics (GPA and GMAT score). They are strong. No red flags, though if you didn't have the strong career in a quant-focused area, the adcoms may have been a little concerned about your quant score. But again, you are fine. 700 is a good threshold score with all the schools you are interested in.

Let's now dig into the other half of your academic experience that adcoms care about - your sense of balance in college - what you did outside the classroom. I can't actually tell HOW involved you were, but can say that it is interesting that you won a social entrepreneurship competition and started a sustainability non-profi. I want to know more about both. When did you start the non-profit? What was it about more specifically? Is it still around today? How much time weekly did you put into that effort? What was your inspiration to do it? These are all important questions whose answers would help me better understand what drives you, and just how balanced you were while in college. So right now, I don't know if you have a strong overall academic profile because I simply don't have a strong sense of how you allocated your time outside the classroom.

Speaking of extracurriculars, let's talk about your involvements since college. The fact that you run marathons and meditate are great, but candidly speaking don't enhance your candidacy. Your volunteer work is more meaningful to the adcoms because tha is outward-looking, not inward or just about advancing yourself (though advancing yourself, again, is great). Here too, what's important is what you are doing, how often you are doing it, why you do it, and how what you do substantively contributes to the organizations. I don't have a sense for how you would reply to those details. I need to talk with you to give you a more customized assessment. But generally speaking, I can say that it is good that you have involvements, This is the most common area of weakness among applicants. It is also not a particularly heavily weighted metric (unless it is clear to the adcom that this area of your life is critical to you and who you are). Right now, at most, you look like you would be a-ok along this metric, but definitely not strong. That said, we always tell folks that if they must have a weakness in their app, this is the weakness to have because, as I just shared, adcoms simply don't weight it as heavily as they used to, generally. Let's talk about something you have given me a little more detail on, enabling me to offer some thoughts that are less general in nature (though still not as detailed as I'd like my comments to be!).

Your career to date, based on what is here on paper, looks good. I'm curious as to why you seemed to have a social focus in college but not one in your military experience (which I imagine was required of you if you are from Israel?). Schools will look favorably upon your time as a strategy consultant and CPA as long as your experiences in both positions were/are meaningful and show elements of teamwork, leadership, progress, communication skill, analytical thinking and action, versatility, acceleration relative to peers, and tactical insights. My next question is: what do you want to do You want to have goals that are at once ambitious and realistic. I can't assess you right now along this VERY important metric, because you haven't given me any information. Knowing that would also help me help you discern if the schools you have noted are the right/ideal schools for you.

Beyond all of what I have touched on above, I also want to know about your life experiences/maturity/color/dimension/comfort with being vulnerable ...the stuff that isn't evident through basic metrics. That's distinguishing content about an applicant that can begin to truly set you apart from your competition in your applications, or suggest you could have challenges when it comes to the essays (the most pivotal part of your written applications)---and your competition. I am typically able to assess that only on the phone by asking some pretty probing, bold questions.

I'm sorry so much of my assessment is general. The good news is that you don't have any red flags. Based on the info i have, you should be applying to top programs. What i don't know, based on the info you have provided, is whether you have the ingredients to get traction at the tip-top programs (Haas, Sloan, Stanford). I am happy to talk with you if you would like a more meaningful, customized assessment. Please let me know if that would be of interest to you. If we don't hear from you, good luck with your application effort!

Kathryn Lucas, Founder
Direct: +1.917.705.4460
Toll Free: +1.888.702.3542
Mobile: +1.917.841.6833
skype: k_luuuu
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Re: Profile evaluation request   [#permalink] 26 Apr 2015, 14:24

Profile evaluation request

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