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Profile review for R1 next year

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Joined: 19 Jan 2019
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Profile review for R1 next year  [#permalink]

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New post 19 Jan 2019, 19:51
I will be applying in round 1 next year so I am looking for anything I can do to improve my chances and figure out what schools I should begin to try and target.
• Work experience: 5 years at the time of matriculation with 2 promotions. First 2.5 were spent in a leadership development rotation program with a large insurance company, during those years I was promoted to supervisor and supervised in a couple of departments with success while still doing a lot of internal projects for my company and presenting my findings and solutions (essentially internal consulting). Last 2.5 years was spent managing roughly 100-150 people.
• Extra curriculars: The last few years I spend a couple of hours every weekend at a home for children who could not be with their families for several reasons but I like to mentor and do whatever I can to help around in my free time. Also do a lot of investments with personal savings and have had a lot of success and am involved with a couple of my works sports leagues if those are things schools could care abou?
• Undergrad school/major: Large Public SEC school (UGA, UF, TA&M) and majored in Information Systems (was in the business school if that matters at all)
• Other education/coursework: Just certifications at work nothing worth noting
• Race/nationality: White
• Sex: Male
• GMAT Score (include breakdown!): 750 (50Q 42V) should I take this again?
• Undergrad GPA: 3.8
MBA Info
• Goal of MBA: To transition into either consulting or IB I haven’t decided yet because both interest me but I know for applications I will pick one and go with it so I don’t appear indecisive
• Target schools: This is where I am not sure, I have above average scores and grades but I do not come from a consulting firm or investment bank so I am not sure how my work experience will be viewed by AdComs but I am hoping that my leadership experience will help me. How many safeties, targets and reaches is suggested? What schools are in my range from M7 to T10 to T15 that is what I am struggling with the most.
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Re: Profile review for R1 next year  [#permalink]

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New post 26 Jan 2019, 19:54
You've got a shot at top 10 schools & for sure, although it probably makes sense to apply top 15 just to round things out. Your GMAT looks great as does your GPA & work experience. If you think you can improve your GMAT score go for it, but a 750 is great as is.

Insurance is not all that common among b-school candidates, which is a good thing, and it sounds like you've had some meaningful leadership experience and accomplishments that you can speak to in your essays. You've also got solid extracurriculars and it sounds like you've shown consistency there. So lots of good news in terms of your candidacy.

So what are your challenges? It is a bit tough as a white male -- you've got to work harder to differentiate yourself and show how you'll uniquely contribute to the diversity of their class mix. In addition to that, both consulting & IB are fairly common goals. That's not to say you shouldn't pursue one of them, but it does mean there's even more need to make yourself stand out via other aspects of your application.

In terms of HOW to make yourself stand out, there's no formula per se (if there were it wouldn't be unique, right?) but there are all sorts of options. You can differentiate yourself via your work experience (leadership examples might be promising since you've had more leadership experience than the average candidate). Showing that you've had really significant impact at work also sets you up to show how you plan to have impact at b-school and beyond in your post-MBA goals. Speaking of which, the goals you choose & how you talk about them are critical since your whole argument for why you need the MBA hinges on those. You want to have a strong argument not only for what exactly you plan to accomplish in your goals (what types of problems do you want to help solve? What types of opportunities do you want to take advantage of?) but also WHY those are your goals. And then of course you want to be ready to articulate a strong argument for the specific skill gaps you need to fill in b-school to achieve those goals. It might be worth also considering insurance as a post-MBA goal. You've got the foundation in it & it's not a common goal. If you could outline a vision for how you'd plan to really impact the industry in a positive way that could be a differentiator. Like I said though, consulting or IB could work as well, but they are more common so you'll want to really be ready to make a strong argument for why these are your goals to help set you apart from the crowd.

The essays at top schools are also becoming increasingly personal and schools want to know not just what you've accomplished professionally but also who you are as a person. So there's room to differentiate yourself there as well.

Long story short, you've got a great foundation & your numbers look good as well. You just want to be sure to think about how to stand out from the crowd of equally qualified candidates.

Definitely reach out to us if you'd like to set up a free consultation with one of our MBA consultants. This is exactly the type of work we help our clients with and a consultant could go into more detail with you one on one. If that's of interest, reach out to Claudia at!
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Profile review for R1 next year

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