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Review about Jamboree

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Review about Jamboree  [#permalink]

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New post 11 Nov 2017, 22:43
Umm this is clearly a fake review.

chaitanyahani wrote:
Review about Jamboree Adyar center,Chennai.

Synopsis: best experience.

In detail:

Recently I have joined Jamboree institute for GMAT class(weekend batch). Jamboree provided 4 books each dedicated to specific section.
They helped me go from a 640 to a 770.
They provided me with tricks and methodology that help me get answers of toughest questions.

Edit: Moderator Note:

For real and verified GMAT Course reviews please visit here
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Re: Review about Jamboree  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Nov 2017, 04:43
I must add my own experience for benefit of all. I tried many prep courses as recommended by people on this website. Let me be honest, none of the instructor led courses offered by Indian coaching centres are worth it. I really found that Crack Verbal, E-GMAT and Math Revolution, upto mark. Rest were all bogus institutes including some very highly praised by people on this website.

Also, I found one interesting prep course by Ivy GMAT. It’s a highly criticised and controversial one as per reviews on this website but IMHO Sandeep Gupta does some justice to the course by coming out with some interesting concepts. But he won’t start with basics so best is to either use CV or EGMAT for a comprehensive coverage.

I mainly tried all online courses and no class room courses so can’t comment on the quality of classroom courses. Amongst all online courses my advice would be to stick to only reputed and rated ones and avoid lesser known ones as most of them are one man teams using pirated material and having no real quality.

P.S. : I not naming any prep course amongst the bad ones as I would be now adding reviews on their respective strings where their own staff sits and rated them as high. Same is with Quora, don’t rely on Quora as that is again all their staff who writes the reviews. GMAT Club and Beat The GMAT seem to rate unbiasedly in their own posts. Don’t rely on anyone’s review praising an unknown or lesser known prep course as most probably that’s a self promotion exercise by them.

Posted from my mobile device

Posted from my mobile device
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Affiliations: CrackVerbal
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Review about Jamboree  [#permalink]

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New post 27 Nov 2017, 20:42
Top Contributor
Just stumbled across this post and thought I'd take the opportunity to suggest CrackVerbal.

What sets us apart:

1. Faculty - all our faculty have actually taken the GMAT and speak from experience, not just theory. Most of them are alumni of various top B-schools and work elsewhere - they teach out of pure passion for mentoring MBA aspirants. So when you sit through their classes, you get to learn much more than the essentials of the GMAT. ... t-faculty/

2. Teaching pedagogy : Our classroom and online courses are designed to help non native speakers. We would never use 'too wordy' or 'awkward sounding as a mode of elimination but teach you to eliminate the wrong answer choices for the right reasons. Students looking at personalized attention can also opt for Personal tutoring sessions where you get a 99th percentile GMAT instructor to help you achieve your target GMAT score. It’s a great way to supplement your existing studies or make it your all-in way to prep for test day.

3. Support - our association with you does not end with your classes. We will continue to support you until you get your target score: through customized study plans, calls & emails, an exclusive student-only discussion forum on which every query of yours will be answered by us, periodic refresher sessions & advanced strategy classes and more. In one line, we are just a phone call away! :)

4. Student Success - We have so far helped 2000+ GMAT takers, many of whom have improved from sub-400 to ~700 and made it to their target B-schools. Some success stories and detailed student reviews here: ... -debriefs/

And some tips & strategies from successful students here: ... successes/

We have classroom sessions in Bangalore and Chennai, and live online courses for those in other cities. You can attend one of our classes to see how they can help you,
before signing up. :)

You can also go through some preview videos of our online course the links to which are provided in the signature below.

For more info on GMAT and MBA, follow us on @AskCrackVerbal

Register for the Free GMAT Video Training Course :

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Re: Review about Jamboree  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Jul 2018, 07:24
GMAT has been an interesting journey for me - it has tested me in ways I didn't anticipate. However, I did learn two things along the way - you need patience and a mentor to ace this test. I had the latter; the former eluded me often.

I started my GMAT prep by taking the Prep test 1 - bad idea! The poor performance on my introduction to GMAT was disheartening. I soon consulted with Jamboree (Chennai) and met an incredible tutor (Jaiganesh) to help me with Quant. I started slowly but performed steadily. I first learnt first principles - solved the easier problems and then moved onto the harder ones. I was doing well in verbal as well. I didn't see any hurdle until I gave my exam one sunny morning and got a ding score! :(

I covered my books and hid them in a closet. I'd hoped to forget that episode and move on. But my tutor wouldn't let me off so easily. Ever so often, I'd get a text from him asking me whether I was preparing for my next attempt. It took me a while, a really long while to get back to practising. This time, I had forgotten even the basic principles. I had to start afresh. I went back to Jai for really simple problems.

I spent hours hovering over the mistakes I had made - trust me, I'd made quite a few along my way! Jamboree's content helped me get a 360 degree view of the topics tested on GMAT. I supplemented this prep with Manhattan - I bought their 6 exam pack - one of the better decisions in my GMAT journey. The Manhattan tests are a real bully - they make you feel like you know nothing. But what they really do is build your stamina for the real run.

I consulted with my tutor every once in a while - I also had the opportunity to take support from Mr. Amit (Quant) and Mr.Tarun( Verbal) in Delhi, where I moved to for professional reasons. I used Jamboree's mixed bag - it helped me improve my thinking abilities - it made me aware of different applications to a simple formula or concept! By the end of my prep, I could approach any question with at least 2 ways. That's probably what GMAT is meant to teach you - how to tackle your problem in multiple ways. And so I did. GMAT day arrived. I attempted Quant first, followed by verbal. I was impatient through my AWA and IR sections (no wonder I score abysmally on those). I clicked submit and there it appeared, a pleasant 750. :)

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Re: Review about Jamboree &nbs [#permalink] 22 Jul 2018, 07:24

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Review about Jamboree

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