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Scored 570 (Q:42 V:26). Need serious advice.

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Joined: 16 Dec 2013
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Scored 570 (Q:42 V:26). Need serious advice. [#permalink]

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New post 16 Dec 2013, 10:46
Greetings everybody :)

This is the first time im posting on this forum so please be nice to me :)

Like everybody my aim was to get a 700+.

Unfortunately, I gave my GMAT today and scored just a 570. I always had a problem with verbal, but I expected to score at least 30. 26 was just a huge disappointment.
I studied for 2 months starting in October. Firstly I started with the Official Quant review, did all the questions and reviewed the wrong ones. Then Verbal review, did all the SC and CR questions and reviewed them (reviewed SC vaguely because I couldn't understand the grammatical terms used in the answers behind). I left out RC because I felt I was good at it. Then I started reading the MGMAT guides for number properties, world problems and geometry (because I felt these were my weak points). After I was done reading them, I did the PS and DS questions that were related to these topics (question numbers were provided behind the MGMAT guides) and then reviewed the ones i got wrong. After that I completed the CR questions in the Official Guide (accuracy of 71%). Then I read only half of the MGMAT SC guide as I was getting confused reading it. Then I solved all the SC questions of the official guide and had an accuracy 68.8% ( not great I know). And again I left out all the RC's of the official guide as the time remaining was short. After completing the SC questions from the official guide, I did all the remaining PS and DS questions and their error logs as well.

I took GMATPrep practice tests and the results were as following:

GMATPracticetest1 : 550 (Q:36 V:29) - After quant and verbal review
GMAT Practicetest2: 650 (Q:42 V:36) - after official guide
GMAT Practicetest1 : 530 (Q:45 V 21)- 1 week before GMAT exam

I was pretty confident in quant and I managed to score above 40 + everytime. But verbal was just ups and downs all the time.
Giving the GMATPrac test a week before my date demotivated me and made me realize my verbal was WEAK.
During the actual exam I was in such a panic mode during the verbal section that I did every question in a hurry and in the end had about 10 minutes remaining. Is it because I went too fast that ruined my verbal accuracy or is it because of lack of practice.

I am thinking now of giving myself a 2 weeks rest and starting over again, reading each and every book of CR and SC recommended in some of the posts. Also, I want to increase my QUANT score from early 40s to atleast 49, so that a score of 37+ in verbal would get my score up to 700+.
Can I get some help and suggestions from people who have gone through a similar situation and have overcome it ?

Your help will be much appreciated !!

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Magoosh GMAT Instructor
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Re: Scored 570 (Q:42 V:26). Need serious advice. [#permalink]

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New post 17 Dec 2013, 13:01
Dear vr92,
I'm sorry to hear about your struggles, and I am happy to help. :-)

I guess it's not clear to me when you want to take your GMAT again. If you can give yourself a few months to practice, I think that would be good.

Here's a free GMAT Idiom ebook:
Here's a 3-month study plan designed for people who struggle in verbal: ... l-focused/

I also have for you a magic one-word piece of advice that, if taken seriously, can vastly improve your GMAT Verbal. The one word is: READ . Read every day. Read at least an hour a day, over and above any GMAT preparations. Read hard challenging material in English. If you want to get an MBA anyway, you should be reading the Wall Street Journal every day and the Economist magazine every week simply to learn more about this world you will be entering. Here are some more recommendations about what to read:

That free blog has tons of advice that can help you. For example, here are a couple blogs: ... questions/

I think that Magoosh can help you quite a bit. Many non-native speakers have used our program with great success. Here's a free RC question:
Here's a free CR question:
Here's a free SC lesson:

Finally, it sounds as if you need help with cultivating exam mindset and stress-reduction. Here are a series of posts that treat these issues: ... y-breathe/ ... g-picture/ ... -the-gmat/

Even if you decide not to take advantage of Magoosh, I hope you get everything you can from all these free resources. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Mike :-)

Mike McGarry
Magoosh Test Prep



Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. — William Butler Yeats (1865 – 1939)

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Economist GMAT Tutor Representative
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Re: Scored 570 (Q:42 V:26). Need serious advice. [#permalink]

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New post 20 Dec 2013, 07:54
Hi there,

I see that you took several simulation tests, and one thing we've been discussing here is how to make the most of the sim tests. Sim tests not only give you a good idea of how you might score at that point in your studies, but also give you a great opportunity to learn from them and improve your score.

After you take a simulation test (sim test), don’t forget to debrief! You can improve your study strategy immensely by simply debriefing after each simulation test. Debriefing means taking the time to examine your score assessment and using the information to develop a strategic plan for improving your score.

You should conduct a debriefing soon after each test while the test questions are still fresh in your mind. A good debriefing can take almost as long as the test itself.

After you complete a sim test with Economist GMAT Tutor, visit your learning dashboard to receive a breakdown of your score and get a sense of your areas of strength and weakness.

Look at each question in your score assessment carefully, and determine why you answered it correctly or not. If you answered it incorrectly, what could you have done differently? It’s no use making sweeping statements like “I will pay more attention during studying.” It’s much more valuable to tell yourself tips like “I must remember to plug in negative and positive numbers in inequalities.”

Also, take a look at your time management strategy. Which types of questions took longer? On which questions did you spend too little time?

Another tip: look for recurring patterns within each test. Do your areas of weakness remain the same from test to test? If so, you may not be reviewing these topics properly. This may be a sign that you should schedule a one-to-one tutor session about this subject.

Don’t forget to document your debriefing sessions so you can read your notes before your next simulation test. Good luck!


For free GMAT practice questions, follow us @econgmat_qs
Economist GMAT Tutor
(866) 292-0660

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Joined: 12 Jan 2013
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GMAT ToolKit User
Re: Scored 570 (Q:42 V:26). Need serious advice. [#permalink]

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New post 21 Dec 2013, 06:10
Alright vr92, as opposed to the above two posters I will not direct you to some site or some app, I will just put it bluntly to you:

Your practice strategy sucks.

Why do you think that you should completely omit practice on RC when you have a sub 30 verbal score? You really have to read in the type of english that the GMAT tests, so do not simply ignore RC.

Also, you do a lot of tests and seem to re-do the same GMATPrep test, but to what purpose? That's not how you fix your flaws, you do that by identifying what you're weak in and by working really hard on not doing the same mistakes.

For instance, Im taking my test in about 3 weeks and I have done exactly one prep test. That was before I started studying. From there, I identified my flaws (which is PS), did about 100 PS official questions to find out what specifically I suck at (certain algebra and arithmetic at large, good in geometry and statistics though), and now Im carefully going through the relevant MGMAT guides - rates/percent, word problems, number properties and algebra. Im not going to do any prep test or any more OG questions until Ive thoroughly covered and internalized the essence of these guides.

After that, Ill move on to the rest of OG13 quant questions.. When Im done, Im tackeling verbal which is my strong side.

My point is, you need to have a very structured study plan. It wont work otherwise. You can't just read the guides or do the OG questions just so you can say you did it.. You need to learn.

My tips: Identify specifically what your main weaknesses in verbal are. If it's verbal in general, I recommend Thursdays With Ron (google it), I also recommend Powerscore CR and Powerscore LSAT books for CR, and the Economist/scientific papers (although the latter might be more tedious and superflous. They are however a good way to learn tough english).

When you've tackled your weaknesses, asses your progress not by doing prep tests but by using an error log and doing official questions/gmatclub question bank questions. That way you see where you've improved and what you still suck at - take it from there.

Then, get at your strong point which is quant. Identify what in quant you suck most at (Im good at RC, somewhat ok at CR but suck at SC, so Im going to read the LSAT/powerscore GMAT books for CR and thurdays with ron for SC), and make sure you internalize the most important rules/ideas for each area.

THEN, when you're done with that, do one or two GMAT Prep CAT's just so you can get used to the environment and also get some sort of measure of how you'll actually score on T-day.

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Joined: 07 Feb 2012
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GMAT Date: 04-19-2012
Re: Scored 570 (Q:42 V:26). Need serious advice. [#permalink]

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New post 31 Dec 2013, 20:20
I started at a 570 and after 4 tries got a 710. Do not give up- you'll get there.

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Re: Scored 570 (Q:42 V:26). Need serious advice.   [#permalink] 31 Dec 2013, 20:20
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Scored 570 (Q:42 V:26). Need serious advice.

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