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Scored a low 430 on real GMAT

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Joined: 23 Mar 2017
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Scored a low 430 on real GMAT  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Jul 2018, 04:27
Hi Guys,

First of all just want to thanks this amazing website which has helped many like me to at least kick start their MBA prep.

Today I took my GMAT after almost 3-4 months of preparation.
Although there were on and off breaks during my whole study time as am a working professional and my job at times drain all the brain and time needed. Still, when I took few mocks in the last days I was at least scoring 550+.
Though the score I got on mocks was low what I aimed for (680+), however, I was hopeful that at least I will get a 550+ on the D-Day.
I gave several mocks like GMAT Prep scoring 530, 560, 570 etc.
I also gave free tests by Veritas and Kaplan and scored 580 and 610 respectively.
In the last week I gave Kaplan free mock twice and got 610 and 600 both the times - Q47 V 25-28.
I was hopeful that I will score at least 550+.
But today something devastating happened. I am not sure what went wrong.
May be I took a real competition exam after 5-6 years in my life and anxiety took over me.
Or, may be I finished both verbal and quants almost 3-4 minutes early meaning I did not pay adequate time to question stems and screwed myself up.

I am targeting colleges that usually need 650+ scores and the score I cam up with today left me astonished.
Any guidance will be really helpful for me to get to my desired score.

Thank you in anticipation.
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Re: Scored a low 430 on real GMAT  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Jul 2018, 13:38
Hi Taresh,

I'm sorry to hear that Test Day didn't go as well as hoped. Is this the first time you've taken the GMAT? I ask because in some prior posts you had planned to take the GMAT late last year, but it's not clear if you ever did. If you have other Official Scores besides this recent Score, then they might help to define patterns in your performances (and studies) that we would want to analyze.

When these types of score drops occur, the two likely "causes" involve either something that was unrealistic during practice or something that was surprising (or not accounted for) on Test Day. If you can answer a few questions, then we should be able to figure this out:

When you took your CATs:
1) Did you take the ENTIRE CAT each time (including the Essay and IR sections)?
2) Did you take them at home?
3) Did you take them at the same time of day as when you took your Official GMAT?
4) Did you ever do ANYTHING during your CATs that you couldn't do on Test Day (pause the CAT, skip sections, take longer breaks, etc.)?
5) Did you ever take a CAT more than once? Had you seen any of the questions BEFORE (re: on a prior CAT, in an online forum or in a practice set)?

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Re: Scored a low 430 on real GMAT  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Jul 2018, 23:09
Hi Taresh,

I am sorry to hear that your test result was not what you had expected. To understand your level of preparation and the reason for the low score, I would like to understand the following from you:
    1. How do you approach questions? Do you have a well-defined process, or you randomly decide the approach on seeing the question?

What do the low scores indicate?

Apart from test-time anxiety, your scores indicate a lack of conceptual clarity and absence of a well-defined process to approach the questions. As you mentioned that you rushed through both the sections, it could have caused a drop in score. One of the reasons which enable students to rush through the test is that they do not follow the process diligently. If you do so, you will spend adequate time in solving questions. The process that you must follow should be reliable and repeatable on the test day. You must not rely only on tips and tricks as they may fail you on a test day if the questions are tweaked a little.
Here are stories of students who were in your shoes and improved to their target score by focusing on a structured approach:

    • Richa followed a methodical approach and improved from 470 to 720 (V16 to V39). Click here to learn how she achieved this feat.
    • Askul improved from 520 (Q44 V17) to 710 (Q48 V40). Click here to read his inspiring GMAT journey.
    • Bruno improved from a 540 to 730 in 1 month. See how he focused on "logical approach" and building "core skills." Click here to watch his amazing video de

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Re: Scored a low 430 on real GMAT   [#permalink] 16 Jul 2018, 23:09
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Scored a low 430 on real GMAT

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