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Re: Software solutions to overseas clients [#permalink]
I was stuck between B and D. I didn't find any specific reason to eliminate one from another. I do get why D is correct one , but I am not convinced as how B is wrong, as it also kind of weakens the argument
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Re: Software solutions to overseas clients [#permalink]
Expert Reply
This is clearly not an official question. B is ambiguous at best. Do we need these logistics to be provided three times instead of one now? Is that going to reduce productivity? You could say the same for A. Is interfering with circadian rhythms bad?

Honestly, D is not much better. Would productivity drop if the teams were switched? We have to assume too much on all of these. If we want to make D a viable answer, it has to directly tell us that breaking up these teams could be bad for productivity.

Also, watch out for the following language/formatting issues here:
*The use of "their" without an antecedent in A.
*The use of "thrice" in B. No one born after 1900 uses that word for anything other than poetic effect or rhyme.
*The use of conditionals ("if") to start each answer choice.
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Re: Software solutions to overseas clients [#permalink]
Bad question.

My advice would be to skip this one.
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Re: Software solutions to overseas clients [#permalink]
Why is option choice C not correct ?
(C) If there are limited slots that go with popular shifts.
Since, If there are limited slots than employees may not get shifts according to their choice , and this will affect productivity of employees
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Re: Software solutions to overseas clients [#permalink]
I found this in the forum quiz? Is this an ambiguous question and not worth practising ?
Then it should be archived.

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Re: Software solutions to overseas clients [#permalink]
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