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struggling with post-mba goals essay

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Joined: 09 Oct 2009
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Schools: Ross(IN–full$)
WE 1: Investment Bank
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struggling with post-mba goals essay  [#permalink]

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New post 28 Jul 2010, 19:08
In the long term, I am interested in working for a large company, like a honeywell or a GE, in their corporate strategy/M&A (diff companies might call this dept diff things). I would like to be finding new technology start-ups and new small companies or even just engineers who have developed amazing new technology and inventions particularly in the Security and Public Safety Technology fields. (I currently work for a security firm doing business development)

I want to be able to throw the resources of a large firm behind these "little guys" and help bring their amazing innovations to market. Getting their ideas out there in the market is more important to me than whether they develop into their own company, or their technology gets enveloped into the product line of the larger firm.

I could also see how, after developing some expertise in this area, that this would be valuable to VC firms in this sector.

In the short term, in order to accomplish this, I think the best thing for me to do would be some type of tech strategy consulting. I know diff consulting firms have different areas of expertise, but that's all I can really think of that would lead me to my long term goal.
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Re: struggling with post-mba goals essay  [#permalink]

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New post 02 Aug 2010, 10:18
Sounds like you are headed down the right path. Consulting seems the way to go. Your logic seems sound, you just need to be more specific as to where you've been and where you are and bridge the gap to how an MBA can take you where you want to be.

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Joined: 27 May 2010
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Re: struggling with post-mba goals essay  [#permalink]

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New post 03 Aug 2010, 03:34
I don't know how schools weight an applicant's short term goals, but you're heading in the right direction.
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Joined: 26 Jun 2016
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Re: struggling with post-mba goals essay  [#permalink]

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New post 27 Jul 2016, 14:18

While framing a response to the goals question, please use the below mentioned framework as reference :

X+Y=Z ; X is what you have currently (work experience, skill sets, knowledge base, connections), Z is your goals/professional aspirations and Y is the bridge
Y needs to be a combination of multiple factors – education qualification/pedigree (knowledge about marketing/finance etc.) + personal attributes ( team building, time management) + interaction with people from diverse background (alumni base/network). All of this can be gained from a professional MBA.
Z should further be divided into SHORT term and LONG team. Logical progression is Who you are today + MBA = Short term Goal ; Achieving short term goal will lead you to LONG term goal. Ex. I want to become a Management consultant in the next 3-5 years working on multiple clients across multiple domains and multiple stages
Leveraging the exposure to multiple sectors will help me identify suitable opportunities where I can fill the gap with my potential venture , which will be my LONG TERM goal

Once you figure the X,Z and Ys – next step is to decide what is the best place to get the Y from – This is when you answer the WHY "Specific School" angle of the essay . In order to demonstrate that you can talk about specific courses, clubs, alumni, professors, career support, values/principles, competitions, geographic location etc. of the school. Ex. If you want to be a hedge fund manager, NYU Stern is the best place because its courses and study module is tailor made for Finance, its located in NY (hub of commerce) and its alumni is present across all financial companies

Please use the above formula to place your thoughts and I am sure you will find the right direction.

Hope this helps

Please reach out to me at +91-9701215544 in case of any further questions.

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Re: struggling with post-mba goals essay  [#permalink]

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New post 07 Aug 2016, 07:10
Hi there,
In general, a strong career plan is one that brings the candidate to a very successful future, and one that is very likely to happen. In general, the more specific and personal the essay is, the better. The key to the Career Essay is to connect most sentences with the future goals and the industry name.
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Joined: 22 Dec 2018
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Re: struggling with post-mba goals essay  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Jan 2019, 14:36
Be realistic about your goals and define them clearly. Don’t just say you want to work in investment banking or become a management consultant. State the functions and areas that interest you most, and what aspects of a particular role or job appeal to you. Note: avoid using buzzwords and industry jargon to make your essay sound impressive. Make simple yet assertive statements that suggest your intentions and passion clearly.

One golden rule that I tell all candidates. Do a litmus test for each line in your essay. If it can be copy pasted by another candidate, then it lacks originality and is too generic. Write something that no-one can copy in their essay and speaks uniquely about you!

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Re: struggling with post-mba goals essay   [#permalink] 14 Jan 2019, 14:36
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struggling with post-mba goals essay

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