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TOEFL Debrief- 116 out of 120

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TOEFL Debrief- 116 out of 120  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Oct 2015, 04:59
Hey Everyone,

I just got my TOEFL score (10 days after doing the exam) and thought of sharing my experience as it might be helpful for you (especially that this forum helped me a lot).

I scored 116 - Reading 28, Listening 30, Speaking 29, Writing 29.

Reading Section:
First advice don't be the first to enter the exam since you'll have to listen to all other test takers doing the microphone check and that is disturbing. So, try and stay till the end to sit for the test. Second, in the reading section don't read the entire passage and then answer the questions. What I did is simply read the first sentence of each paragraph (in about a minute) and then moved to the questions, and when i got to each question I searched for it (especially that they specify the paragraph, they are asking about). This will help as you save up on time. Using this strategy, I finished this section having about 1 to 2 minutes on the clock to revise. It will be very difficult to finish on time if you read the entire paragraphs first.

Listening Section:
This section is all about taking notes and focusing. It is important to note that others will start their speaking section while you are listening and this is kind of distracting, but you need to stay focused on your exam. I had the volume set at high, so I can listen clearly and avoid the distractions. This section is all about taking notes.

Speaking Section:
I was worried about this section, especially that I hesitate when am nervous. So, practice is key here. I practiced with Barron's TOEFL IBT: the book comes with a CD-ROM that includes 8 pretests (Be careful when buying the book to get the one with the CD-ROM and not the ones with only mp3 CDs, the interactive CD is all I used since it is similar to taking the actual exam). I did all the speaking sections of the CD more than once to get it right. Also, I downloaded an App on my iphone that allows me to practice Q1 and Q2 of the speaking section and practiced with it daily.
I used Notefull's strategy for the speaking section (VERY HELPFUL) (Q3 till Q6) and for the first 2 questions I was spontaneous with my answer, no specific strategy, just follow notefull's advice on Who, When and Where (include examples and specifics).
The link for Notefull's video's is:


Also, when speaking if you make a mistake, say I actually mean that or correct yourself.

Writing Section:
For the first question, the score is linked to your taking notes ability of the listening part. Take good notes and integrate it well with the passage and in an organized manner.

I used the template on the below link: ... templates/
I modified a bit in it, just follow the same concept and it will be great. (I wrote about 450 words)

For the second question, I got distracted a bit and wrote more than required (about 670 words), yet what is important is to have 4 paragraphs and in the body paragraphs include supportive examples. Make sure your paragraphs are organized perfectly with transition words.

Anyways, hope that was helpful.

Now, I should start preparing for the GMAT, I ll be taking it in about 5 weeks. Wish me luck :-D
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TOEFL Debrief- 116 out of 120   [#permalink] 16 Oct 2015, 04:59
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TOEFL Debrief- 116 out of 120

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