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Top 5 Tips to be mindful in GMAT preparation

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Top 5 Tips to be mindful in GMAT preparation  [#permalink]

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New post 06 Apr 2019, 00:59
Greetings Sweet people of GC from a not-so-sweet me,

As I Promised, I'm back with a new post after overwhelming response of my previous post on "Procrastination vs Focus " .

I would suggest you to go through the below link , if you haven't read it yet. ... l#p2250558

So, here are few tips that I have picked up over months by attending few talks, going through couple of books etc.,
I'm sure you have heard some of them but read again and try to implement in your life this time. Trust me execution is the key not planning/knowing stuff.
Oops , I gave away Tip No.3 :shh:

Anywhoo, let's see the tips :

Tip 1 : The purpose :

let me guess, You have seen your friends do their MBA, or you wanna just take a break for a while as you're bored, or you just want a fancy little qualification .
Mind you, these are NOT the reasons why one should do an MBA. I mean , just try to introspect, find that purpose as to why you gotta need an MBA. Why is it important to you. Then my dear friends, you will read with an intent and it will be part of your lifestyle and you will not see studying as some tedious task to be done everyday.
Once you have that purpose, You will love the exam.

Tip 2 : Don't Rush :

Don't let the advertisements/posts fool you, where you see people claim they score upwards of 700 in just a month and try to include their study plan.
Trust me , more often than not it doesn't work. I mean , if you are focused and dedicate more hours of practice it would be possible. But most people are on their regular Jobs and would need minimum of 3-4 months to finish the preparation. So take your time, understand what topics are being tested and how. Practice a lot rather than taking too many mocks.

Tip 3 : Execution >>>Plan :

As I mentioned earlier, Many many many aspirants spend so much time on procuring the materials and watching webinars etc., Few(including me ) go overboard and start researching on bschools/programs/Admission patterns and spend their mental energy over there. While it's good to have an idea about these, it will hurt your prep, if you spend too much time on the details while you are miles away from your target score. So finish collecting the material , make up your mind which course you wanna take in few days and start the prep right away. Any course can help you if you stop Planning and start practicing.

Tip 4 : The Routine

In today's world. The first thing people do when they are awake and the last thing before they sleep is ....(drum-roll) check their phones.
Stop doing that. Seriously stop it if you don't wanna mess your brain. Yes you heard it, I said it. Before sleeping , if you check your phone or browse, the blue light
from the device -vely affects your brain . If you open social media when you just wake up from bed , it will hurt even more. This is the reason most people are lazy entire day and feel asleep while studying. Try not to touch your phone at least 45 min before you sleep and at least 1 hr after waking up. It works like magic.

Tip 5 : The power of Meditation with visualization :

Saved the best for the last. It's sad that most people think meditation is some boo-hockey. Being an over-thinker myself, I am so glad that I've found meditation as a remedy to my headaches/stress/distraction etc., There are many ways of doing meditation. Some lasts for hours, while some do equally good things with mere 5-10 mins dedication. I normally do it everyday for 10-15 mins by following the steps explained by Mr. Dandapani. You can checkout his talks and lessons on youtube for more details. If 10-15 mins is still long, you can do it for 5 mins as well. You needn't follow what I just mentioned. Just try to look up different meditation techniques and try to include which ever one is more suitable for you. I'd recommend do to this in the morning once you finish the shower and have energy.

Before sleep, try to visualize and write 3 things that you wanna accomplish the next day, say, you wanna finish the Probability chapter. Write it down . Then sleep, next day , you will have a purpose outlined for you and will have a productive day.

That's all folks. Your kudos are means of encouragement and help me write more such posts. Thank you!
All the best and have fun preparing for the exam.

If you think, I made some impact, give kudos!! it helps me

Best Regards
Murthy K
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Top 5 Tips to be mindful in GMAT preparation   [#permalink] 06 Apr 2019, 00:59
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Top 5 Tips to be mindful in GMAT preparation

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