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Through the Mock Interview Service, the Client and consultant prepare for the Client’s mock interview by analyzing the admissions interview questions and then articulating effective answers based on the Client’s background and essays.  This is achieved by taking the message delivered on paper, through the application essays, and placing them into a conversational context; thus honing a specific and concise in-person message for the impending interview.
Helpful beyond anything
December 28 | 2015
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This review is for: Amerasia Mock Interview
Consultant: Paul Lanzilotti

I spoke first to Paul when I was dinged from CBS. I had seen Amerasia's blog so sent them my application asking if they had any thoughts on what went wrong (I already had another company helping). Within the hour I had my application returned with hundreds of pointers and he wrote with some of the most supportive comments I had seen throughout the process. Did I mention that this was all for free?!

Paul looked through each of my applications and was so helpful - offering hints, offering to go through word-by-word, offering interesting facts that were so incredibly helpful.

When it came time for interview, I was very demanding and tried to book Paul as much as possible. He not only found time, but always went over time. On every single session. What I liked most was our discussion around the interview talking points - discussions that actually came up in my interview. After the interview, Paul continued to check up on how I was doing and send me any relevant information on my intended career area. I was admitted to HBS and I don't think I could have done it without Paul.

Did I enjoy the process? - Yes! Amerasia made it seem like a way of exploring new areas I hadn't thought of beforehand?

Were Amerasia/Paul helpful? Beyond anything. Paul went out his way to help, responding to every email, question, call, however stupid the question. I always felt reassured and, for the interview, I felt totally prepared.

Would I recommend them? 100%

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