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December 13 | 2016
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Columbia Business School has a great MBA program if you want to either (i) leverage your career in finance, especially portfolio management; or (ii) want to land a job in NYC, in several industries, ranging from consulting to investment banking to start-ups.
It may seem a little bit cliche, but the school does a tremendous job to create a network of professionals in NYC. Also, being in NYC makes it super easy for speakers to go to class. And since most of the professors are not just academic professors but also practitioners, the content of classes are very up to date of what is in the marketplace.
On the negative side, I can mention the lack of classes in other areas other than finance, especially leadership. In later years the dean is increasing the focus on this particular area, but my feeling is that it is behind other schools such as HBS, Wharton, etc.
The facilities (Uris Hall, the MCA building) are kind of old but, hopefully, by 2018 the new campus would be ready and we will see major improvements on that front.

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