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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I originally scored a 610 (Q47 V27) on my GMAT around September of 2015. When I decided to give the GMAT another go, I knew that SC was going to be the biggest obstacle I would have to climb. With the great reviews posted on GMATClub, I decided to give e-gmat a shot. I originally signed up for the e-gmat verbal prep, but eventually downgraded to the e-gmat verbal online. The customer service was great outside of the weird agreement they made me sign to get $100 back from downgrading.

As for the course itself, I probably spent a little over 100 hours going through the course. I did my very best to make sure I was learning everything I was going through and not just going through it. I found this course a great start for learning the fundamentals of grammar and is good for both low level and higher level verbal scorers. I did not however find their practice examples useful as they were always tailored toward the lessons I had just learned and once it came down to actually spotting the problems on real OG problems, it was hard to execute since it was tailored to be easier to spot in the lesson. Overall, the course was a good start to my Verbal battle and I believe it was worth going through. I recommend this class for the population they market towards, the non-natives and people who are poor with grammar like myself.

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