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I decided to go with empower because of its affordable price, the score booster method which allows you to skip most quant fundamentals, and the various advice and strategies used to work around certain questions and save precious time for the questions that do matter.

For the Quant part, I feel that EmpowerGMAT will definitely be more helpful for people that already have a good grasp of the fundamentals but do want that extra boost by adding efficient strategies to their arsenal, such as the art of triaging and test it methods that must become like reflexes. While those strategies may feel at first counter-intuitive, I do feel that they are much more effective than focusing solely on extremely hard quant questions such as the ones you can find on GMATClub.

The Verbal part is extremely useful; I would probably recommend EmpowerGMAT just for their advice on RC which will help you achieve easily 100% accuracy on any level questions. The CR methods are broken down to very simple concepts that are easy to apply and clearly show you which topics are worth more of your time. The SC part focuses less on remembering many complex grammatical rules, and is more oriented towards simple things to look out for, as well as clearing out obvious mistakes in wrong answer choices.

Unfortunately, I failed the official exam a couple of days after finishing the course. I scored a 640 while I was aiming for a 690, which I consistently got on CAT’s at home. I was extremely stressed, especially on the quant part and to my surprise the verbal was a complete disaster.

I rescheduled an exam for the next month, and sent an email to EmpowerGMAT in order to explain what happened.

I got in touch with Brian, who was extremely helpful in identifying the factors that led to the scores I kept getting, and just as I suspected myself, I was not correctly applying the strategies given by EmpowerGMAT. Furthermore, my knowledge of the material was not really an issue, and thus more practice questions were not going to help me much.

Brian also wrote me a detailed email that outlined exactly what strategies I absolutely had to implement on the test day. I felt that this email as probably the most helpful advice EmpowerGMAT gave me.

I only had enough time to test them on one GMATprep CAT before the real exam. I got a 710, breaking through the 700 barrier for the first time.

The next morning, I focused as much as possible on implementing the tactics that had worked the day before. I couldn’t believe the score that showed up: 740, ranking in the 97th percentile.

Those tactics helped me achieve a score that many, including myself, have only dreamed about.

I would highly recommend EmpowerGMAT, especially to the people that feel like they are beginning to stall and don’t gain any more points by doing additional practice questions. I would also encourage people to contact them directly and tell them about your particular issues or situation, the EmpowerGMAT team is extremely kind, helpful, and comprehensive.

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