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One of the best decisions to work with MER


One major aspect of anyone's application is the essay, I was looking at what options are there to help to project myself in the best possible way.
I wanted to do the first draft even before working with any consultant, and during this time ended up landing on a page with sample essays to help me understand how to approach the application.
Was impressed reading different essay and ended up looking up who has created this must-have document and found that it was created by Poonam mam of MER ( myEssayReview).

Did a quick cross lookup and found she is one of the top-rated consultants in GMAT Club. Also, the value/cost was nicely poised to convince me to work with Poonam may for my INSEAD application.

She was generous to spend 45+ min just for a free consultation to understand my profile, my application needs and share in detail how the overall process would work for. Also, I was rushing to apply very close to the round 2 end date and still wanted to apply in round 2. With just 12 days in hand and a mountant of work to be addressed ( 5 essays + Resume + 2 LOR).
Mam was generous enough to accommodate and went out of her way to revert to me almost 24 hr every single time.
But my suggestion would be don't rush, give yourself time to pace this better.

Post initial draft for each of the essays, we have 1 hr counseling session on zoom to go over the essay and understand what all changes are needed and what the story which we should be able to focus on more.
This session helped to make the second draft much closer to what I would have wanted the ad com to know about myself.

She empowered me to let my thoughts flow and share the stories for the essay and used her magic to meet the word limit. She would not alter the story but would ensure these are crip and clear.
The resume review helped me to convert my multi-page resume into too clean and much suited for EMBA admission. She spends 3 rounds of edits which helped to refine the content

A very similar exercise for LOR helped with a high-level blueprint to share with my recommenders. She ensured the stories and viewpoint of recommenders are not altered at any cause and just focused on structuring / Grammar.

My application was accepted and got an interview call, really glad I worked with her for my application and the value addition it did in my whole process something I would be thankful for forever.

I would highly recommend MER, and very confident your experience would be very similar or much better than what I am personally experienced

Thank you Poonam mam for all your time and feedback at each round of iteration it helped to get the best out of me.

Ramesh Botta

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