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Best Quant Tests to date !


I have been studying GMAT materials for a year. I took the first three actual GMAT exams on Aug 2017, Dec 2017, and Mar 2018, respectively. I had taken my fourth GMAT on Aug 2018 - the actual score is 720 (Q49 V40 IR5) - before I encountered GMATClub Quant Test the following month.

The review I write here is purely based on both my experience in taking four (yes, four!) real GMAT exams and my drill with some of the 600-level and 700-level questions available in GMATClub Quant Tests.

I confidently say that the tone of most questions in GMAT Club Quant Tests is, undoubtedly, very similar to that of any question I encountered in the actual GMAT. The questions in the GMATClub Tests are apparently as hard as, if not harder than, the "hard" questions from all past GMAT exams that I did.

I learned from experience that every actual GMAT will throw several uncommon and hard quant questions (from approximately second half of the session) that can only be solved under 2.5 mins if I apply "logical" quantitative reasoning. Unfortunately, as shown in the ESR of my fourth GMAT exam, I often failed to "creatively" solve those hard questions under 2:30 mins. Admittedly, I need to train myself with mock tests that have a bunch of realistic hard quant questions.

Practicing the medium (600 level) to hard (700 level) questions in GMATClub tests has really helped me to improve my mental strength and endurance and to sharpen my "logical" quantitative reasoning. This training is a must-do for me (and probably for everyone) to achieve a target score of Q50-51.

I hope that I can achieve a Q51 and a total score of >770 for my fifth GMAT exam. I hope you all the best for your incoming test and don't forget to wish me luck! #Fingercrossed.

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