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This review is for INSEAD

Program September Intake Class of

Class of 2013

Experience during the program

INSEAD is a truly great experience. You should pick a B-school for the quality of your peers, the reputation of the school and the ability to have doors opened after the MBA. INSEAD will offer all that and much more. You will get to interact with people from all over the world, travel to many countries, learn a lot of interesting topics (while debating with 65 different nationalities) and on top get a stamp in your CV from the best european school. All of that in one year with the highest ROI of any B-school. You shouldn't think twice before applying to INSEAD.

Overall BSchool experience (5.0)
Schools contribution (5.0)
Classmates rating (5.0)

Strengths of the program:

Curriculum, Classes, Professors
Student body, diversity
Alumni Network
Culture & Student Support

Best fit at this program:


Can be improved:

Career opportunities provided by school

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