March 04, 2019

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ISB Admissions


I availed of Experts’ Global’s MBA admission consulting, for a number of schools. They did an excellent job with my applications to all of the schools; however, I would say that it was my ISB application that they did their strongest work on. Since many MBA aspirants come to Experts’ Global, for help applying to ISB, they have made it a point to develop a strong understanding of its admissions process and requirements. In fact, they have separate consulting service, specifically, for ISB. I found that Experts’ Global’s understanding of ISB was unparalleled. They knew exactly what the ISB timeline would look like and what the application requirements, including the exact essay questions, would be. They also knew exactly what type of content and presentation would work best on the ISB essays. ISB only asks for two, relatively short essays, so it can be difficult to incorporate the strongest content from one’s profile, while adhering to the parameters of the essay questions. My writing team helped me identify the themes that could unite my professional history, my reasons for pursuing an MBA, and my future plans, to form a “story” that would show the committee who I was, as a person and candidate. This type of narrative is important, if you want your essays and application to stand out from the crowd. My team was even able to give me some great advice on what type of student activities would be best for me to pursue, at ISB. As I mentioned earlier, my admission team understood the ISB application process and timeline, very well. As such, they had a very well-defined approach to managing them. They broke the entire application process into a series of, as they called them, “milestones”. Some milestones were to be achieved by me and others by my team. Essentially, they broke what seemed like a very complicated process, into its constituent parts. Since the process had me take everything one step at a time, I did not get overwhelmed and had a clear sense of my progress. My team had excellent communication skills. Whenever I contacted them with a query or a request, they replied to me, very promptly. They also made sure to keep me in the loop, on the progress of my applications. The quality of the applications that Experts’ Global helped me prepare was excellent and I handily received an interview call from ISB. Of course, the interview is still a challenge, especially at ISB, which interviews five applicants for every seat. Thankfully Experts’ Global also has a stellar interview prep, which ensured that I was able to ace the interview and secure admission to ISB.

May 20, 2019

Hello Sanskriti,

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