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This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Alex Jarzebinski

As a non-traditional applicant and career switcher, I knew I needed to get my application right the first time with the help from a professional. Problem was, there were so many consultants out there, each boasting a team of top MBAs.

What set Admissionado apart was its boutique service. Jon, the founder/CEO spent 1hr+ on the phone with me when I signed up for a free consultation. I felt that this guy was down-to-earth, honest and I could not detect any B.S. Being a non-traditional applicant, I was a little worried about my school selection, but felt assured when Jon laid down my school strategy and gave me his honest opinion on my chances. I really felt that I had Jon on my team and trusted him in helping me with my application.

In my opinion, a consultant should be part of your team, and not a guy that just edits your essays. Based on my background, Jon recommended Alex to be my consultant. I needed more help with refining my story so I chose the Junior Deluxe package with 5 schools.

While relatively expensive, I was very happy with the work Alex and I did together and would recommend them to everyone I know. Based on all the "red" I got for each round of feedback (4 rounds total), I could tell that significant time and effort went into the edits. Because Alex knew my story well (we spent 1 hr on the phone as well), he could guide me in bringing the most out of my story as possible.

Alex was always patient and responded very quickly to my emails, and his edits always came back within 72 hours. I started early, but could see how this process would not be so stressful even if under a short deadline.

Even after I signed up with Admissionado, I would still occasionally look at other consulting companies at fairs or online, and it just made me even happier with my decision. No other firm could offer the boutique service that I experienced and could help me elevate my essays so much.

Time and effort spent is really important, and I felt that Alex and Jon really cared about my results. I wouldn't want someone to just browse through my essays and give me generic edits, I needed personal service that would get me into the best MBA program I could get into. I got it at Admissionado.

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