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This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: John DC Miles

When I started thinking about MBA application, I spent quite some time on my goal and targeted schools. After I finalized my school list, I decided to get consulting service to sharpen my application, especially with my essay writing. Admissionado was introduced to me by a friend who was previously admitted to a top-ranked MBA programme.
After getting to know Admissionado, I also checked other applicants’ comments on GMAT Club and found most of the comments are rather positive. So I decided to have a try and contacted Admissionado. After I filled out the questionnaire, I got a prompt reply from Claudia. In her email, Claudia also helped me pair with a consultant, John DC Miles, to assist me based on my background. Then I scheduled a time for a video chat with John for a free consultation. I was pretty amazed by how efficiently Admissonado works. In my first conversation with John, he shared with me his thoughts and also proposed a strategy for my application based on my own background. I can tell that John spent quality time on going through the materials I submitted. The first talk lasted for one hour. In this session, John asked more detailed questions about myself and tried hard to understand my strength, motivation and personality. One day later, John sent to me a well-organized report which summarized earlier discussion and formulated an application strategy.
After another call with Claudia, I understood more about different packages and eventually decided to choose the junior Deluxe for two schools. This package is more helpful for applicants like me who needs more assistance in shaping essay writings and does no require more phone conversation.
The essay edits usually took 72 hours or less. It means that you can expect a reply with all the edits within 72 hours once they receive you draft. In my application for the second school, John actually helped return the draft within two days for the last two round edits, just to meet my application deadline. But this fast turnaround does not sacrifice the quality at all. I’m so grateful for the high quality work provided by John and the whole team within such a tight schedule.
After I submitted my applications, I also purchased another interview package to help with my interview, as I believe John will again help me ace my interview.
Long story short, I was admitted to one of the two top MBA programmes I applied for. This is indeed a great result I want to see, but what equally important are all the advice, edits, encourage and experience provided during this long, tedious and painful process. When I walked down this road, I did not feel lonely as I was fighting with the support of a whole team. They want you to succeed and work hard to help bring the best out of you.
I highly recommend Admissionado if you ever think about getting consulting service for your MBA application. I also highly recommended John for his comprehensive experience, excellent advice and patience. I also want to thank Claudia and the whole team for the prompt response and all the support provided to me. Your supports make my MBA application easier and more fun.

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