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First time I sat for the GMAT I scored 590 (35-35 split). While I did use a variety of sources during my prep, I credit Magoosh with the increase in quant. I felt pretty confident with the verbal all the time, so I didn't spend too much time on it; but it was clear for me that I was not even near the score I wanted in Math. I liked Magoosh not only because of the amount of tricks offered to help you conquer the timing constraints, but also for the variety of ways to attack the questions bank: You can select your questions based on the degree of difficulty, the area tested, you can go back and retry the incorrect ones, you can write notes, you can flag for review, etc. I ended up scoring a 710 on my second GMAT (47 quant, 41 verbal), more than I actually scored in the mock tests.

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Created by hichem

January 28, 2016

congratulations !!!
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