March 04, 2019

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I took up Experts’ Global’s MBA admission consulting, for a number of schools. I found their handling of my applications to be highly professional and effective. With their help, I was able to secure interview calls from Oxford, Cambridge, Tepper, ISB, and IESE. Of course, I was well aware that receiving an interview call is just the beginning. Experts’ Global had made it quite clear, to me, that my interview performance would be what determined, whether or not I received an admit. This was especially true for ISB, which interviews five applicants for each seat. Thankfully Experts’ Global offers “end to end admission consulting”, which includes interview prep. This prep is very well thought out. It includes excellent instructional material, and both theoretical and practical testing. The instructional material is fifteen video lectures on all of the important MBA admission interview topics. They cover what type of content you need to include in your answers, what type of questions you can expect, how to present yourself, appropriate body language, etc. They also provided extremely valuable guidance on how to handle complicated situations, for example, if I was asked a question I did not know. After going through the videos, I had to fill out a questionnaire, to see just how well I had absorbed the information. This questionnaire consisted of the thirty most commonly asked MBA interview questions. Finally, I went through a series of mock interviews, arranged by my interview mentor. My mentor was quite experienced and knew how to conduct the interviews to address the areas that I needed to work on. She determined these areas, based on my responses on the questionnaire. After every mock interview, we had an in-depth feedback session. These sessions were very helpful in understanding my mistakes and I found my performance improving with each one. By the time my interviews came around, I was more than ready. I managed to secure admits to Cambridge, Darden and ISB,

April 26, 2019

Dear Sanskriti,

Thanks for acknowledging our efforts and kudos to you for being an extremely sincere student! :)

So good to know that the mock interview sessions helped you introspect and improve; that is truly the point of it all! :)

We are confident that you will make us proud wherever you go!

Good luck with everything.

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