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Exceptional Interview Preparation Service

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Experts’ Global is the MBA admission consultant that provides the most complete consultancy. Not only do they cover every part of the admissions process, they also go much farther and help their students truly gain a mature, holistic understanding of the decision that they are about to make. In my case, that involved a lot of detailed conversations, over a long period of time, to help me determine if I should pursue an MBA, at all, or if I should focus on my entrepreneurial ventures. My mentors truly showed a lot of patience.

Another area where Experts’ Global has put in a lot of effort is their interview prep. Even before I had started getting interview calls, I had given interview, after interview to get ready for them. These mock interviews were specifically tailored to address my strengths and weaknesses. They even covered handling awkward moments in the interview. Here, the really in-depth profile analysis and career advice that Experts’ Global conducted with me was, once again, very useful. I have to say this here, one of the big reasons I cracked Wisconsin Madison with a scholarship and stipend was an HR exclusive interview I had with them a day before. The inputs worked wonders for me and I knew, as soon as my interview was done, that I have cracked it. I consulted with my Mentor before every interview to understand what focus area or strength the school has and tweak my answers accordingly.

With Experts’ Global training, I was able to give fantastic interviews at Carroll, Foster, Emory (declined before hearing result), Marshall, ISB (admitted with no scholarships), Washington Olin, Rotman (admitted with partial scholarship), Wisconsin Madison, Purdue Krannert, and Boston University (admitted with full scholarship).

Out of these, I eventually settled on Wisconsin Madison.

April 26, 2019

Hi Pradeep,

Thanks for your positive feedback.

Very happy to learn that you had a great experience with us.

All the best!

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