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The reason why I signed up for the MER services is because I needed help in building my essay narratives and guidance throughout the MBA application process. The service is also recommended by many previous applicants based on online reviews and it is the most budget-friendly service out of all MBA consultants.

The one hour skype session we had was helpful especially for the initial application process. It helped me pick the suitable schools and gave me information on how to manage my expectation for the schools that I am applying to. In addition, it helped me find weak spots that I need to work on for my application such as employment gap and career switch. Poonam really took her time in understanding the stories. She has a keen eye in choosing the best stories to be presented to the admission committee. She also provided both good and bad critics on many parts of my essays throughout the editing process.

Poonam feedbacks helped me in terms of giving me a sense of how good/bad my stories are. The structure of the edited essay was definitely better. Poonam was able to re-organize sentences (or even paragraphs in some cases) to make my story more coherent. I think the editing skills were very good. She was able to reduce many redundancies on my essays and allow me to include more points in my essay.

Poonam answers queries within 1-2 days as promised. The response time for edits is as promised, which is about 1-2 days. However, if it is beyond that timeframe, it must have been caused by technical issue, so if you have not heard from her beyond 3 days, you should follow her up and she will kindly explain the reason for delay.

Overall, it has been a pleasant experience. She is very resourceful and always replies in a timely manner. Yes, I will recommend the services to prospective applicants. I am looking forward to join Oxford SAID MBA program in Fall.

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