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For Those who want Q-50/51 in GMAT


First of all, a little background. I have given GMAT once in December 2015 and scored Q 50 & V 25(640). Though my verbal score is not so much impressive rather disappointing, I am writing this post for the Quant Part. By background, I think that I am good in Qunat, but in GMAT to get a Q 51 is almost another battle to win. Since GMAT is an exam of higher order reasoning, just being good in Quant will not fetch you Q 51.

Even on the test day I finished my Quant Part 10 minutes ahead of time and then also I got Q 50. At the time of my preparation stage when I stared practicing from E-GMAT Quant Scholaranium, I found that the type of problems ( both PS & DS ) were very interesting rather to say 750 + level problems and I got many of them incorrect in first attempt not because of flaw in basics but because of logic.

I will highly recommend the Quant Scholaranium for those who aim Q 50 / 51 in GMAT, and those who think / believe they are good in Quant, please review at least once the Quant Scholaranium.

None the less, I will again be preparing for GMAT, this time to move up my verbal score to reach 700 + score.

Signing Off.

Saunak Dey

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