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Best Quant module with volumes of practice questions


Quant scholaranium is one of the finest GMAT quant modules from e-GMAT. This module must be used during the final stages for preparation, which will boost your confidence for the test day. Each problem is so diverse and their questions spreads across various topics that cover entire quant section in the GMAT. Also they have plenty to practise questions to solve along with detailed explanations, helping me gain confidence and understand each concepts very well. Their explanations are top-notch. Each question has a video tutorial and their approach to tackle difficult questions is really good. These quant questions test all the difficulty levels that range from low to high and they ensure that you are ready for anything on the test day. After each test in scholaranium, you are given with a performance report, which lists your strong and weak areas topic-wise. To all fellow GMAT taker, I consider Quant scholaranium a must-have if you are aiming for Q51 on your test day.

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