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Scholaranium - 'better than the best'


I started my GMAT journey as others by taking a mock test. I scored a dismal 530. Someone had told me that whatever you score on a 1st mock you can improve your score by 100 maximum. Being an India IT male with a degree from avg private university I knew that I needed to score greater than 700. I was disappointed but I didn't lose hope.
I started preparing with MGMAT guide books. I studied those for about 4-5 months and took MGMAT CATs as per course design. My score did improve by 100, and after 4-5 months I was getting score in the range of 610-640 but this surely was not enough given my background. Then I met a friend of mine who recently BeatTheGMAT by scoring 740. He introduced me to e-GMAT, explaining me how well the course is designed and how beneficial it is for non-natives.
Taking his advice I bought GMAT online course from e-GMAT. The course content, as reviewed by fellow learners here and advised by my friend, is surely designed in such a manner that helps learning. The focus on ‘understanding meaning’ before jumping to answer choices has changed my perspective and has helped me grasp things with clarity.
The most important feature which e-GMAT provides is the Scholaranium, it surely is God send. I cannot find more apt definition for ability quizzes than this one which I found on a blog – “Ability Quizzes take accuracy out of the equation and give you a true estimate of your proficiency. The best thing – you can take an ability quiz in as little as 30 minutes and figure out where you need to focus next for maximum impact. Moreover, the vast question bank ensures that you can take multiple ability quizzes to track your improvement.”
Now one might think why I shall take ability quizzes from Scholaranium and not a full length mocks which will help me build stamina too. Consider you completed Critical reasoning section and you want to measure your ‘ability’ for this section, taking a Mock at this moment will be like wasting an attempt and it will impact your confidence.
I have taken mocks in past when I was preparing with MGMAT materials. Now, I have been taking ability quizzes from Quants Scholaranium and Verbal Scholaranium from last 1 month and I feel more confident to crack 700 mark. I will be writing my GMAT soon and I will keep everyone updated once I am done.


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