January 18, 2012

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Great experience with MBAadmit


I worked with Dr Shelly Watts of MBAadmit last year while applying to 2 top-5 B-schools, and was accepted into both, one even with $$$. We started with an initial free consultation session to discuss what my expectations were and what MBAadmit could help me improve. Once we mutually agreed on what we were about, we had a longer in depth conversation to discuss how to approach the application, and to discuss my initial thoughts on the essays.
As mentioned by countless reviewers before, a consultant will not write your essays for you, but a good one (like Shelly) can help you to edit the essay to put you and your life in the best light possible. Having recently reread my initial essays and the final product, I can definitely see how a consultant can help tailor your essays to your advantage, as well as give you tips and guidance to tailor your overall application package.

I definitely felt like I got honest and timely feedback from Shelly, and let’s face it, even if it’s negative feedback, most of us would rather hear it from a consultant, where we’d have a shot to improve, than from the adcomm of your dream school. The constructive criticism also helped me when it came to preparing for the interviews, as I could draw from my essays and my discussions with Shelly.

A big plus point for me was also the price, as I found MBAadmit to be significantly cheaper than most other consultants I spoke to. When you’re an international student facing 2 years without an income, every cent counts :)

Lastly, would I recommend MBAadmit? I was earlier dinged by my dream school, but after working with Shelly I was accepted in the first round. Given that this is a school known not to like reapps, I’d say HECK YEAH!

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