January 22, 2012

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Working with Dr. Shelly Watts of MBA Admit was a great experience, she not only helped me with the themes and contents of my essays but also her editing services were superb. She worked very closely with me throughout the admission process/cycle and provided excellent advice throughout.

For me it was very important to hire someone who’ll work very closely with me having the knowledge and insights of the admission committee’s decision criteria/process. I discussed my case with 3 consultants during their initial assessment sessions but they were too ‘corporate’ for my liking. I decided to work with Dr. Shelly because from the very first call I could see that she was very clear on how my case should be presented to the university, what factors make it strong and issues we needed to work on. I felt confident in her abilities because she knew what she was doing and we discussed and refined the theme through several iterative cycles.

MBA Admit services were excellent, very affordable and flexible. It was an investment which later proved worth it, just as investing in a good B school is important similarly selecting a great consultant is important as well. My experience was a success story; she helped me immensely with my application at the best business school in the world so I will most definitely recommend her services to anyone targeting the top tier B Schools.

Best of luck..

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