December 24, 2015

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Low GPA Applicant, in at Columbia!

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I'm going to keep this short - Dr. Shel is very good, especially given the rates that she offers. I got dinged at 2 M7 schools the previous application season after using the very expensive services of a well-reputed consultant, but I'll now be matriculating at CBS.

I had a < 3.0 GPA without many extenuating circumstances, come from a very overrepresented background (Indian/Male/Engineer), and an "average" GMAT (720).

To be fair, as an applicant I was already quite organized from the previous application season (created prep for my recommenders, had drafts of some essays and resume), and Dr. Shel helped me craft my overall image/story to school and fine tune my essays. That's her biggest strength - she is deeply knowledgeable about how each and every school's adcom's work and how to brand yourself in the best light to cater to them. Oh, and you'll be in great hands with the essays - she will pick them apart and help portray your biggest strengths (and even things that you may not think are strengths) from the rather long and detailed questionnaire you fill in at the beginning.

You won't be disappointed, go with Dr. Shel!

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