December 29, 2015

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MBA Admit helped me get into Chicago Booth


Dr. Shel from MBA Admit was very instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of getting into a top MBA program. I am about to graduate from Chicago Booth program and am forever grateful for her help.

I applied to 7 top schools on my first try, with a mediocre GMAT score and a story that didn’t highlight my strengths or aspirations convincingly. I got rejected from 6 schools and actually matriculated with my least favorite one. About a few months into the program, however, I realized the school was not a good fit for me and decided to drop out in order to take another stab at re-applying to my top choice schools. This was my last chance, and if I didn’t get into my dream school, then I knew getting an MBA was not meant for me.

MBA Admit helped me in so many ways! Dr. Shel asked great questions during our sessions to help me crystallize my goals and present them in a way that would resonate with admissions. Dr. Shel also told me to take the GRE to improve my standardized test scores. I scoffed at this idea as I had taken the GMAT numerous times and didn’t want to sit through another standardized test even if it was the GRE. When I was waitlisted on my second try, however, I knew I had to take the GRE again to not only show my ability to test under pressure but also my commitment to the school. At Dr. Shel’s urging, I sat for the GRE one last time and did well (Q-85%; V-average). The newly improved scores, along with other factors you’ll see below, secured my spot at all the top schools I applied to.

Dr Shel recognized the strengths of my profile and advised me on how I could highlight certain strengths for different schools based on her knowledge of the institution—an invaluable insight you can’t get from other resources. In the end, I put together a compelling package that highlighted my career progression, intellectual stamina through academics, my career aspirations aligning with what I’ve accomplished, and my personal story that shaped who I am today.

I think it’s important to get a second professional point of view and try different methods if you didn’t achieve your goals the first time around. As important as having perseverance is having the self-awareness to try something different and course correct so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Dr. Shel from MBA Admit did exactly that for me —she helped me course correct and now I’m about to graduate from one of the top MBA programs, Chicago Booth.

If you’re having trouble with your application or feel you may have a blind spot in how you’re presenting yourself, then please contact Dr. Shel for advice and strategies. With her consultation and your commitment to execute on the strategies she provides, I guarantee that you’ll get into your dream business school and will be well on your way to your next exciting achievement.

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