December 27, 2015

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Admitted to Duke with the help of Dr. Shel and MBA!


Thanks to help of Dr. Shelly Watts and MBA Admit, I was admitted into Duke, which was my top choice! Initially I was hesitant at seeking any form of consulting services because of the sky high prices and negative reviews I’ve read from numerous sites about many of the services. However, my GMAT score was lower than the average score of many of the top schools that I wanted to apply for, so I knew that my essays had to be top notch. MBA Admit was one of the main services that caught my eye since the prices were rather affordable and the people had nothing but positive things to say. After the initial consultation with Dr. Shel, I was left very satisfied with the application strategy that we put together.
Throughout the process, Dr. Shel was incredibly responsive and very interested in my success, and her constructive criticism was crucial in putting together the best possible application. I was very impressed with the remarkable improvement from my initial draft to the final product. Dr. Shel and her team really helped bring life to my essays, and she offered great advice in how to construct an overall application package (via recommendations, interviews, resume, etc.) that gives the admissions board the full picture of who you are as candidate. I am incredibly appreciative of the Dr. Shel and the MBA Admit team, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is applying to a top MBA program.

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