October 01, 2016

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I got into HBS!!!!!


For the class of 2017 application cycle I applied to three schools with a rejection note from all of them. The process was complete demoralizing, especially as I had worked with a larger consulting company and had not gotten an interview at any school. However, I decided to try again for the class of 2018, thinking it was now or never.

I contacted Dr. Shel in the spring for a ding analysis. From that appointment I knew I had come to the right place. She was able to quickly gather where I went wrong and what I needed to do to course correct over the spring and summer before applications begun. She helped me come up with a game plan of what I needed to do to strengthen my profile. In the summer, we began exploring the right ways to package my story for the various schools. This was something that Dr. Shel excels in as I believe she knew exactly what each school was looking for.

Dr. Shel knows what the admission teams are looking for and unlike other companies she really focuses on your recommendation letters, which play a large role! She helped my recommendations stand out to the point that during my HBS interview the admissions team mentioned them!

Without her help, I would have never gotten an interview at HBS and Wharton with an acceptance at both schools! I could not recommend her more! I am so glad I worked with her.

If you are simply looking for a ding analysis, looking for someone to help with one part of your application, or are looking for someone for a complete school package – look no further!

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