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A very Useful tool for your GMAT Preparation!


The unique thing about scholaranium is that it can gauge the performance and show the weaker areas in 3 types of questions - Easy, Medium and Hard. This is by far the best tool there is since I immediately understood that CR Inference is my weaker area and could spend more time on this aspect. This showed me the strong areas as well so I could spend less time and balance my limited Preparation time.

Scholaranium also measures the average time taken per question per segment by the student. This aspect is very convenient as it creates a near- GMAT experience before the test, making one comfortable during the actual Test.

The solutions are explained in a crystal clear manner, helping the test taker to understand where he/she has done the mistake.These types of innovations by E-Gmat Team is what sets them apart from other Courses. Great Job done! :)

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