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Scholaranium verbal tests are great practice


I am a verbal online customer for e-gmat , and as part of it i have used the scholoranium tests and it is the best focussed preparation for the GMAT verbal possible.
Especially the RC section - solutions - has detailed paragragh analysis - and summary outline from the RC passage which help with practice , and lots of practice helps make perfect.
Similarly, for the CR section the scholaranium focussed to hep identify the weak areas and identified the weaknesses by helping me prethink a solution for the CR question ahead of time before trying to even attempt the question.
The SC practice has lots of close to actual GMAT questions with analysis of weak areas and problems and patterns that I am not able to catch and help for specific areas to focus on.
Lastly, I would highly recommend the scholoranium tests in conjunction with the E-Gmat material as a perfect complement to help target and focus specific knowledge areas and help gain expertise and become perfect.

Thanks Again and Best wishes with you preparation !!!

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