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A tool that helps you perfect your skills


Scholaranium was a tool I had heard a lot about on online forums. When I took the e-gmat verbal live prep course, i finally got access to it and I did not take me long to realize why there was so much talk about it.

Scholaranium is extremely interactive. It not just allows you to take the ability and custom made quiz, it also shows you your progress in real time. In fact, it also allows you to check your weak areas. The interface is very attractive and once you start using it, you kind of get hooked to it. Alongside the study material that you are following, Scholaranium is the tool that takes you the extra mile in your preparation. It not just gives you confidence for your performance in your strong areas but also highlights and helps you strengthen your weak ones. Every question has got an explanation that you can choose to view as soon as you attempt the question or after you have completed the entire quiz. Finally, if you still have any doubts, you can post it on the e-gmat forums and your queries are answered by the e-gmat faculty in detail.

Frankly, one has to use Scholanarium to actually gauge how intuitive it truly is. This review perhaps will not give you the clear picture as unless you use it yourself you will not be able to fully appreciate its features. If you are reading this review, you must be serious about your GMAT. So, i urge you to try Scholaranium for yourself and you will find that my review does not even begin to describe how good it actually is.

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