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Amazing Product


Verbal e-Gmat Scholaranium is awesome course to prepare and regularly track your performance on the GMAT.
The key features of the course are:
i)There is segmentation in the sections-RC/SC/CR
ii) Each section has Qs divided into difficulty levels-Easy/Medium/Hard
iii) The question pool is compete and comprehensive covering all topics & concept
iv)You can take sectional tests of 70 min each just like the actual test.
v) The Quizzes are saved and one can refer upon requirement in Attempts.
vi) There is Q&A platform with each Q to resolve the doubts. Most of your doubts would have also been answered by the experts.
vii) One can also put notes with each Q & can track upon need
viii)Also one can bookmark the questions for revision
viii) The most important feature is one can track the progress and can look in which are is strong and which requires more focus in skill data.
Very easy to identify gaps and work on it. Its a complete course.

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