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Scholaranium rocks!


Scholaranium – It offers more than 200 questions in each section of the verbal test, viz – CR, SC and RC. One can take sectional tests to gauze their performance or take a complete verbal test to gauze the performance in the verbal section of the test – so one can take 10 sectional ability quizzes and 5 verbal ability quizzes. The tests are quite scientific and the way they are designed gives you a very good measure of your true strengths and weaknesses. You can identify your sections to work on and then focus on that section to weed out any weakness that you may have. After working on that section you can come back and take the ability quizzes to see the improvement if any. It tells a student if he or she is truly ready for the tests of if there’s any gap in their ability which they need to fix before taking the tests. This would allow then to avoid any nasty surprises on the test day.

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