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Verbal Scholaranium is a very good resource


I have taken both e-gmat verbal and quant courses and find scholaranium very helpful. Scholaranium is a really good tool to track topic wise progress as it provides 10 ability quizzes each for SC, CR and RC. There is a Dashboard which aggregates the data related to the ability quizzes and also shows the overall ability percentage for SC, CR, and RC. We can also drill down further into each topic to find the weak areas. e.g for SC consists of multiple areas such as Parallelism, Modifiers, Idioms etc. and CR such as Strengthen, Weaken etc. In later part of my preparation I could focus on my weak areas and get could improve my verbal score substantially (I started with a verbal score of around V26. With egmat verbal I could improve it to V38). This improvement was instrumental in pushing my score beyond 700.

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