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eGMAT Scholaranium


I have tried and tested e-GMAT (Q+V) package. The verbal part of the GMAT was more challenging for me. After doing OG and practice questions from GMAT prep software, I realised that I needed more practice not only in terms of doing more number of questions but also getting accustomed to attempting a mixed set of questions (SC, CR, and RC) . At that juncture, e-GMAT Scholaranium proved to be the most useful tool.

To any aspirant, I would strongly recommend subscribing to e-GMAT Scholaranium package. It gives you the power to customize your practice as per your requirements. You can keep a track of your performances and spot your weaker links and decide your best strategy to work on your deficiencies.

But there is a word of caution here. You CANNOT decide one fine day to start practicing Scholaranium questions and aim to finish it in a couple of days. It is a tool that tells you your weaker links and the best strategy would be to go back and learn/unlearn your concepts and fine tune your skills. You can come back later to Scholaranium and attempt quizzes to see if you have really improved or not.

Finally, I would highly recommend e-GMAT Scholaranium to any aspirant who wants to enhance his/her performance in GMAT verbal section. Please remember that one should aim to learn all the concepts beforehand before diving into practicing questions.

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