October 17, 2016

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value for money!


Skill data review- one of the best features of Scholaranium. It pin points the area that you need to work on and areas that are your strength. This really helped me figure out my weakness in SC and CR. Plus the option of creating custom quizzes lets you work on those areas and improve.
Ability - the other good feature of this tool. Its darn close to the real Gmat . I actually got the similar percentile in each section as was predicted in scholaranium.
Takt time- last but no way the least , this feature shows how much time one needs to spend on question to get it correct. Ever since I got to know my take time for each section I used it smartly to approach questions at the end and skip on few and then work on few to avoid getting a lot of questions wrong in a row.
I would highly recommend scholaranium for those who have timing issues. This really helps.

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